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  1. Name: Eldrin of Dakethon

    Age: 25 (elven time)

    Gender: Male

    Species: Elf

    Eldrin is a more of a peaceful elf than anything for he has a kindred spirit. Despite this part of him, he has more of a talent in archery and other types of battle over that of healing so he is naturally a part of the Keepers of the Forest.

    Eldrin has lived for quite some time and with that has come benefits. With age came wisdom, the knowledge to do what is right, and the memories of the past long forgotten. This has made the elf fairly patient and kind, for he knows most emotional wounds never heal fully.​

    Eldrin has lived many years now, outliving at least twenty generations of humans. Even elves have a start though, and when Eldrin was but an elfling, he found peace and sanction in the blessed forest. He was quite the trouble maker in his earlier years, getting into birds' nests, sleeping with the wildcats, jumping from tree to tree with the rodents. It was quite the hassle for the mentors to reign him in for lessons on history and peace.

    As Eldrin came of age, he did not find a person to call his own. It was not that he didn't receive attentions from the other elves, but that he did not feel the pull after courting for many decades (of human years). He refused to tie himself to another elf whom he did not have feelings for.

    He joined the Keepers of the Forest to protect their lands with his creator given talents. With his skill of archery and his nimbleness to slip in and out of trees undetected, Eldrin is a peaceful adaption of a Keeper.

    When the conflicts between man and the elven started, Eldrin pleaded to the elders to overlook the naivety of the humans for they held but a small fraction of the elven life. For a time, they listened to his pleas and those of many others, but soon it became too hard to ignore such disrespects. It has been tense between the elven folk and the humans.​

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  2. Name: Andrea Dusk
    Age: 22 (in human time, obviously)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human

    Andrea is an artistic peacemaker. She loves elves. Wait. That's rephrased wrong. She loves drawing elves. When the war started, Andrea became...different. She hated elves, before she realised humans were the evil creatures. She's very quiet, shy and reserved, but if you know her well she can be a different person completely. She'll talk. And talk, and talk. Despite this, Andrea is a really good listener.

    Since Andrea wasn't educated, she can only paint and draw. She has hardly any wisdom in the world of numbers, if knowing numbers exist is counted as knowing something of mathematics.

    Andrea was born to peasant woman and a man of high social ranking. Nobody quite knew who would care for her. Eventually her father said he would raise her, but he would not teach her the same as her older half-brothers. Andrea thought she was mistreated, but respected her father's decision.

    Andrea's stepmother was actually kind and caring, and taught her how to "be a real woman", teaching her how to sow. For her eleventh birthday, Andrea was given her first art set.

    Despite her ladylike upbringing, the only thing Andrea wanted to learn was how the world around her worked. Her father took this as a hint that Andrea wanted to learn farming, so took her to her biological mothers home. No avail.

    Andrea would spend her days climbing trees and the roof of her home, looking out at the muddy fields, and finally the forests where the elves roamed.

  3. A lone elf was at the edge of the mystical forest. It was almost night time, the sky red as the sun lit it up which reminded him of blood. He was a scout for the Keepers, and he was to report what was outside from the safety of the trees. The clashes and battles always happened amongst the fields far away from the elven forest, mainly for the sake of avoiding burning down all the nature that remained there.

    The elf's mission was not complete, for he had yet to slip out of the tree he was scouting from. He had spent hours just sitting and waiting for the right moment to slip out and investigate. As the final light of the sun was shut out by a looming mountain in the distance, he slipped down from his post silently. The elvish were blessed with light feet and hollow bones which made them lighter and more nimble. The problem with that was they broke much more easily than others, so instead of being brute warriors, they often were stealthy rouges. There was the occasion where you would find an elven who wielded giant swords and dressed in heavy armor, but not any of the wood elf folk.

    Eldir, the scout, snuck into the mildly tall green fields that held the occasional wildflower. His sharp eyes and ears were on alert, waiting for the slightest noise or silhouette. Although the grass was not tall enough to cover the elven man, he could always lay down completely and immerse himself in the sod to avoid conflict. Eldir had killed many humans over his lifetime, but it was not a feat in which he took pride in unlike other elves. The scout was more of a diplomat over soldier, but since his talents lie in that of a warrior, his path was chosen.

    Slipping further and further away from the safety of his beloved trees, he stalked deeper and deeper into the fields, soon coming upon old camps. Human camps. They had pushed back a bit after the conflict, but Eldir was there to ensure that they would stay back. That or return to the rest of the Keepers with the news that the human troops were pushing forward. The dead fires warmed his heart though, giving him the hope that the humans pulled back and had surrendered.

    Those previous hopes were soon quelled when the sounds of human men rung in his ears like a faint whisper. Getting low into the grass, he inched forward, sliding one foot closer and closer till he saw the shadows of men outlined by fire. They were drinking and chattering despite their previous loss, which only made Eldir more curious as to why they acted as they did.

    Did the humans love war?

    Then again, he couldn't find it that mind boggling for some elves had unnatural bloodlust. The scout could see it in some of the Keepers eyes for some had went above and beyond to kill some humans. Some even went as far as prolonging their deaths which disgusted Eldir to no end. How were they supposed to be any better than humans when they contained such a corruption in their hearts and souls. He, along with the forest, weeped for these lost elves for the their makers most likely no longer smiled upon them.

    The humans spoke quite loudly in their language, a rash sound that scratched at his very ears. Eldir had not distaste for most humans, if anything he was in awe of them, but some of them were worse than what they called the elven. 'Savages.' They called the mostly peaceful folk of the wood savages. It was a harsh judgement given by the humans, but most of the elven dismissed it. That was until the attacks started, then the people brought up arms against the humans in defense, or so he was told.

    Eldir listened to the men for some hint as to what they were to do. He stayed low to the ground just outside the camping grounds so they would not notice him hiding in the long grass. This was his duty, his very mission.
  4. A young woman sat on the cherry tree that blossomed at Spring. Her father would yell soon for her to come inside, the war was about, but for now, life could be enjoyable. She longed to walk past the tents scattered around the fields and into the forests to see the nature like she imagined it to be.

    Her life was probably different from that of the elfin folk. They lived in nature's gates to start with. The woman stared into the sunset, wishing to see it rise before the battles started. She knew they had lost the last time, and she didn't understand why they fought against each other.

    "Andrea? Andrea? Come inside! It's getting dark and we are at war on those very fields!" she heard her father shout, but she ignored him, as she usually did, as life wasn't going to steal time of daydreaming from her any time soon. Besides, she was an adult now, due to marry years ago, her father could not tell her what to do.

    She could hear the sounds of men celebrating their battle, and that confused her. They had lost, hadn't they? There was nothing to smile about. Humans and elves alike were being murdered in unbelievable states.
  5. The silent scout slid around the camp, finding the shade of the trees better cover in addition to the longer grass. The problem with light elven hair such as his was that it often stuck out and even seemed to shimmer in the light. The last thing he needed to have done was be caught because his hair was too busy being its perfect flowing self.

    He could still hear the faint chatters of the men from his position, but it was now quieter since they spoke of war plans. The young elf listened intently, trying to pick out the words without moving too far away from the shadow to be noticed. His hair occasionally caught some light from the sky since the branches were not completely covered, but since he was low in the grass the men yards across from him would not see unless they were really trying to look for elves. He was exposed if one were to see him from above, but he had little case to worry for most humans did not scout from the trees like his kin.

    One man started in his rough voice, "If we were to attack at night-"

    Another cut him off, "You blubbering idiot! Those sharp ears have better sight in the night than us!"

    That made Eldrin smile wide for it was true. Maybe man knew more of his people than he had originally assumed, but clearly they did not know enough to avoid warring with the elf folk of the woods. The humans of the wilds knew of the elves, and they also knew that they were mostly a peaceful species. The two even bartered on occasion!

    Yet these townsfolk humans knew very little of elves, and often trespassed and ran rampant on sacred ground. These mortals could learn much from the people they had outcast to the forest, but they were probably to stupid to notice. Eldrin chastised himself for that thought, correcting himself. These men are not stupid, they are just naive and young.

    A slobbering human chortled, "An ole Besty! She had the biggest bust in the whole brothel, I tell you! And she could do this thing with her-"

    Eldrin winced, mentally mind wiping what he had just heard. Maybe he was wrong. These humans were stupid, immature, and perverted. One does not talk of a woman's- Eldrin's cheeks and ears turned a bright red at the mere thought. The makers would have to forgive him for even allowing such filth to pass his ears, and he took note to beg persistently to the ones up high to pardon such impure thoughts.
  6. Andrea could no longer hear the men talking, which was upsetting. Human voices, when cheerful, were a separation from the harsh reality of war. She didn't understand why the war had even started. Did an elf kill a human, or a human kill an elf? Was it just because the leader of one of the sides choose to fight the other?

    Andrea wanted to find out. She would go over, right past her own, and ask the elves why they were fighting. She didn't trust the humans answers. Hopefully she could do it without being murdered. Or captured. Or injured. It would be hard. She had a dress on, to start with, and she didn't want to lose any clothing, because that would be embarrassing. She looked at her hair. She must have something to sort it out.

    She eventually let her silver-blonde hair just flow down, but remembered to keep it hidden. To start with, she needed to get past her own army to reach the elves.

    She sneaked out of her family home, into the field. It was muddy, but that was the way Andrea liked it. She didn't have shoes, but she liked the feel of the mud, and she was quick-witted on her feet.

    The fields were long and full of despair, she hated it so much, and she was certain one day she would be able to walk across it and visit the elves and it will be peaceful again. She was sure that the elves would visit the humans too. She found it funny, really. Elves were a lot like humans. Andrea didn't understand why they couldn't all live together happily. That would be nice.

    She reached one of the oldest of the human camps, when the war had only just started. She slipped inside. This would be her tactic of not being seen. She could see something up ahead that was catching the light. She guessed that was a mirror or something.

    What did men at war want with mirrors? "They do their hair at war?" she whispered to herself.
  7. "They would not expect an attack so soon after the last, let us march in the morn," a man bellowed quite loud for all to hear, even the spy in the grass and shadows. Some men jumped in agreement, others sighed and groaned.

    Eldrin scowled in distaste for they would so blatantly deny their men the comfort of sleep and rest. Though it was good for the elves who would be thoroughly prepared and rested, it was not good for the men for those who dared attack would be hopelessly slaughtered. He did not wish for any more blood to be spilled as it may corrupt the lands it soak in. The grasslands needed no taste for blood.

    The lone elf thought, 'You fools, you would sacrifice so many of your own for the sake of usurping us from the forest?'

    The elf moved closer to the tree, hoping his shimmering hair would not give him away. He pressed his hand to the tree, begging it for forgiveness for these mortals and their quest for slaughter. The tree did not sing or answer, its leaves did not bend or whisper. It was quiet. He pressed his forehead to the stump, urging it to truly live once more.

    "My friend, I understand your pain," he whispered faintly to the tree that stood alone.

    He knelt slightly taller now, but he was not concerned for being seen for the men were long to absorbed in drinking to their plans while others turned in. His head could be slightly seen from over the grass, for he was still low. He slid one leg forward in silence, slinking farther away from the camp. He had the information he needed to know to inform the other that they would attack soon. He would have his folk prepared, for they would not suffer anymore losses.

    The elven folk had less warriors than human warriors by considerable. Possibly even less wooden elves of Dakethon than human warriors. Elves were not as fertile as the mortals were for they lived for long periods of times and having children like the humans did would mean a surplus amount of elves for the forest to withhold. The elves could not withstand anymore deaths amongst them or they would possibly become extinct.
  8. Andrea reached the human camp everyone was in. She hid down in the grass, crawling past the drunken men discussing their plans. She could see...was that...hair?

    She thought she was imagining flimsy strands of hair. Silvery hair. Was that an elf? An elf near that tree which grew lone. She didn't want to move. She could hear men, and if it was an elf, wouldn't it kill her? Why had she put herself into a mess?

    She started to crawl across the mud, tumbling and rolling. Luckily she had rolled slightly sideways, and so, nobody would see her.
  9. Eldrin heard the grass and brush shift, signalling something was in the fields and out of the camps with him. It sounded too large for a small animal, and he doubted the wolves or the wildcats would venture near the fires of men. He ducked to the low to the ground, no longer fully visible to the human-or anything anything of the sort- eye. He was silent, but that required him to move slower.

    Since he did not hear the frantic whispers of swords being drawn, or stretch of a bow, he was not all too concerned about the whole ordeal. It was most likely just a soldier relieving himself in the bushes most likely, and as long as he stayed out of sight, he was most likely safe. Even if conflict did arise, he would not be felled so easily by the humans. Especially since he had the night on his side for it provided him more shadows to hide in, despite his hair seeming to glow on its own accord.

    He almost was envious of the dark haired elves of the wood, for they usually had no trouble blending into their surroundings. The lighter haired elves had to put more effort into not being noticed in such situations as these, and because of this, he was at a disadvantage. It meant more work for him, and Eldrin, being the young elf he was, was always up for a challenge. That is as long as it did not involve unnecessary violence with the rare exception of sparring..
  10. And then they disappeared. "Argh...blow this," she cursed quietly. Now she was so close to war for no reason at all. She stood up for a moment and looked around, and saw nothing.

    Was this supposed to happen? Andrea was upset, her one chance of meeting another humanoid-like species and she frightened it away. She wondered whether it was still there, and then she became level with it. Her eyes widened a moment. Andrea flashed a smile. Then she went up to it. Carefully. "Hello!" she whispered.
  11. Was Eldrin that bad of a scout he could not hear a human sneaking up on him? Possibly. Although it was doubtful. He was most likely just distracted with his mission. Yes, his mission was so thought consuming that he did not know that a human girl had saw him, let alone conversed with him.

    He whipped around, dagger pointed to her with his eyes narrowed in calculation. Would she scream? If so, would he be fast enough to muffle it or would he be forced make a quick break to the woods? She did not look as though she was a hardened warrior that knew the blades of an elf. Nor did she appear as a soft human with no background in ways of war. But Eldrin had a lying doubt that she may have been a screamer at least one point in her life.

    His whispered words in the human tongue held a thick accent, but it was mostly understandable, "Don't scream, I will not hurt you."

    As a testament to his word, he lowered his blade, but did not sheath it. For if she did alert the men, he may have to find purchase in himself to use it. For even an elf could not outrun flying arrows.
  12. Andrea was unimpressed. "Sorry. I just wanted to know why the war even started because no human could tell me, so I came to ask the elves. Because the war is unnecessary." She knew she should have brought a weapon. It would have given her a bit of an advantage. But still. Now she looked at the elf, he just looked like a small human with point ears. Oh, and hair, very long and silver. "And I won't hurt you." She smiled after saying that. She had nothing to hurt with.

    Andrea wanted to reach over and touch the elf, it was the first time she'd ever laid eyes on one. He was better looking then she thought he would be. Elves weren't ugly creatures. He didn't seem as bothered about mud then she was. She knew he was strong, all things were, but how strong? Probably stronger than her. Though she felt strong.
  13. "Ask the elves," Eldrin repeated in pure astonishment.

    The whole concept sounded unusual to the young scout and that added to his suspicion. He kept his whole demeanor seemingly surprised though, as to avoid any knowledge he may have had on this possible trap. Her mention of her not injuring him almost made the elf jump on edge, finding it odd for she was not any danger to him. That he knew of at least. Was this a wish washy way of trying to avoid not giving up a plan? Were they being watched? Eldrin scolded himself for being paranoid, but still wavered on a tense form. If being paranoid saved him from visiting the healers, he would gladly take it just in case.

    "It would be most unwise to visit my people," he lectured her in a whispered tone. "They have been not exactly hospitable to those of your kind as of late, but you know that. They might not be able to distinguish between friend or foe."

    He, himself, was having trouble distinguishing that as well for he was unsure if she was either a friend or foe. It worried him he was seeing things in such a black and white perspective, but it not something he could dwell on. Standing in the fields was dangerous for him, and most likely her as well. He could not take her to his lands either, unless she had not intention of returning to her own alive.
  14. "I know they aren't. That's why you're the first one I've ever met," Andrea kept her voice low, maybe it was to protect Eldrin and maybe it was to protect herself. "But not all elves must be grudging against the humans, because not all of us grudge against you." She checked a moment that the humans didn't notice him. She then checked that there were no elves behind them. She was slightly upset that Eldrin didn't tell her about the elves and the war and the forest. Nobody told her anything like that.

    Eldrin looked like he wasn't a big fan of war. Through Andrea's eyes he looked like a spy, so maybe when there's a war he has to work more and maybe he didn't like work? Andrea didn't like work either.
  15. Eldrin retorted, "You are right human, not all elves are intolerant of humans. But you would take the chance of happening across an elf that despises humans for the sake of knowing something that you cannot stop?"

    It confused Eldrin greatly. She was a woman, and the elf understood that women were not treated highly in the human culture. How was she to convince other people when she could not convince her own? While the elves, as a whole people not including the few exceptions, did not have any gender biases, women were usually treated with high regard. Sometimes even more than men for the women were irreplaceable. Women bore children, and full elven children were not common to come by.

    Eldrin heard the faint rustling of the grass, and he knelt lower to the ground. He was more anxious to leave then, but the woman before him built his curiosity. Bravery was usually praised by the elders, but bravery to the point of stupidity and it was frowned upon. He was unsure whether or not this particular human was brave or stupid.
  16. Andrea was a bit offended. Just human. Not asking for a name or anything. But then, he was an elf. She didn't ask for his name. "How do you know I can't stop it? I bet you don't even remember..."

    Why did he say she couldn't change it? How did he know? She knew that she was a woman, which gave her a disadvantage, but she was strong, and she had a heritage that was not to be argued with.
  17. The young elf was not fully aware of human customs, nor did he study in their history. He mainly went off of what he had been told by his fellow elves and that of books. Although the books may or may not have been slightly dated.

    His frown deepened as the shuffling of grass got louder, and he no longer felt the urge to stay and continue the conversation if it meant his life. The noise was too loud for that of a small forest creature, and he was not wishing for conflict. If anything he, much like the girl before him, wanted peace amongst the people. Yet he would not lose his own to a war in attempts to talk it out. He did not wish for sacrifice

    "I must go," the elven man whispered in a quiet voice.
  18. "Same," she grinned, hearing roars of her father. It pleasured her slightly to hear him finally pay attention to what was happening. He always just assumed she was there. Now she was here.

    The rumbling of grass had crescendoed ever so much since she was last listening. She wondered if it was an ambush and if it was a human or an elf, though she doubted the elves would ambush on land that humans roam. She heard they were peaceful. But here they are at war.

    They won't be at war forever. Andrea is certain of this. She won't spill a drop of blood, and she won't let anyone else spill a drop of blood. Then she wondered what elven blood looked like. 'Strange thoughts...' she thought, giggling.
  19. Eldrin gave a nod of affirmation before slipping away from her to report to his platoon. He assumed that she would not report his presence, mainly because very few people would believe her, and it would most likely not benefit her since she had cooperated with him. Some other elves may have seen such a situation as loose ends, but the wood elf found himself seeing something better.

    It was an opportunity.

    If the makers were kind, the elven scout and the human girl would meet once more and converse with the ways of their life. Although Eldrin found her outlook on things childish, he also found it endearingly hopeful. Hope is what both sides needed. The hope to end the war and live in peace with each other despite their many differences. The young elf assumed that not humans were born bad, only a few stumbled their way. Elves did it too, but they lived for so many years that even the longest of rebellious and selfish ways were soon stemmed out.
  20. Andrea began running back towards the roaring sound of the biggest danger of her own, the one she called father but wanted to call Satan. She sighed sadly as she went to go.

    As a girl, she knew she couldn't do much, but the first thing she thought of doing is asking a human.

    Unfortanutely, that meant asking her father...
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