End of a World Fantasy RP

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This story is about the survivors of a world in a state of rapid decay, due to a horror unleashed on it by a perhaps foolish, certainly malevolent mage. The horror is some kind of dark creatures (basically corrupted, inky-black-with-glowing-eyes versions of the various races) that instead of just killing people, shatter their souls, turning them into more of such dark creatures.

It's not about a small town surviving or whatever, but rather about someone leading as many people as he can to one location and all of them working together to build a new city, one which can and will survive the attacks of said creatures for a very long time.

The world itself is (or was) high fantasy--literally any fantastic race you can think of, even things highly unconventional such as spider people, once populated the land, but the numbers of most are now few due to the aforementioned disasters.

Interested :) thinking up a crazy mystical race :)
Interested. Sounds Kingdom Hearts-esque, but with unique new features. :3
Yeah, with the monsters...think heartless, but in a much more adult-styled narration that does the idea much more psychological-horror justice. And they look different in some ways, and have different attributes when you're fighting them. And you don't have to bludgeon them with a giant key to kill them.

The RP's story also involves the various gods of the world being swallowed up one by one by the creatures, becoming extremely powerful creatures themselves...etc
Dammit Xin! Stop making stuff!

I'm trying to recruit you into one of my own projects!


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No. I haven't sent it yet.

But that's no excuse.

You should've felt that I had something planned.

Well, I thought you guys should know, I felt like there was enough interest to give the RP a try, so it's up.
OOC, right here. And yeah, it's not a very happy RP, but it is kind of about an apocalyptic situation.