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  1. This is an idea that I've tried launching multiple times on different forums, but never had great success. Read over what I've done so far and give it a think, alright? If you're wondering, it takes a lot of inspiration from Accel World, such as in the setting, but that's as far as it goes.

    First off, the setting;

    EOIL takes place about twenty to thirty years in the future, in a unnamed, large and modern city. Human beings can use augmented reality and virtual reality computers thanks to a tandem of a wearable computational piece (most likely a necklace) and an implant installable on almost everyone for a very small fee. Due to this, the majority of the population in developed countries all have the system installed. Two upgrades of the system have been made, however once implanted with a version of the system, the user's system could not be upgraded. Thus, it is mostly youths who possess newer generations of the system. There have been three generations so far.

    The system, called SENSe (Special Extended Neurological System (electronic)), has numerous functions, such as instant messaging, Internet browsing (called the SENSenet), virtual reality gaming, navigation, note taking and many other tasks that were once only possible on personal computers. Cellphones are still in wide use, as a reliable way of making calls with SENS has not yet been found. Virtual Reality games are hugely popular, though the video game console, while not as advanced, is still a common piece in the daily life of many families. Encompassing a wide variety of genres, VR games can only be played by G-II (Generation 2) users and G-III users.

    One day, rumors begin to be spread around about a bizarre game exclusive to G-III SENSe units. Called End of Innocence Live, it is impossible to play by choice. Only those who desire something specific in their life are randomly chosen as players. The objective of the game is to have fifty "victories" or V-Points, at this point the player obtains the thing they have longed for in life. A V-Point is gained when a player, called a Searcher, kills a Target, a G-III user chosen at random and marked with a blood red arrow visible to all G-III users (those over the age of 18 can not see it, as G-III has only been around for 18 years). The players of the game are bestowed with powerful abilities such as superhuman strength, agility or reflexes as to aid them in their mission to achieve their End of Innocence. All ways of killing the Targets are permitted.

    It is only a rumor though, right?

    Most dismiss the game as nothing but. However, around the city, there have been unexplained murders of teenagers who possess G-III SENSe units...


    The player-characters fall into one of three categories; Searcher, Target, and Innocent. Searchers are the aforementioned players of EOIL, Targets are the creatively named targets in the game and Innocents are those not chosen by game. More to come on this later on.

    Please give me any thoughts you might have!
  2. I love the idea of the setting. Given that pretty much everyone has the software it should technically mean you can alter your appearance with AR. Just broadcast a short range signal that makes all other systems nearby view the user as a different image. I think a Searcher / target game could be really interesting if the targets keep changing their image.
  3. That's actually a very good idea, may have to implement that. However, many of the targets won't know that they are targets unless they're familiar with the rumors.
  4. if they were under 18 they'd see the red arrow above them :P
  5. And they might just wonder what it is. >:3
    I'll write more later!
  6. Somebody had a brain spark. :D
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