Encantado's Monster Index

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  1. [size=+2]Lurking Monsters and How to Identify Which Species You've Encountered[/size]

    The appearance of the wendigo is often associated with harsh or extreme cold, often said to be missing extremities that are typically taken by hypothermia, such as the nose and lips. Some even claim that the heart of the wendigo, or even its full boy, is frozen. For this reason, the wendigo is believed to be an embodiment of harsh winter conditions. Another aspect to the myth of the wendigo, however, is that the wendigo is the personification of desperation and horrors of starvation. This aspect comes from a variation on the myth that those who partake of human flesh, even out of desperation, will become wendigos. This is supported by the traditional native word for the beast, which translates into "one who devours man". For this reason, in addition to the features linking the wendigo with hypothermia, the wendigo is also said to be extremely thin with bloody lips. The wendigo is supposed to be enormous, a terrifying predator in possession of supernatural speed and insatiable hunger.

    A bad omen, said to cause illness to those who see it. Little is known of the origin or the motives of the sagari, though it is said to be created when a horse is left to die beneath a tree. The sagari appears as a horse's head, dangling from a tree by a flap of skin and clutching to the branch using a severed human arm. Not known to be predatory.

    A large, demonic dog said to be able to stand on its hind legs. The name translates into "to leap upon" or "to crouch upon", which is part of the lore of the beast. Typically, this predator is said to leap upon the backs of its victims and rip out their throat or to grow steadily heavier until the victim is crushed to death. A shapeshifter, the aufhocker is also said to be able to take the form of a ragged horse, who will lure travelers into riding upon it. The rider will then be unable to dismount the aufhocker. Like many other creatures, the beast is said to retreat with sunrise and any who can withstand an attack until then is said to be safe when the sun rises.

    A freshwater serpent or dolphin with the ability to transform into a human. Said to be pale-skinned and graceful in human form, but always wearing a hat to conceal a blowhole or horns protruding from the forehead. Said the be gifted with music and capable of seducing women by night. It is said that if they fell in love, they would kidnap the woman below the sea with them to their home. Said to be powerful creatures, capable of controlling storms, inflicting madness, and hypnotizing victims.