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  1. Story overview:

    16 year old Emi Suzuki has always felt alone in the world with her secret. That secret being her telekinetic powers she's had since birth. However, Emi isn't one to accept defeat. What's her solution? Start up a club at her school for all the other supernatural students! Knowing the variety of others at her school, she knows there must be some others out there just like her...right? Well whether or not they want to show themselves, Emi's going to make it her goal to find others just like her!

    Let me know if you're interested below or if you have any additional ideas to add to the story. I'll create the sign up thread as soon as I get enough people for it.
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  2. I like your concept and am interested in joining. How do plan on moving the story along? Will characters' emotions be the driving force behind everything, or is there a group of people looking for supernatural individuals? Of course, those are only two ideas. This plot can go hundreds of directions. Also, what is the expected posting frequency?
  3. I enjoy the looks of this. May or may not make a character if this hits it off.

    Age range for characters? So i can get an idea on what character I would use?

    Because I was thinking something like, A teacher or student-teacher being my character. Either he hasn't noticed or tapped into his powers yet. Or he is simply hiding it. (What do you think? Idea can totally change if you don't intend on adults having powers.)
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  4. @Ishnorb: As someone who is no longer in high school, I sympathize with wanting to act out older roles.

    @Lunar-Eclipse: Hey, should everyone have similar powers (telekinesis) or a wider variety?
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  5. Interesting, i would like to participate.
  6. I'm glad to see people are interested in this :>

    Having a teacher would actually be a good idea for this so older characters are definitely allowed.

    I was actually going to allow a wide variety of character abilities, for example a witch or werewolf. As for the length of posts, each should probably be about a paragraph long.
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  7. That's a good post length! It's long enough to contain substantive content, but allows people to move the dialogue along without rambling. I'm starting to form character ideas. Though, thinking of an ability will be a fun challenge. Would you like us to post character sheets at some point?
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  8. I'm interested.
  9. Thank you! ^-^ I'll put up a sign up thread soon so we can post the character sheets there.
  10. Sounds good to me!
  11. Hey, there still room for one more in this?
  12. I take interest.
  13. Ooh, something nice happened while I was working!
  14. I myself take an interest in this too. I plan on joining!

    Or at least watch.
  15. Are you still accepting people?
  16. Is this RP open for 1 more?
  17. I'm game. Are the signups still active?
  18. Signups are closed i believe
  19. Yes signups are closed until later notice.
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