End of the Mythos

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  1. So, after 2 years, the roleplay Dark Reign has come to an end here on Iwaku.

    It was the fourth installment of a saga that began 8 years ago when our old administrator, Gabriel Zero, drew a comic called Iwaku Bomb. The comic inspired a mass roleplay that in turn became a Mythos, and remains (in my opinion) the greatest story ever told on this forum.

    Of course, the Mythos is never truly gone. Anyone is welcome to use the elements of the meta-narrative.

    But with the close of Dark Reign the original plotlines have now concluded. Only seven characters survived. There are very few members left who were there at the beginning, and fewer still who would be able to GM another installment. It is my feeling (though many will disagree) that the canon story is finished. King Gabriel uniting the lands, the civil war of the Three Princes, the invasion of Diana and the final testament of the Goddess - these are arcs that have all come to an end.

    Anything after this will be a reinvention or a second generation. And though I welcome those new ages, I doubt how much of myself I can give to them.

    This has taken a lot out of me. For eight years I have recorded and memorized the plot arcs of more than 50 characters and struggled to bring every theme to resolution. It's been a mammoth undertaking for all involved.

    Of course, there was nothing unattainable about what we did. We were simply talented people in the right place at the right time. We would not be here without Gabe's art style, or [MENTION=7]Paorou-sama[/MENTION]'s tremendous imaginative power, or Rory's metaphysical undertakings. We would not be here without [MENTION=30]Arsenal XA4[/MENTION] , [MENTION=50]Warmaster Death[/MENTION] and [MENTION=32]Captain Nic[/MENTION] fleshing out the military aspects of the setting. We would not be here without the sustained posting of members like [MENTION=22]Kitti[/MENTION] , [MENTION=58]Grumpy NotaIrish[/MENTION] , [MENTION=1337]Hydronine[/MENTION] , Lycan Queen and Palonis. Nor would we be here without the efforts of people like [MENTION=17]Porg[/MENTION] and [MENTION=3]Pirogeth[/MENTION] and [MENTION=13]Sakura[/MENTION] who brought their own stylistic flavours to the setting. And lastly, the superb co-plotting undertaken by [MENTION=16]Jack Shade[/MENTION] and [MENTION=285]Tegan[/MENTION].

    And even [MENTION=9]CoffeeCake[/MENTION], waxing lyrical about things in the Cbox...

    There are countless names, many of them no longer with us. Dozens of old members have moved on, but we have carried their stories to completion. I guiltily hope that they may chance upon Iwaku again one day and notice the legends they left.

    I could spend an entire thread talking about all the twists and turns of this epic and the moments when certain members took the spotlight. But 8 years of storytelling can not be summed up so easily. We used the Mythos to reflect the trials of our own lives and the trials of the forum. It was a mythologized tale of our own coming of age.

    For me, it followed my shift in beliefs - my messianic leanings, my philosophy about utopia and synchronicity. In some ways the Mythos WAS the story of my teenage years.

    But most of all, it brought me together with the love of my life. My wife and I grew together because of this story, and she was the best of many friends I made in the telling of this tale.

    To all those who weren't here for the Mythos, I want you to remember that great stories can be told online, and they can send you to such places that you've never imagined.

    Our Mythos is done. But yours may be just be beginning. Never be afraid to dream big.

    I hope to see another thread like this in 8 years time.

    But anyway, this is a party that's been long overdue. SO EVERYONE COME AND SHARE YOUR MEMORIES!

    *dumps balloons all over the thread*

    tagz (open)
    [MENTION=1061]Ozzie Chanter[/MENTION]
    [MENTION=6]Blind Hemingway[/MENTION]
    [MENTION=50]Warmaster Death[/MENTION]
    [MENTION=32]Captain Nic[/MENTION]
    [MENTION=58]Grumpy NotaIrish[/MENTION]
    [MENTION=23]Neko Archy[/MENTION]
    [MENTION=16]Jack Shade[/MENTION]
    [MENTION=3363]Jinx The Jesture[/MENTION]
    [MENTION=1612]Lycan Queen[/MENTION]
    [MENTION=25]King Weavel[/MENTION]
    [MENTION=21]Tyler Crane[/MENTION]
    [MENTION=319]Angry GMK[/MENTION]
    [MENTION=143]Cosmic Orion[/MENTION]

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  2. GOOD SHOW! I didn't spent much time in the mythos, nor can I claim a love for it like the brilliant players, BUT I AM SO GLAD THAT TURNED OUT SO GREAT! Just watching a roleplay go from silly concepts in to this detailed, twisty, wonderfully complicated and genius storyline is awesome. Bonus points that it actually got to reach a conclusion and give that satisfying glow of a finished product. That's sooooo raaaaaarrreeee in the roleplay world, SOAK IT UP AND WALLOW IN THE AWESOME, GUYS!

    Superb job! <3 Much love!
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  3. Fuck me, that took a while.
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  4. Goddamnit thank video.

    Man is it really over? I mean.. Wow we did it.. but I'm feeling a little ill at the idea. Guess I'm going to have to find something else to think about and fantasise about on my way to school, or work, or uni, or town, or wherever it is i'm going at the various points of my life.

    I've never really been too involved with much on Iwaku other than the Mythos, even when I was staff, and i'm a little bit ashamed of that truth be told, but I don't think I could have picked a better thing to have been solely concerned with. Now it's over.. well I definitely don't intend to disappear that's for sure. I know I've done it before but this has kinda brought it back to me how much of an entity in my life this site and the people on it have been for me since I first found it with an innocent search on google for roleplaying sites.

    I do hope this lives on.. even if it's just some filler arcs from the history books or something, I don't think we could ever mar what we've created now.

    We were asked to mention memories and you know.. I'm not really sure I can cite too many things, (most of my earlier interactions in the mythos were kinda.. well bad to keep it blunt) but I have to admit one of my favourite character collections was the 4 kids that Asmo made in Iwaku world. They were a little group of three boys and a girl who were playing the then most prominent figures in the world's mythos (or more accurately the paragons of each power archetype) with the girl being Asmodeus fighting with the boys playing Rory and Paorou while the boy playing Porg was generally left out or picked on.
    I really liked the dynamic it created and the insight into not only the iwaku populous but also in a lot of ways the player's views of the situation. I'm also not gonna lie, but I'm pretty proud that my character was one of the 4 represented, I think getting that little boy clutching his little toy sheep and talking about how Porg did have a place in the mythos is still one of the best moments for me from the various roleplays i ended up muddled up in.
    I always wanted to do something with those kids, and truth be told I tried it twice but both times the roleplay kinda died before it started which was a shame.

    I hope I'm a better writer than when this started (6 years I think since I joined so i'd bloody better be) but i think mostly I've got a better understanding of character and narrative, and I've learnt tht i've really gotta let go of ideas sometimes (though I haven't actually got round to doing it, just knowing that i should). Thanks to everyone involved, especially those pioneers who started it, and those who kept it going, and those who helped shape it.
    Especially to Jack Shade who has been a good friend to me both in and out of character, Grumpy who kinda proved to me that a character archetype i typically dislike can be one of the most magnetic and readable and likeable characters in a chronicle, Paorou who has always inspired me with his art and idea and who i genuinely wish i'd got to bounce off of more. And of course Asmodeus, who really for all intents and purposes probably shouldn't have helped me out and kept putting up with me for this whole time, but he's genuinely put time and effort in to humour me and answer my questions and listen and implement (my often bad) ideas and just outright teach me things I wanted to know.

    Well there we go.. I have a bit of a lump in my throat and I'm spouting soppy crap all over this thread haha so I guess I'll leave it at that... for now.

    *dons a party hat and blows a little party horn before migrating to the snacks table and gorging on some tea and crackers*
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  5. To be perfectly honest I had not much to do with this mythos until the end of the final arc, however, that did not stop me from indulging myself on the history that had come before. It was like walking into a library to learn about a subject you had heard so much hearsay about and realizing why all the hype was warranted. What struck me about the mythos more than any other story I've encountered before was that the characters were us, a personification of our inner-writer's intentions. I admit it was difficult to join at first, all of that history to just be thrown into was almost unwelcoming. To my surprise, that only made me want to keep on going longer. Too bad life was there to choke me down in the end but I had a fun time while there.

    Particular moments, although recent, if you'd want to call them that, would've been when I started really developing the council in Dark Reign. It really felt like a focal point of sanity within insanity. It also gave me plenty of time to write what I adored, role play politics. So even though it was short in the overall scope of things my stay did have a profound relevance to the overall plot and I really felt like a part of it. To that I thank everyone.

    This has definitely brought a whole new light to my thinking, one that has muddled my mind recently. Despite how weird, or awkward, or tryhard, or distant, or whatever you are when you first come to the Iwaku, we old members were all the same way back then. Iwaku, I believe, develops not only our writing skills but our maturity as well. It is the combined effort of this community to really guide someone through those strange stages in life whether they be your teens, your first real life responsibilities, or even marriage. The mythos really demonstrates that fact for us, and even though the original cast has moved on, ended their arcs, plots, and stories, it only means that we've finished something for you to carry on in your own ways. If you don't want to touch it that's alright, but if you want to carry it on, like Asmo had said, it would be nice to come back in 8 years and see a similar thread.

    So cheers everyone, cheers to all.

    Writing in the Moonlight,
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  6. I'm certainly proud of everyone who was a part of this, and I must simply say that this was an amazing story of cooperation.

    You all are effing Amazing!
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  7. My only regret is not getting more involved and being a fucking terrible roleplayer for the majority of it.
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  8. Congratulations to all and everyone who contributed to make this possible! I envy the loyal "service" from the more prominent players, you've really put in some great effort to this.

    Though, I was expecting an Asmo-post from T/S, dissapointed.
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  9. :] Beautiful video. I wish I could have been more involved after the Legacy roleplay. Those mass roleplays were just getting too much for me, though. Instead, I read through Dark Reign as it progressed. What you did with Aimi, and Engel/Medusa was really awesome.

    I hope to see some more epic mythos in the future!
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  10. Oh I wished I joined Dark Reign when I first joined the forums. I dearly regret it now, but hopefully there will be new stories for me and others to participate in. It really is quite incredible that a roleplay like this has survive for so long. Considering how easily roleplays rise and fall, this one is definitely special. Congratulations everyone.
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  11. Yeah [MENTION=3]Pirogeth[/MENTION] , you and Tegan are perhaps the best Mythos players at demonstrating how MUCH control you can take of the plot without having the "pre-kudos"

    [MENTION=93]Jumi[/MENTION] - I remember you were the first player I fought in the Mythos, on the battlements of Nerf Castle, back when you were dual-wielding lightsabers. And you were there when I died the second time. You have earned your place at the table. *rubs Jumi's penis with a goblet*

    [MENTION=2857]Fluffy[/MENTION] - wow, I didn't know you were reading. Cool. And yeah, Fluffy as the avatar of the Goddess and Aimi as her personal servant was a HUGE part of the narrative in the end. You can thank Rory for shoving you into such a central position. I hope wherever Kitti's character went at the end of the tale, you were there with her in some respect.
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  12. You only won that fight because you had reach. /smug

    Thanks for the praise though. It was truly an honor.
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  13. I knew something great was going on, but the veil was too thick to penetrate. It sounded like a lot of fun!
  14. I remember when Tegan and I first plotted to steal Asmo's plot from under him. It was all cloaks and daggers and at first we both had different ideas of how to steal the game from him...we both agreed, however, that this was somehow supposed to be a reflection of Asmo's decisive end to a long story.

    There were two ending ideas that we never actually did...but I wanted to send them out here to show you what was at least somewhat part of the creative process.

    One of them was to confront the Tyrant (Greg) who had controlled all the writers (us) into finishing his story, even forcing our hands when the plot slowed. Those who had the golden pens were immune to the Tyrants eye and truly had free will. In the end, we would have broken his control and let the other writers finish the plot while Tegan took Asmo with her on some romantic jaunt to...wherever.

    I actually had a scene written out where writers began to move their pens again, and focused on Grumpy's writer scratching out "Iwaku: Shattered". At the time, that rp was pretting banging and I hoped we could crossover in the end in some sort of awesome continuous narrative.

    The other idea, if we had finished earlier, was to actually write out the last post where Tegan and I confronted Asmo in real time. There were half-baked plans (mostly on my part) to actually film myself and Laura talking to Greg about ending the mythos in a true homage to meta-narrative fuck-all....but my trip to Arkansas was months ago and the mythos was still going strong.

    That said, I loved this journey. I tried to work in folk in the forum at least in cameos because this really is OUR story. It belongs to everyone who wants a part of it.

    As I said, Jack Shade is no more. I just picture he and Grant stomping back to ruined Iwaku to help with the rebuilding, fading into myth and legend as time went on. I learned that not all stories need to necessarily end, and that if they do...I don't have to just fall in with Asmo. I can create my own story. A lot of Dark Reign was about me coming into my own (At least for myself), and not taking my cues from everyone else besides myself.

    In that way, I think it was a satisfying end...both narratively and spiritually.

    If I ever join Iwaku games in the future, it'll be with my minor and other Iwaku characters...like Drake, or Tel'Nein, or Void, or Doctor Surgeon (Probably, definitely, Doctor Surgeon)

    But to you, those who joined me on this journey and those who are a part of Iwaku....I thank you for making this place a home for me, and being a family of awesome people. You all are truly close friends and I hope, if I haven't already, to meet you at one point...knock back a beer or so, and tell stories of good ole days and many more to come.

    Cheers. Here is the Mythos. This is what we've done with it. It's your turn to create now...go forth and be awesome.
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  15. some magnificent times were had over the years.

    i still smile when i think of the plots within plots within plots, and just how long everything took at times, compared to how quickly it flew by at others.

    oh, and the fact i WMD died so often....i never really intended for that to happen, but the fight with Paorou and Asmodeus at the lake, and that last ditch combat during the final arc, just felt right.

    most of all though, I'd like to thank everyone i who shared the journey with me, if I'm honest, the mythos kept me (relatively) sane during some of the more doubt filled times, and havve given me plenty of reasons to smile.

    So thank you my freinds, it was a helluvva ride, can't wait till the next one.
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  16. This actually cheered me way the hell up. Thanks for this.

    I never truly stuck around in the Iwaku-themed RPs well, though, in Dark Reign, I think I was trying my hardest to keep up with the story and everyone else and trying to work with everyone to craft the story that was wanted. I've enjoyed all of this. I've loved conspiring with Tegan and Jack, and talking with Asmo when I wasn't quite sure of what direction I should go. I've learned a lot from all of you, and I hope to learn more in the future.
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  17. Congratulations you guys, I think that this is the first time I've ever heard of a forum RP ever actually wrapping up instead of just losing steam. It's always a sad thing when that happens. Though I never had the chance to participate in Dark Reign or any of the other mythos games, I did take the time to read a few of your closing posts over the last month when I was feeling less than productive, and I must say they were outstanding. At a time where I was seriously lulling with my posts and considering dropping a couple of stories your words inspired me to keep on writing. Through reading your words I was able to share in a taste of that overwhelming joy which all of you must now be feeling.

    So I'd like to thank you all so much for that. You're story stands as example of the beautiful things we can all stand to create if we only continue to commit ourselves to collaborating for just one more day.

    P.S. I really hope there's still a plan in the works to create a new mythos. ;)
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  18. Aw man, where to begin?

    Dark Reign was a lot of firsts for me; particularly the first roleplay where I felt truly free to experiment. From when I first PMed Asmo to inform him that "LOL I hijacked some of ur characters no I won't tell you who LOL" to forging a friendly competition with Jack (We wanted to see who could come up with the mosts plot twists.).

    I think that's what made this game so special: complete freedom to take our characters and stories in any direction we saw fit. It was luck that there were so many talented players in the game who were willing and able to build the world of Dark Reign into something more complex and beautiful than ever imagined.

    Thanks for sticking with it, you guys. It was one hell of a ride.
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  19. Bleh, I fell apart and out of Iwaku during the last part of the Dark Reign. I guess I should apologize or something.

    Seeing how Asmodeus skillfully carry Paorou-sama through despite that (as he always does) makes me feel less guilty though. I definitely feel bad about the comics I left lying around, and all my projects which ended prematurely lol.

    Damn, Iwaku, to have been part of you was definitely a major turning point in my life. I never stop creating things (stories, drawings, games, whatever), and it's thanks to roleplaying with you guys. Even if it's a silly mary sue, self-insert thing - the mythos proved that a great story can come from anywhere and anything - it just needs effort and cooperation.

    I'm tempted to disappear again (so much things to do), but luckily I have something up to show you guys. That's why I came back in the first place - thanks for alerting me, lol.
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  20. 'Twas good to be a part of the Mythos, no matter how small my role was. Even though I (read: my character and the chumps associated with him) never always got my way, at least I went out just the way I wanted - furious and defiant.

    "What'd I miss?"
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