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  1. Welcome players to the world of EH (Endless Horizons)!

    I, Anri

    would like to formally introduce you to our fantastic RP!

    This is Altai, a land that is, for the most part, unexplored.


    before we get to far into that, why don't we have a quick history lesson?

    history (open)

    ~Daeia, God of Oblivion, ruled over the endless abyss that was reality and staring deep within the blackest of pits he found content. Eons passed before his brother Raelohn, God of Consciousness, awoke feeling empty and with a thought let forth the river of time which slowly trickled into a great stream and from that stream came Creation. Understanding that Creation and Nothingness could not coincide, he created a mighty Palace between the planes separating them forever with a perpetual inferno.

    For a time, Raelohn pondered at existence finding only displeasure as it was incomplete, yet as time marched on nothing ever came of it but frustration.

    It was then that Alaeirah, sister to Daeia and Raelohn as well as the Mother of Magic and Life, awoke molding the foundation set by her brother giving Creation form in her own image. Finally, Raelohn could look upon existence finding content that was only known by his brother at the time and soon returned to his eternal slumber.

    Daeia became infuriated by his siblings meddling as he looked upon existence with utter disgust as the stately march of time continued to bastardize his precious abyss until he no longer recognized it. It was in that moment he swore to cast Raelohn's work into the void reclaiming the Nothingness he once enjoyed. To carry out this plan he created Five Demons known as the Mortals, unleashing them upon Creation to erase all that Alaeirah cared so deeply for.

    However, Daeia did not for see Alaeirah accepting the Demons so readily with her endless love, thus connecting them eternally to the wellspring of Magic. They rejected their former Master's orders, joining Alaeirah in Harmony and Peace, and in that moment The World was at peace and Demons and immortals lived together as equals.

    But it was not meant to be...

    A millenium passed, and, after what can only be described as a Genocide, the Note Worthy were all but erased from existence. Chaos took hold, and for a long time it looked to be that no man would see peace, that war and hatred was the destiny the mortals had been given.

    But as all things do, even this time of conflict ended, peace returned to the mortal realms, and the Note Worthy faded into a simple legend...

    The continent known as Altai is primarily ruled over by the five mortal races created by Daea long ago. Each race has, over time, constructed themselves seemingly impenetrable fortress Cities and named them their capitol's.

    Nations and the Races within (open)

    Lucresians: A strange race of half human half beast, known as beast kin by some. In certain areas this is considered a derogatory title. Their origins are unknown, but it is suspected that they were not one of the original Five Mortal races.

    Their homeland is covered in hillsides and quiet knolls, with most Lucresians preferring a farming style of living. For this reason, the Lucresians have no real Cities outside of the main capitol, preferring to live in isolated houses surrounded in farmland or lush fields either alone, or with close family.

    The only true large meeting Lucresians have is during the Festival of Gathering held at every full moon. Lucresians hold a large potluck for this event and it is often accompanied by a night of revels and excess.

    The main Capitol of the Lucresian race is known as Lucris, the Beastial Citadel (see map)

    Average lifespan: 90- 120 years

    The Humans: This race is the most corrupted and warlike of the five, and have been known to instigate many of the wars in the past 300 years. These are humans in the regular sense, they are found throughout all of the land, but are most common in and around their main capitol of Anmel, Palace of Kings. It is at this place that the human leaders conduct most of their diplomacy.

    Average lifespan: 60 - 80 years

    Keeton (kitsune): An illusive race of fox like humanoids, separate from the Lucresians. They are the most peaceful and curious of the five races, yet have been known to be the most honorable. This characteristic has led them to many unneeded wars.

    For the most part keetons exist withing Nomadic tribal communities on their home Island of Aeo, but some chose to take the dangerous expedition eastward for hopes of joining in adventure and riches.

    The keeton race has produced many scholars, most of which have revolutionized many technologies and evolved many social ideas. It is very rare to find a Keeton of Sub par intelligence.

    Their Capitol is known as Aeoni, The Great Oak, home to their sovereign leader, the Queens of Roses.

    Averag life span: 170 - 220 years

    Die Jaeger: A race of Juggernauts, the Die Jaeger are the most similar to the human race with only a few major differences between them. The Die Jaeger have a darker skin tone than most humans, appearing to have a natural dark tan to their skin that varies from bronze-ish to charcoal. They are also significantly stronger and more durable due to larger bones and a significant Cartilage and muscle layer that dwarfs their human counter parts. The Die Jaeger also hold a significant sense advantage on humans, however it is still a medium level perception level when compared to the other races. Die Jaeger are especially sensitive to the blood of Lucresians, Keetons, and wild beasts. The reason for this is unknown.

    The Die Jaeger society is ruled by a strict religious Sect based atop the lofty 'Spires of the Pure'. This seemingly unassailable religious symbol and military citadel is the very center of Die Jaeger society, and the only land known to be claimed by them. The Die Jaeger have no citizenry, believing that your worth is shown through your fighting strength. Every Die Jaeger is a part of some faction of the military, even children are considered military wards. It is the sole purpose of the Die Jaeger to 'cleanse' the world of Beasts and their kin, for this reason their relations with the Lucresian and Keeton Races are edgy at best.

    Average Lifespan: 90 - 120 years

    The Iroans: Arguably the strangest of all five races. The Iroans have no naturaly body, but are instead bound to pure rock minerals upon birth. The individual strength of an Iroan is heavily reliant on how much mineral he or she was allotted at birth. Once bound to a metal, Iroans can shapeshift freely, taking whatever form is most comfortable for their particular mineral to exist in.

    Iroans prefer to be moved by others, or remain still. For they must actively shape shift in order to move independently. For this reason most Iroans take the form of weapons or light armor, literally hitching a ride with whatever wanderer happens upon them.

    Iroans do not speak in the traditional sense, but are instead capable of projecting their thoughts outward. They can chose to share or hide their thoughts at will, and can only be heard from within ten feet of their bodies.

    The Iroan Capitol is known as Iro, Claim of the Iron King.

    Average life span: 300- 350 years

    At what is known as the Center of the Mortal World lies the mighty city of Caiator. It is here that representatives from every nation gather to discuss plans towards conquest of the new world. It is the Duty of the council to keep peace between the nations and focus all possible resources towards the ultimate goal of their organization, finding the edge of the world. For this reason the council has been given the power to right laws that all nations must obey, and for the most part, have been given full control of each nations military.

    Councilors can be elected at any time, and only one Representative can exist for any one race at a given moment. If two thirds of any race call for a vote, then a vote for a new councilor is held, and the current councilor is temporarily evicted whilst the Council is frozen for the duration of the voting period. Being unable to act on any matters until a replacement councilor is voted in.

    Deep in Isolation lies the Holy City of Isgrimelle. This Tower like structure is the capitol of the Note Worthy Remnant, a nation created in secret after the Genocide that happened several hundred years ago. The Ilse of Caged dreams is the land mass that it can be found on, and it is covered by a thick and seemingly impenetrable mist. The area this mist covers has long been a point of interest and concern for the mortal nations, however all attempts to penetrate it have been utter failures. The area it encompasses is noted on ze map.

    Another key component of this world is magic, anyone can use magic. That is right, anyone. However, the rules and requirements surrounding it are a tad different than the norm. Allow me to explain:

    Magic! (open)
    Only two forms of magician exist, one of which is believed to have been slaughtered long ago;

    The first is the Noteworthy, having been created by the Goddess Alaeirah along with magic itself, the Note Worthy have within them latent magical ability. Unlike the other group, the Note Worthy are a race of creatures that upon death are 'reborn' in the heart of their mother Alaeirah. There bodies boast a strong resistance to magical energies and they are known to be able to master multiple schools. This means two things.

    1: The Note Worthy are the strongest of the two mage groups, and can cast stronger spells for longer durations

    2: Note worthy can cast both mind, body, and spirit magic simultaneously.

    The Second is the Hexborne, they are mortal mages, given the power by the Mark of the hex which appears on their body at the point they were granted magical energy. No mortal is born a Hexborne (Ironic?) and must be granted the power by another Hexborne. The power is transferred through blood, and upon transference the recipient is judged in three areas. Mind, Body, and Spirit. If the three are not in balance, than the recipients memories are destroyed, and they are turned into what can mostly be likened to a zombie. Other than this there are two things to be noted about the Hexborne

    1:Their spells are weaker and finish sooner than note worthy spells (for the most part) yet the Hex borne can build a resistance to magic over time by using spells and the such. This causes them to have near infinite capabilities, however over use of magic can cause a Hexborne to go into overdrive, literally causing them to explode in a huge magical pulse wave. (it is messy)

    The three schools of magic are as follows:

    Body: This school effects the physical cells of the lifeforms in the world. It cannot be used on inanimate objects (can't move rocks or things made by Raelohn) This magic allows you to bend or alter the shape or form of plants and other creatures, you can even use it to harden your skin or weaken your enemies bones. However other body magic users of equal or greater strength have a resistance to this. Easily the strongest of the schools (looking for a way to nerf, for now I'll just keep tabs on it)

    Mind: This School effects the thought or perceptions of other living entities. It is used to cast illusions, heighten your senses, or lower your opponents reaction speeds. Laying an illusion on an opponent usually takes time and careful planning, easily the most challenging of the schools.

    Spirit: This magic is less tangible than it's partners. For it effects spirit energy, something that exists in all beings, through the means of blessings and curses. It is one of the more effective heal schools, for it is a individuals spirit that determines the speed in which they heal (shut up science). This school is more of a support type that casts buffs on your allies and debuffs on your enemies. Most spells last quite a long duration and effect targets in an aoe style.

    Other stuff:

    Magic is supposed to be a mysterious place where you get creative and have fun, for this reason I have left a lot open to your own devices. Have fun with this, however, you must be able to define any spell under either the mind, body, or spirit areas of study. This means that Pyromancy, Aquamancy, and the such are not allowed, nor do they exist in the world.


    Note Worthy are a plot device, and for the current time are not open for regular players as characters.

    The Story:

    For now I am Restricting this Rp to the Realms of Humanity. The characters will be travelling through a story that will be guided by me. Eventually we will open up to the rest of the world, but, due to the amount of members we have, I must restrict for the time being.

    I am looking at you two.

    Blank CS Sheet (open)





    Physical Description: Pictures are fine.

    Past: Please go into as much detail as possible. (this is my favorite part)


    Magical stuff: Fill in any magical prowess your character has here. I would like to ask that all magic be kept low in power and bound to one school for now. We can expand on this stuff later so do not worry :)

    Summary of Physical Strengths/Weaknesses:

    The Realms of Humanity (open)

    Humanities Realms are split into three different Holds, each is led by a duke. The Duke's are Procided over by the High king, who sits on his thrown in Anmel. Currently the Throne is empty and as a result the Human Realms are in disarray.

    The Realms are as Follows:

    Terraria - Located in the Southeastern area of the human land, they're a main source of the export and import of supplies for the Southern area.
    They're in league with the Die Jaeger, and the human rulers of this kingdom have the morality of destroying the beastly species, as well as the common monsters out there. Although, the royals have a bit of a rough time controlling the Die Jaeger that live here; since they have such different standards than the rulers. There are no Keeton or Lucresians here, and there might be some Iroans who they don't know about living as weapons and such.
    The most dangerous kingdoms are the ones who live with evil under the assumption of greatness.

    Levoria - Placed in the Northern part of the land, this kingdom is the ruler over some Plains areas as well as some of the smaller Port cities. This is another kingdom that provides a source of import and export, mainly for exporting it out of their own country for higher prices.
    This kingdom's rulers only believe in striking it rich, and the taxes are very high. There are many politicians here who wish to fight with other kingdoms as well as harm the other races, even the Die Jaeger. They're competition, of course.
    However, this is a place of beauty and the houses are incredibly stunning for a cheaper cost than which is expected.​
    The sweetest taste may be a cover, however, for the deadliest of toxins.
    Inveron - Named after the ruthless King, Inveron is a dangerous kingdom that's become rampant with thugs, mercenaries, and thieves who are not to be trifled with. And this is the perfect setting for it, as these villains can hide perfectly behind the cover of the Western woodland biome bordering the land of the Iroans.
    Recently, Inveron has been very quiet, whereas previously he had been attacking the land of Anmel in attempts to take the neutral land and claim it as his own. Rumors fly that he's building millions of resources and training armies, even enlisting mercenaries to steal away Iroans to be weapons or armor for the soldiers. Is it possible that Inveron is planning a full-scale war on Anmel?
    Be not afraid of the dark; If you can't see them, they can't see you.

    Credit to TheBountyHunter​

    We are now accepting Cs's please feel free to pm me with any questions you may have :).

    Credit for Map template goes to the following:

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  2. Raze, you are the traveler I spoke of, Bounty you are one of the town Citizens. I have used the past few days to think up a plot for yall. The Rp will begin around noon. My posts will set the scene, the time, and all that goodness so you guys can focus on interaction and story.

    Raze, your character is carrying a sealed envelope for the Baron of Serres. (Mikael Serres)

    Your character does not know what is in the letter and how he got it is up too you :)

    That is all.
  3. Name: Kuradeel

    Age: 23 years old

    Gender: Male

    Race: Keeton/Kitsune


    Personality: Calm in sticky situations, mostly happy, always wants to know more, never gives up, determined.

    Kuradeel was born into a middle-class family, with two younger sisters and one older brother; as a young child, he would always look up to his brother, Jack, who was five years older than him. He would want to do the things Jack did, he would want to act like he did, and he would even want to mimic Jack's actions. Little did he know that Jack was sacrificing his free time to do bigger and better things on the farm that their father owned; just so that Kuradeel could learn to enjoy being at work. Of course, Kuradeel wanted to be just like his big brother, so he found ways to help out as well. A lot of the time, he would be paired with his father, so he could learn the basics; as he did more and more chores, he found that he appreciated the time he spent with dad.

    As Kuradeel grew older, around 7 years of age, he began to branch off from being so reliant on his father and brother, and started to look out for his sisters, Julia and Chelsea. He figured out soon enough that they were their own persons, and that they should be treated as if they were people; they weren't babies anymore.

    The day Kuradeel learned that the world wasn't as it seemed when he was younger, as he was 10 at the time, he set out to conquer every last secret; he wanted to control everything and anything that he could. He became reclusive and edgy; He'd have a question for every answer, or a smart remark that would send him to his room early. He was as defiant as a stubborn mule, as kids growing up always are.

    When Kuradeel turned 13, he was allowed to take apprenticeship under thealchemist's watchful eyes. He learned a lot from the age of 13 to 15, and he could easily identify the difference between the poisonous extracts from a Deathflower and the healing fluids secreted from the wounds of a Milkweed. (( Hey don't test me on this I'm just making stuff up as I go ;) )) However, his curiosity got the best of him and he mixed bad chemicals together, under dangerous circumstances, and the result was catastrophic. He had discovered a concoction that would bring an explosive conclusion in as little as 5 seconds. Kuradeel was banned from doing alchemy in his small town ever again, for his own safety as well as everyone else's.

    Without a vent for his creative mind, he turned yet again to learning. It was harder to find someone who would take him under their wing at his age; as most people were much younger when they started an apprenticeship. Although, there was one old crone he would always... enjoy?... visiting, in her small hut filled with good-luck charms and wards. He could easily spend hours watching her do spells of healing on wounded animals who seemed to know exactly who to come to.

    One day, a couple months before his 16th birthday, he asked if the old woman named Matilda could give him the gift of that knowledge; the knowledge of healing the immediately wounded, to him for his birthday. He would never forget the look of sheer joy on that lady's face as she cried tears of happiness at being needed again; of being able to impart her knowledge of Spirit Magic onto another person before she died.

    Matilda revealed to Kuradeel, soon after she had begun to train him, that she was one of the Hexborne, and she lifted her cloak away from her arm and showed him the tattoo-like symbol of the Hexborne; a square with a star inside of it placed in the crease of her elbow. It was inconspicuous, as she always had her arms bent to perform healing magic.

    On Kuradeel's birthday, Matilda came to his house; a lot of his friends were there, as well as family from far away. Matilda was a no-nonsense woman and just came out and asked Kuradeel if he wanted to become a Hexborne. There was much turmoil at this, a lot of people accusing her as trying to make Kuradeel stray from the true path of the scholar he was going to become. Some said that this was a great opportunity; if he was a scholar AND a Hexborne, he would have a lot of power in politics. Most of them went off into their own banter and debates of whether Kuradeel should accept the offer; his parents came to Matilda and Kuradeel silently and led them away from the ruckus and into a calm room in the house.

    What Kuradeel witnessed that day would change him forever. Kuradeel agreed to becoming a Hexborne and his parents nodded in approval. Matilda told Kuradeel many times over that he could change his mind and back out; but he stayed strong throughout the whole process. Until the actual Mind, Body, and Spirit tests came along... for the mind test, he was forced unconscious by Matilda's Spirit Magic.

    Kuradeel awoke in his own consciousness, where there were wisps of fog everywhere, and he couldn't see anything 5 feet in front of him. What was to follow cannot be explained; for you can't imagine the trials he went through. All he could remember when he came to the physical world was a booming voice, guiding him throughout the unknown recesses of his subconscious...

    When Matilda led him outside, she told him that he would have to go beyond his pain threshold and truly feel what it was to be tortured and show the "booming voice" that he had what it took to become a Hexborne. The events that followed could only be explained as barbaric, bloody, and agonizing. He was allowed a short rest of his exhausted mind and pain-wracked body before he was tested in spirit.

    The test was simple; a choice between saving an innocent child or his own sister, Julia; from a forest fire. He was actually going to have to emulate what he would do. He ran through the forest, dodging imaginary falling branches of fire; he grabbed the dummy that was supposed to be his sister. Hiking it over his shoulder, he was about to leave the forest; but then he realized, in a revelation, that the lives of his sister and the child were equally important. Even if he had to sacrifice his own life to save theirs.

    Only then he discovered that there was something... strange... about the way his body felt. It was as if the energy was draining away from him. He dumped the dummy far away from the edge of the forest and ran back into the "flames", almost hearing thewhoosh of flames and almost smelling the smoke. He grabbed the dummy signifying the innocent child and, with the last of his strength, placed it next to the dummy of his sister. He passed out from the Spirit Test, everything coming to bear all at once on his mind.

    When he woke, he was in his bed with a fresh set of pajamas and clean linen. His pupils dilated due to the dark and he sat up. His eyes caught the faint form of Matilda sitting hunched over in the chair next to the bed; she was snoring slightly and he could truly see how young she was, not as old as he had thought. Perhaps it was those billowing cloaks she always wore.

    Kuradeel patted her shoulder to wake her up; and she blinked quickly, yawning heavily. She realized that he made it through all three tests and she gave him a fierce hug, whispering into his ear,​
    "You have made it through the three ancient tests, coming through victorious.
    Now all there is left to do is make you known among us.
    Take this locket of simplicity,
    which reminds you of what you used to be,
    and wear it to figure who you will become;
    as well as with who is your true home."
    Taken aback by her somber tone, he pushed her away from the hug and found her holding a silver chain with a small green gem embedded into the circle dangling from it. Before he could take a closer look, however, Matilda took his hands in hers and was muttering under her breath. Kuradeel tilted his head, and was about to ask what she was saying when he felt his thought totally scatter. Then they grouped on one thing, and that was to expose the inside of his elbow to Matilda. He did it without a second glance, and wasn't even alarmed with he saw her fingernails become claws, dripping black liquid.

    A small voice of reason resounded within his head that he should be alarmed, and that he should stop this right where it started, but that voice was drowned out with the feeling of righteousness that came with the first scratch in his elbow. The blood ritual, he thought, the blood ritual.


    He watched Matilda carve a square with a star in the middle into his elbow, the pain feeling minimal compared to the overwhelming happiness of getting to become a Hexborne. The blood which welled from the wound didn't seem to hit the floor; rather, it floated up into the ceiling and disappeared. The emotions he was experiencing... can't be written in text. But don't mistake it for rapture, because it was... different.

    After Matilda finished carving his skin, she used Spirit Magic to heal it so he wouldn't feel anything afterwards. He saw that she was pale and breathing rather heavily, but a swift scatter cleared his mind of any concerns he might have had. The claws retracted back into fingernails and Matilda reached for the necklace, hanging it from her fingers so that Kuradeel could grab it.

    He took the artifact and hung it around his neck, flipping open the cover to the circle. Inside was a picture of himself as a child, in a state of pure happiness as he chased a small ladybug that was barely visible. And... on the back... there was writing, so small you had to squint to read it.
    It that stated that He, Kuradeel, was now Hexborne.


    In the months to follow, Matilda showed Kuradeel how to increase his capabilities of Spirit Magic. A couple months from beginning training, Kuradeel could "battle" with the homemade dummies that Matilda and himself created out of straw and fabric; the skeleton being two large, thick sticks assembled in a cross formation. You could say the dummies looked like scarecrows.

    When battling with these dummies, Kuradeel would often imagine his own spirit, being a shadow of his own movements, and focus on this image. He would see his spirit seemingly grabbing a blanket out of thin air and wrapping it around himself. Promptly, he would feel a small difference in how his skin felt. He tested this by pinching his arm; and he could tell that it was slightly less sensitive than before. The first time this happened, he was almost... disappointed. Wouldn't it be more tangible? Wouldn't his skin be ultimately unbreakable? He focused harder, tried to make the sensitivity even lower; he did this for only a mere 5 seconds before a sudden prickling sensation came over him in a heatwave. His attention was distracted by the panic he felt at this new feeling... and the moment he stopped focusing on it, the prickling sensation died away.

    He talked to Matilda about this and she said that Kuradeel was only scratching the surface of the pure power of Spirit Magic; and only experienced magicians are able to fully use the magic surrounding them. So, in essence, he could only do small bursts of less powerful Spirit Magic at the moment. If Kuradeel was to try any harder than he did, he would've harmed himself; perhaps causing permanent sensitivity loss. This would've been the case if he did it longer, as well; he wasn't strong enough yet to hold a spell over 10 seconds. However, he would become stronger, be able to hold the spells longer as well as perform larger ones, as if he was exercising his magic muscles.

    Soon, he was able to cover all of the different areas of Spirit Magic, and he focused mostly on healing. He lived in peace, finally, and enjoyed healing the animals that came to Matilda and himself when they needed it. Life was good... until Kuradeel found that Matilda wasn't able to move around as well as she used to. Kuradeel would perform small healing magics on her, but it didn't seem to be enough. When he asked about her unusual bouts of coughing, Matilda dismissed it as old age. Matilda taught Kuradeel everything she knew about Spirit Magic.

    When he arrived at her house one morning, he discovered that she wasn't moving about like she usually would. She was still in bed. He grinned playfully and used his Spirit Magic to try and get her to have a scare and wake up... but he couldn't detect another spirit in the room. Confused, he went over to Matilda and shook her, muttering "wake up, wake up..." He was shocked to find that she was very cold. It took some time before it finally sank in... Matilda was dead. He bent over her still body, crying bitter tears of loss.

    Kuradeel was one of the only Keeton at her burial, although he could have sworn that the animals in the woods had been silent that day; to honor the lady who had never given up on them. Kuradeel worked harder than he ever had in the months to follow, never stopping for fear of remembering Matilda's old, crooked smile and that young glitter to her old eyes when he had learned something. In fear of hurting himself over never seeing her sickness, never doing anything to help when he found her cold body in her bed.

    After some time of mourning Matilda, he made a vow to never forget her influence and to always remember her way of always trying to find a peaceful way of things even when the going seemed rough. He poured everything he had into finding other ways to increase his proficiency with Spirit Magic, never wanting to forget his teacher and friend.

  4. This is accepted, as you know. Just wanted to make it public.
  5. I know :D I just wanted to show off my major Past writing skillz! ^-^
  6. Course ya did :P

    Ima go read some stuff. I am a little tired so postage may not be coming for a little while yet.
  7. Nothing to read anyway xD
  8. name: Kira

    Age: 19

    Gender: female

    Race: unknown

    Physical description: My profile image. don't underestimate her physical strength though. she is stronger than she looks.

    Past: Before Kira was any older than 3, her mother died of a strange and rare disease that she called Valcamia. Valcamia is a disease that spreads through physical contact and is airborn. Kira and her father had to let her die lest they the them themselves perish the same way she did. So as Kira's mother died in the most horrid of ways imaginable, her father took her somewhere safe. somewhere that nobody would ever find her. Kira lived on a dying planet. Far away from any other. Unable to receive help from any of their allies throughout the universe. Her father gave her a long-sword, something her greatly valued and made with his own spiritual energies. As she aged, her father passed on and she had to live on her own for many years without any way to escape her ending planet. She knew she had to leave so she made her way across wide expanses of never explored terrain until she came to the base field of their galactic fleet. they defended the planet from invasions and any underlying attackers. They had pods, ships, intergalactic spacecrafts. everything you can imagine that flies and can travel through space they had one of them. Kira stole ne of the smaller ships and hot wired it to get it working. with only the small amount of provisions packed on the plane before hand, her long-sword, and her developing powers, she took off into the deep abyss of space and time itself. crash landing on the planet she now calls home, she has been living in the shadows since the day she turned 10 and smashed her spacecraft into earth. she grew into a fine creature but she always stayed away from humans and other species of earth born animals. Mature and grown, she fought to survive, killed to eat, and sometimes stole from humans to keep from starving and/or dehydration. To this day she wanders across earth looking for someone who will accept her as a part of human society.

    Magical school of choice: ( please explain. I just want to be clear on it before I choose)

    Summary of pyshical strenths and weaknesses: Kira's strengths are cold, darkness, and fear.
    her weakness is extreme heat and extreme brightness or any strong sunlight.
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