Encouraging RP Growth

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Okay, this thread will be an open discussion about encouraging RP growth and member participation.

Now, I understand if people are busy; however, it is highly discouraging when there is a general lack of postings in the RP areas of the forums. This includes new RPings or posting in open threads. While it is natural that interests move away from a certain RPs over time, let's try to figure out why.

What do you, as a member of an RPing site, want to see more of RP wise? What are your suggestions to get people to post more often?
Personally, a lot of the things that bothered me have changed. We've got a variety of genres and moods to choose from now; game concepts I once pined for in vain are all over the place. So for now, on a personal level, it's just a matter of how much free time I have, how I manage it, and whether or not real life stress kills my posting mood.


Get replying, everybody. I want to see your input.
I don't know, I personally love RPs that are as detailed plot-wise, world-wise and background-wise as possible.

This might cause people to think that we only accept....high-standard RPs with so and so many paragraphs for each post. I mean, every GM can make their own rules, but maybe we've put on this fake "must" thats that the way it should be?

The only expections I've seen are the season-based RPs(halloween, christmas etcetc) and the ones that are marked as really really silly and simple(fluffy bunnies of doom).

Maybe what people want it something in the middle of those radicals? Where they don't have to be TOO literate and "serious", but at the same time have a real story to go by and structure to it.

I don't know, this is something I just came up with on the spot, so don't shoot me.
I'm honestly not all that sure...

I've made a effort to look through the massive OOC forum at least once or twice a week to see what new Rps there are. But there really just isn't anything to catch my interest.

There are some great Rps... but... nothing that quite fits what I'm looking for...

Of course the standard reply is "Don't like what you see? Then make your own!!" Well yeah... I would ... if I didn't have a track record of failed attempts to prove that I can't form a decent plot to save my rear. Not to forget with the way my studies are going, I simply just don't have the time to devote towards managing a RP.

I'll know the RP when I see it, it'll have the unique combination of GM, plot, and already listed characters that makes me go 'I wanta be a part of THAT, where the hell do I sign?'.

Then again I'm just slightly picky in my RPs... I like a sense of realism toward them... Odd that I'd be trying to get away from reality but want realism, but perhaps it is because I want to go to another reality...

My characters have never been all that powerful in comparison toward other characters... nor have they always been useful or badass.

When it comes to style I perfer a more western approach to it... not so much the anime/japanese approach...My main preferences are fantasy and space Rps... they're nice and such but those usually lead to characters that are walking tanks or cyberninja's... I tend not to like the 14-19 year old boy genius or warrior that can decimate entire armies of mooks... my tastes just happen to run different.

But I'm rambling... so yeah... perhaps a useful suggestion should be made by me...

I'm honestly not sure... the RP OOC section mayhap seem a tad cluttered with so many threads that span a single page... but then again I assume there is an option that'll allow me to cull the amount of OOC's I see per page... So I really have no input... least not until someone else replies to this topic.
My -personal- problem is always waiting on posts. .__.; I get bored reeeeaaaal fast if I have to wait too long for replies. And it always seems like by the time it IS my turn to post, it ends up being bad timing. So I have to deal with RL distraction/sick/errand/etc that's eating up brainpower coupled with my grrness of having to post "right away" for people that had me waiting forever. Then it takes me extra long to post and the whole cycle is repeated for someone else. ;_;

but that's more of me-problem than a fixable one!

*Points at Torsty's post!* I like Plots with that "middle ground" too in structure! I'm probably guilty of not adding enough world and plot details to my own GMed plots though. .___.; I always prefer RPs where the plot is designed around the characters in it, so I tend to leave open-ended and vague design so all the players can create their own atmosphere. Sometimes it dun work out... t___t

*Points at Woody!* I'm one of those "make your own" people, for that Can't-find-what-like reasons. XD Um.... have you tried passing RP wishlist and ideas to other people for GMing? There's actually a lot of Players out there that can't GM but they have sweetass ideas. Passing ideas out might be good?
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