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  1. A little about me time, my name is Rene and I have been role playing for about three years now. I haven't been on much, but I try to be every chance I get. My computer is currently back in my possession which means I will be on as much as I can. I might have a part time job soon so just know I can't reply every day. That doesn't mean I can't role play it just means my replies won't be super fast right now. I like writing and currently have been somewhat in the mood for new role plays. That just means that right now I have a life like school and it often tires me out so that I won't be able to reply everyday. I will try to reply to our role play once a week and more if I feel like I really like the role play. Right now I currently have one role play in which is still going and the other role plays I'm not so sure about them.. I am currently semi-lit. I can post anywhere from two to four good paragraphs each reply. I don't like getting into role plays with someone who posts one paragraph that isn't really good when I'm giving them more. Alright. Alright enough about myself.

    What I like to role play:
    ~Yaoi or yuri
    ~Anything with fantasy
    ~I love to do horror if it fits in with the plot
    ~School/universities/boarding schools are all okay with me
    ~Really well thought out plots
    ~Whole new (created by us) races
    ~Character profiles with a good anime or real picture. (I prefer anime more though)
    ~In Forums

    What I dislike to role play:
    ~Hetero, mainly because I just don't find them interesting && I end up ending the role play sooner
    ~Anything with aliens in it. (I don't say sci fi because that's a topic with a lot of options.)
    ~Plots that don't last long and aren't well thought out
    ~I don't really like role playing elves
    ~Fandoms (I really don't like following what either a book or manga has already done most of the time unless its one of my favorite and even then we aren't following the story line)
    ~One liners! (Come on people it isn't that hard to write more)
    ~In Pm's

    Now on to me explaining these. I think it's pretty clear on what I expect from my role play partner right now and I would like for you to be someone who can post between three to six paragraphs per post and if you don't think you can then please don't waste my time. If you have any questions PM me because I like to answer questions. Oh! I am not going to put up any character pairings because I like going over what to do with my role play partner and it's a waste of time to put up the pairings on here. I mean I think the role play is better when the person I am role playing with and I both plan out the role play before we start it which is another reason why I didn't list pairings. Don't get me wrong I have tons of pairings in my mind that I would like to do, but listing them takes away the fun or at least that is what I think. Of course all of my role plays will follow the iwakuroleplay rules. Now you have one of two choices, either reply back to this thread or message me if you would like to role play with me. I will turn you down if I don't want to role play with you, but I'm not really all that picky or at least I think I'm not.
  2. intrested, mabey something to do with boarding schools or universities
  3. Okay normal boarding school or special boarding school for people like vampires, werewolves, gods, goddesses, demons, etc? I've done both but boarding school ones don't seem to last that long in my opinion.