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  1. My friend is married. Let's call her Lucy and her husband, Joe.

    Just a few minutes ago, Joe posted to Lucy's timeline on facebook, "I need a bedtime story!"

    Being the lover of stories that I am, I immediately responded with, "Ooh, can I listen in?"

    Lucy comments with, "Joe, what have you done?"

    I say, "Pleeease!"

    Then she puts, "DAMN IT JOE".

    I then get a private message from her.

    "Dude, that's our code phrase for blowjob."

    I am so embarrassed right now. I think maybe the word "embarrassed" isn't even close to explaining what I'm feeling. The only thing I could think to respond back with was, "Oh. Well, I'll still take one. =]"

    Has anyone else had something embarrassing like this happen to them recently? I still want a good bedtime story - an actual story, haha! It might help lift this cloud of embarrassment that I'm feeling!
  2. I'm sorry, I would have an embarrassing moment if I could stop laughing at all the story/writing based puns I could make off of this... You missed a golden opportunity to ruin their codeword : P
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  3. My first week on my stable job started off fairly well. I did a good job cleaning the stalls and I began to get the hang of everything.

    Feeding time for the horses rolled around and I get to drive the mule cart/golf cart. I get outside, coworker and I are talking and then for some reason I can't move my foot. I crash it into the side of the fence, nearly scaring a horse to death and my coworker goes flying forward. Nobody was hurt.

    But that's not all my blunders.

    I'm 5'0, very small man. The smallest ranch hand there, I pull myself into one of the feeders to clean it and my stubby short legs cease to touch the ground and my fat belly prevents me from being able to go back. I had only one way to go which was into the feeder, but my coworker (the very same I crashed the cart with) pulls me out.

    I had a conversation with a lady talking on her phone the entire time on the bus, wearing a headset. She never noticed I talked back.

    I ate someone else's lunch when it was brought to my table. The people were next to me watching me eat it.
  4. It would have been during a Grade 8 Ottawa Trip.

    For some odd reason while in the middle of a food court my head just seized up like crazy, I was feeling hot, could barely walk straight and had this constant pounding feeling in my skull (the latter being a recurring deal in later years... And I only hope it could be like this).

    Anyways, this makes it hard for me to navigate through a Mall I've never been in before, that is also insanely crowded. I ended up bumping into a table where a guy left his lunch unattended for a few minutes... His drink feel right over, cup burst open and proceeded to soak said lunch and the drink spread all over the floor. And two guys in the table next over were just staring at the whole thing happening... I just awkwardly wandered off until I caught up with my friends.
  5. I know. =[ I'm one of those people who freeze up when I'm embarrassed. My mind goes blank.

    C'mon, I gotta hear some of these puns! I can always appreciate a good pun.
  6. Not all heroes are tall! Wolverine and Rey Mysterio are awesome without towering over people. =D

    I can relate to the talking to someone and they didn't even hear me. I don't realize that I speak softly and most of the time my words get carried off by the wind. Oh, the embarrassing memories...

    I was hospitalized a while back and the doctors thought I was schizophrenic because they couldn't hear what I was saying and thought I was either mumbling to myself or they'd misunderstand what I'd say. I told the staff someone was smearing boogers on the wall in the lady's bathroom (there was a good-sized collection of them, no joke), and they acted all like, "Yes, we'll have the janitor take care of it right away!" But they never did. I bet they're still there to this day.

    @Name Traitor - That sounds terrifying! Is it from anxiety or something else? Anxiety is so good at making everyday interactions into embarrassing moments. It's just plain evil
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  7. I'm sure that storytime had a tense climax.

    Storytime was going great until she threw in an unexpected plottwist.

    She was so tired, she fell asleep telling the bedtime story, leaving him with a cliffhanger.


    I can keep going for days with this.
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  8. So in Germany, air conditioning is something you'll find in isolated pockets. They're for more wealthy private individuals or high-end malls/shopping complexes, maybe an automobile model or two. There is very much a cultural belief that air conditioning carries negative health impacts, particularly among members of the older generations. This "no air conditioning" rule, unsurprisingly, applies to public transportation as well. Usually it isn't an issue -you'll have windows propped open, and that tends to be enough, even in the middle of July. When your street car is parked in the middle of traffic, though, even open windows can't very well help high temperatures, lots of heat-producing human bodies crammed in a small space, and concrete all around you soaking up heat.

    Now, I lead in with air conditioning because, being of German descent, I've grown up being able to function perfectly well without the need to have my environment climate controlled 24/7. My friend, who decided to tag along with me for this trip, was under the assumption that all European nations were "modern" and "on the American standard", so he didn't quite comprehend my warnings of "it will be uncomfortably warm sometimes." He also didn't understand that most native Germans speak english decently enough to understand what you're saying. So, first thing he says while we're on this sweltering street car?

    "Man, this isn't the first time Germans have tried to kill people with trains."

    Joke made in poor taste. I didn't really respond to it, so he felt the need to elaborate.

    "You know, Nazi death trains."

    Most Germans may not understand everything you say in english perfectly, but they certainly know that one. Entire street car looks at us, and you can just feel a wash of anti-American-tourist sentiment flow through just about every passenger in there. Guilt/embarrassment by association to the extreme.
  9. Oh my goodness! Wow. America is spoiled, for sure. And very insensitive at times. =/
  10. The entire day today has been an embarrassing moment. You know how some foods can cause sexual desires in a person, well a friend of mine and me (we've know each other for a few weeks) decides to go over our favorites...well I'm a roleplay who does those things, so the entire day...well you know.
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  11. Probably a moment in high school.

    There was a spot I'd always wait at after school for my mother to come pick me up, right by the curb. She drove a white Acura MDX. At the time I didn't have my glasses on, but I didn't have such poor vision I couldn't identify a car a couple dozen feet away. Eventually said white Acura shows up in the spot my mother usually takes. Tit for tat 1:1 perfect replica of my mom's car, let me remind you. So I notice it, gather up my stuff, and walk over to the passenger side.

    Without any hesitation I open the shotgun door and start to step inside. Before I can fully take a seat someone goes, "Woaaaaahhhh!" like they're scared. I look over and there's this Asian woman (not my mom) sitting in the drivers seat looking at me like I'm about to hijack her car. I flipped and jumped out and started rapidly apologizing. I quickly explained the mistake and she smiled, still appearing sort of confused. Then her kid shows up behind me and it's someone I actually know. He questioned what I was doing but didn't seem really at all interested in the answer.

    I was so fucking embarrassed. Sent a message to him to tell his mother I was sorry again.
  12. I teach, but this summer I'm working with raptors (again) as a favour to an organization I used to work for. We take birds of prey to different locations and stay for the summer and do educational shows. I'm at a place called Grant's Farm, which has a few exotic animals like kangaroos and lemurs, but mostly it's known for having goats people can pet and feed. It's a cute well-kept place that takes great care of its animals. Let's add that I've worked for animal organizations for a long time (10+ years) and I grew up on my grandparents' farm. I should (and generally do) know a bit about animals.

    Fast forward to me at Grant's Farm, petting the goats and talking about how adorably funny they are. There are a few different breeds, including an animal that is coloured like a goat, but looks incredibly like a sheep. Excited about this, I go ask the barn manager about the goats. The conversation went a bit like this:

    "Corry! What kind of goats are the ones that look just like sheep?"

    "...you mean the sheep?"

    tldr; I thought painted desert sheep were goats. They're not. Looked like a moron in front of my co-worker.

    In my defense, they were in with the goats. I thought they were just a unique breed.

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  13. Having your entire family in the delivery room when giving birth. I don't just mean my mom and husband, I mean all of my aunts, my stepdad, my little sister and brother, my cousin and her kids, and my mother's best friend. Yes, they were all there in the room from the time I was admitted to the time my daughter was born. The entire floor heard them cheering me on, and me yelling at them. They'd tell me to break and I'd tell them "You fucking breathe!" Needless to say, I was the talk of the Labor and Delivery unit....
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