Enslaved Creature

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  1. Heather Adena Colebeck
    Pheonix • Slave

    As far as Heather is concerned, she is just your everyday, plain, redheaded 17 year old. Maybe except for the fact that she has always belonged to someone else. But in all honestly, her life hasn't been too horrible. She has served as a caretaker for the grandmother of a wealthy, but always absent, family. Now that the old lady, named Lucy, has passed away, she is to be put up for auction. To continue her life of servitude.

    Heather is a timid girl to lacks self confidence. She doesn't usually tend to display her her emotions easily and hides away from things that are scary and intimidating. She doesn't have over-the-top reactions and always looks calm and presentable, keeping her voice at a soft and soothing tone. However, she is very warm-hearted even curious at times.

    Her soft hair is always in perfect condition, always soft and free of split ends. And her skin never gives her any problems either. But she doesn't think much of these physical features because, since she is a slave, she was never given the chance to go out and socialize and go to school. Lucy was able to teach her many basic academic skills so Heather has the education of up to an 8th grader.

    What is her secret? Heather is a phoenix. And she doesn't know it herself. Maybe that's why Heather is fascinated by fire and absolutely hates the cold. Although Lucy has seem Heather's phoenix form, she did nothing about it, believing that her old age caused such hallucinations. However, while Heather is in her phoenix form, she remembers her human self completely. In contrast with her human form's timidness, Heather's phoenix form is very confident, determined, and can even be boastful and snobby at times.

  2. Marshall "Mark" Rogers

    Twenty-Two | Human | Construction Worker | African-American

    [I want to keep his background history a mystery. It will be discovered throughout the role-play ^^ As the role-play progresses, I'll add little notes here.]

  3. "Move it! Could you walk any slower?"

    Heather was pushed down the dimly lit hallway towards the stage where the auction would be taking place in just a few minutes. She didn't understand why four guards were needed to simply bring her to the stage. As if one muscular man pushing her and making her trip over her own feet wasn't enough. Did she really need people on all sides of her, making her claustrophobic?

    But never mind the guards. They're just doing their job to get their pay to support their family back home. As much as Heather wanted to believe that Lucy was like a grandmother, the fact remains that she wasn't. The family didn't even allow her to attend Lucy's funeral, even though she was the one who spent the most time with the old lady. She was bound to a life of servitude. But she had to admit, she was lucky. Even though she was forced to do physical and sometimes tedious tasks around the house, Lucy was always kind and optimistic and Heather rarely ever abused.

    The cold breeze that blew down the hall forced Heather back into present time. Her thin clothing did nothing to to protect her from the chill that ran up her spine. Heather has always hated the cold. Absolutely hated. She would much rather be sweating than shivering. Then again, Heather never really sweated much. Was that abnormal? She actually wasn't too sure since she rarely ever interacted with people other than Lucy. She glanced to her left and right and saw the glistening foreheads of the guards. Were they sweating? That's odd. It was only in the high 70's Fahrenheit. And Heather was pretty much freezing.

    "Keep moving! I swear your parents were probably sloths or something."

    It was the guard behind her pushed her again, causing her to stumble and almost fall into the guard in front. Heather quickened up her pace and the 5 of them walked in silence until she could see the stairs that most likely lead up to the stage.