Endless Ocean[Horror RP]

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  1. Introduction
    You wake up, and find yourself in a rusty metal room. You don't remember anything, but atleast you're not hurt. You feel how the room kind of sways gently to the sides, and you hear the faint noise of rain.
    There's only one way out of the room, and that's through an ajar and rusty old metal door, which is creaking as it's swaying along with the rest of the room.
    You open the door and find a long hallway, with many more similar doors. The hallway is narrow, and you've entered in the far end of it. On the other end you see a stairwell leading upwards. There is a faint light from there.
    You stumble forward, trying not to fall over along with the swaying hallway. You pass doors, some open, some closed. In the open ones you see the same thing as where you woke up, a rusty and empty room.
    Suddenly, you hear something to your right. In one of the open rooms, you spot something large on the floor. You make a sudden stop, and put your back to the wall beside the door. After taking a breath to calm yourself, you peek into the dark room.
    Inside you see a heap of flesh on the floor, and behind it lies even more flesh. The room has a thin layer of blood on the floor, which moves with the sways. The heap of flesh is moving, and only after you look closer, you notice that it's some kind of crouched down humanoid, with no skin, exposing the glistering muscles. The movement suggests that it's doing something with what's behind it, though it's hard to tell when you're behind it. All you hear is the fleshy sounds, and heavy breathing inbetween.
    Suddenly, the creature turns around to face you, and you quickly hide again. It had no jaw, and it stared at you, with bloodshot, pupilless eyes. You wait for a while, but nothing comes out of the room. You still hear the heavy breathing, combined with sound of tearing flesh. The sooner you get out of there, the better.
    You're quick to move past the doorframe, and after moving at a quicker pace, you reach the stairwell. You waste no time to climb them, and after pushing open the final door, you find yourself outside.
    You're on a rusty fisherboat, seemingly in the middle of the ocean. Though it's not what you expected for an ocean, as the water is dark, nearly black. Looking into it reveal nothing but a thick darkness. The skies are grey, as they're covered in dark clouds spewing rain. There's a light wind, carrying the smell of heavy salt.
    You notice that the boat is drifting towards an island not far away. it's surrounded by dreading cliffs, and the island itself is covered in black foilage upon gravel-like sand.

    -There will be standard-like rolls for combat and interactions, which can be altered through simple traits/perks/Equipment.
    -There's no actual rules besides the starting limit on perks. So PvP is permitted.
    -I will GM this when I'm available, mainly on weekdays.
    -Death is handled in a certain way, but I won't spoil it. All I'll say is that death isn't the end.
    -All kinds of characters are allowed. Mutants, furries, etc. Whatever floats your boat. You could even bring in characters from another RP
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