Endless nights (endless, jump in version)

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  1. Note: judgment does not pick sides in the war, but rather provides balance and plot guideline. read this before posting.)

    Backstory: "I've been known by many names, but for the sake of time, call me judgment. I created them in my image, I allowed them their own minds, then one day, they started to think. And with those thoughts came ideas, and with those ideas actions. So it shouldn't have surprised me when the endless appeared."

    First came Death- sweet, swift, and peaceful. She did her job with ease and enjoyment, and had a graceful spirit and mind. But she brought with her someone much colder. Someone with milk eyes and a stone face. He brought with him a book, and he called himself Destiny. Destiny was much more fickle than Death. perhaps

    And for along time they ruled as a duo. but humans have a funny way of mixing things up. and one day, there came the self proclaimed 'emotions' straight from the minds of the humans. Dream showed up first, shortly followed by a duo known as Desire and Despair. And while Destiny and Death seemed to oversee the humans, these 'emotions' seemed to take control of the humans, to guide them from within. and for a long time there was peace, or so it seemed, for each of the humans dreamt different dreams, and despair and desire waged war in each of their hearts. Eventually all of these conflictions festered up, and they boiled over. this Boiling over led to the sixth, and by far most harmful of the endless, Destruction, who took over the mind of a single individual."

    But when it rains it pours, for as soon has Destruction took over that first mind, we spread like wildfire within the humans. Violence, war, rape and tyranny. There seemed to be no end to the reign of Destruction that seemed to be consuming the human populace, but Judgment is not one to let his efforts to go in vain, and so, for the first time since his creation of the humans, Judgment intervened.

    Judgment looked upon the earth, watching discerningly as the humans tore each other to pieces. Knowing not how to handle the situation himself, he created the youngest of the endless by hand, and he called her Delight. She was young, strong, beautiful, the embodiment of happiness. And just as quickly as she was made, she entered the hearts of the mortals. with this new found happiness in their hearts, it wasn't long before Destruction was quelled. But the battle took its toll on delight, and though she quelled Destruction, she lost herself in the process, for though he tried to convince herself that She was still delight, she could not ignore everything she had experienced. The trauma caused Delight to fall into a downward spiral, and when she came out she was no longer delight, but Delirium."

    And that is how the Endless came to be, and for a while their was peace. But before long the Endless started to fight again, as sibling often do, and through these fights, the earth started to fall again...
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    An alley rat scampered past a young man, bedraggled and half drowned in booze. The young man looked up from his bottle as the creature scuttled by and sighed to himself. The alley he sat in was unusually cold and the wind blew through him like ice. Suddenly he heard footsteps coming down the alleyway and he looked up, his head swivelling to see where the sound was coming from. To his left came a man. He was a fairly tall man, well dressed in an evening coat of supposedly Victorian origin and he wore suit pants, expensive shoes and tight leather gloves. He stopped right in front of the young drunkard and smiled.

    "Wh-who are you?" Said the young man, his voice trembling with fear.
    "Me? Well, you could call me many names. But not like David or Eric because that's just silly." The suave stranger spoke. "No, my names are much more striking."
    "What d-do they call you, s-sir?" The boy stammered. The stranger gave an unsettling smile and leaned in close.
    "Terror. Fear. Darkness. Madness. Chaos. The Devil... But I prefer Destruction..." He whispered. He took the drunkard by the throat, lifting him into the air and exhaled a seething, sulpherous mist which found its way into the boy's lungs. He dropped the man when he stopped struggling. "Go now, boy. And spread the violence with which I have given you..." He said sternly. The young man promptly plodded off out into the street. "Its a good night to be me..." Destruction said to himself as he walked the rest of alley laughing to himself.
  3. Sam twitched a little. Something in the air was off, he could sense these things. It was about 8:30, the streetlights just turning on, the night still young. suddenly a young women approached him. she was dressed oddly, as if her clothes were picked out by an eager 5 year old, she also seemed rather confused, walking almost tilted, as if drunk, though far too young to be drunk, down the street. "Hi!" she blurted excitedly. she had an air of happiness about her, an irresistible, child like innocence. "hey" Sarah said. "you dont look so good, do you need some help?"
    "well actually.." The girl said but her demeanor took a sudden, grim, turn. "he's coming." she said, in a low, almost inaudible tone. "what" sam asked? "He's coming!" cried the girl, in an almost hysteric tone. "why does He always to ruin my fun?" "Im sorry," sam responded, " i don't get who you're talki..." and then he saw him. barely visible in the shadows of the buildings, creeping slowly towards the couple. He looked as if he could be part of the shadows, his hair black as the night, with pale white gray skin. He walked right up to the child. " Isn't it past your bed time?" it was more of a statement than a question, but as soon as he said it the child seemed to crumple into unconsiousness. "what did you do, wh..who are you?" stammered Sam. the man turned, seemingly aware of sam for the first time. The man's eyes seemed to be made of the night itself, and looked not at, but into, sam.
    " I've simply put her to sleep, she's not ready for what's to come, not... in her current state. and to answer your second question, i've had Many names: Morpheus, opion, sandman, But you may call me dream.
    Sam stammered a little, then cleared his throat. " just leave her alone, just leave us alone. I dont want any trouble."
    " Neither do I." Dream retorted, and with that he put Sam to sleep as well. carrying both of them off into the dreaming, he sighed. "It seems as though he hasn't learned his lesson. I'm going to have to consult the others about this."
  4. Destruction stood on the roof of an apartment building admiring his recent work. The young man he had 'infected' had already killed three people with his bare hands and was now moving on to his fourth victim. He smiled as he watched another victim fall to his new plaything. He smirked as he stroked his Mephistophelian beard. His ears pricked up and a shiver ran down his back. "They know..." He said irately. "That means no more games."

    Destruction's back arched and he let out a monstrous bellow and the air rippled forth from his body and a thick red mist filled the air. Then, as if by a scene in a George A Romero film, the victims of his minion began to rise. Destruction began to cackle insanely as the dead rose and he filled with a sense of dark pride as his hellish kingdom began its infant steps once more...
  5. Death twitched. She felt an error in her realm. That's when she saw it. Souls we're leaving her sacred garden. But souls couldn't leave on their own, this must have been HIS doing. "fine" she chuckled, her voice almost too happy for the current situation. "if he wants to fight, then a fight he will get." And death started to hand pick her army. She picked out a few of the greatest warrior souls she knew. Achilles, spartacus,atilla, as well as analytical minds such as einstein, napoleon, even steve jobs, and rose them.
    She laughed, "you wanted this destruction, well good luck.
  6. Destruction admired his work. His hoard was growing, swelling... His army was expanding and he would not be defeated again. He would not go back to being imprisoned in hell again. It was hard enough breaking out the first time under the watchful eye of Death and his elites. It was his turn. The heavens would burn and he would laugh in sardonic wrath as he stood on the bodies of his enemies.

    He admired his hoard as he walked among them. They were vile creatures, an army of the undead, a foul smelling rabble of mindless death. No food or morale boosting or shelter were required. They were perfect. The very image of chaos and precious insanity. And they were his... And with them he would conquer and crush and raze. He lifted his hand high, a three pronged trident materialising in his fist and cried out a war bellow and his board did the same. He was ready... Were they?
  7. Dream stood. "well?" Death lowered her head. "it doesn't look good. Desire and despair have joined destruction. And there army is growing. I have quarantined my garden.souls cannot enter or exit, so he can't raise anymore, but it may be too late. His army is enormous."
    "Ah, but you forget sister, he may have an army, but we have destiny on our side."
    Destiny stood, though he was blind, he had a way of 'seeing' his surroundings.
    "this war has not yet been transcribed, but that only means it's anyone's war."
  8. Destruction grew irate. Why were there no more 'soldiers' being added to his ranks? The situation was infuriating... But his numbers were sufficient. Maybe he could have a little fun in the meantime. Most of the city had already fallen to him and he had its denizens in his thrall, awaiting his command. He made the mistake of pretentiousness the last time he was overthrown. No, he had to lure them out of their hiding place. He had to make sure he was fighting on his terms... "Search for survivors. Leave none alive." He said sternly to his new lieutenants; Dispair and Desire. "No, wait... Bring them to me." They promptly obeyed.

    If there was one person Despair and Desire did not want to cross, it was Destruction. "Where do you think we should look?" asked Dispair unenthusiastically, his long white hair swishing over his obscured face as he turned to Desire as they walked the violated city streets.
    Desire placed a nailed hand on her hip and thought. "The bomb shelters, subway stations, anywhere where people would try to hide..." she said, brushing her red curls out of her face and behind her ear. She wore a short skirt and a pair of heeled boots. Her upper body was adorned by a simple white T-shirt. Dispair wore a long grey robe that dragged along the asphalt as he seemed to glide across the ground, head down in a constant state of melancholy.
    "Sounds like a plan..." Dispair replied, giving a sigh.
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    A man wearing a black hoodie and camo pants came running down the sidewalk his bare feet slamming against the ground, his breathing heavy as if he was running for to long, longer than he should have been. His sight blurred he tripped up a bit but the nearing sound of rushing feet got to him and helped push him on, he skid around a corner into an alley way were he spotted a fire escape. He leaped up at the fire escape ladder and just grabbed it, pulling himself up it to the landing of the fire escape he scaled the steps one flight by another he kept going until he reached the rooftops were he had his first glimpse of a little sunshine. But soon his moment was ruined by a man riddled with scars and blood crept slowly towards him, the man stood his ground and widened his stance as his opponent neared him. The man known as Marko stood still as the pursuer made his first move, a superman punch which would of definatly rattled Marko's body but marko dodge just in time and was able to get under the pursuer. As he grappled to the mans mid section he leapt forward and landed on the rooftops hard graveled flooring he sat up as he mounted the man and began to pound his face in with his fist's. The man he was beating began laughing as Marko pounded his face in, as the mans laughter began to stop and his breathing slowed marko got off him. He lifted him up off the floor by the shirt and drags him to the edge he murmured some words and let the man fall from the 5 story building, the pursuer's body hitting the floor like a sac and stops moving. he says the words that he said before but louder to himself " Judgement has been served, now let Death retrieve your soul" He runs his finger past his nose and takes a deep breath sighing not wanting to have resort to violence in living. Marko sits up on the roof crossing his legs and closing his eyes he begins to meditate as he usually did.
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    Destiny rose, looking at Death and Dream. " I have Been pondering our current prediciment, and come up with a battle plan. Death Go forth and find any survivor of destruction's malice that still has Good in their heart, and Take thier souls. Keep them in your ankh, and dont loose sight of them. round all of them up and bring them here. Dream, once that is complete you will put those souls into a mindless slumber, controlling them from the dreaming, fighting through them. I will remain here, as i have nothing but tactic and information to lend, i have no place on the battleground."
  11. "Hey, not that it matters," said Despair glumly, "But there's someone up there on that block of apartments..."
    "Well well... We had better introduce ourselves." Desire smirked. They began to float gently to the level of the rooftop.
    "You." sighed Dispair, "You need to come with us... The boss said so..."