Enter Sword Art

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  1. ~Enter Sword Art~
    A teen sighed softly as he inserted the disk into the computer and hooks the NerveGear up to the computer port and placed himself on the bed with the NerveGear Helmet on 12:99..... 13:00. "Link Start!" He said outloud as the preferences loaded up clicking all the right things including English he sighed as the final task showed up Login.
    ~You have a beta tester file would you like to login with old your old save?~ "Yes" The login screen loaded up.
    User: Sataki
    Pass: ********
    The game loaded up and his screen went black and it send
    Welcome To Sword Art Online.
    "Im finnaly back.... To this world" He said as he summoned his sword dubbed Demons Bane and wore basic clothing. "I hope its all the same" He said and ran for the town exit not noticing himself being tailed by 'you'.

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    Sataki Out Of S.A.O ^^

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    Sataki Inside S.A.O ^^ Tailored Clothes

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    Sataki Using Demon Mode ^^ (Leaves him with 5% health left)

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    Demons Bane ^^

    In this Sataki is 15 and his lvl due to being a beta is lvl: 12
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.