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  1. The land of Ithilan is home to the last of the true elves. It is a beautiful land, well watered with only one area of waste on the north side of the land. It is here that a dark force has gathered and is pushing toward the capitol. The king has secretly sent out for the best warriors, knights, and guards to protect his children. He will now assign them each to a separate son/daughter. The guard’s job? Not to let anything or anyone harm the royal he is protecting. While doing their job, these guards have another challenge. They are not to allow their charge to discover who they are, and what they are doing.

    One other thing I forgot to mention, the special abilities of these elves. Every elf in Ithilan has the ability to change their form to that of three separate animals, one to rule the air, one to rule the land, and one to rule the water. In addition to these animal forms, they are also able to morph into a half form of the animals. All elves also have a single magical ability that sets them apart from any other elf. This ability can be anything from the control of an element to super elfin abilities. From great strength or speed, or the ability to blend into surroundings, and disappear. From magically healing, to telepathy, to control of weather, or to have the ability to see through any lie or disguise.

    Welcome elves, to the land of Ithilan, and the fight to keep the peace. Will you follow orders, or possibly slip up. Will you obey the king, or decide for yourself what to do. The outcome is up to you.
  2. A dull thunk sounded as yet another arrow hit the target. It joined it's brothers and sisters all buried deep and clustered around the bright red bulls eye, only one claimed dead center. A small crowd of young men surrounded the archer as she nocked another arrow. A soft twang of the string being released, and another thunk, landing the last arrow in a small space near the exact center. Of course there were a few stray arrows lodged on the outskirts of the target rings. The archer may be good, but by not means was she perfect. This would be her last physical test of skill before she would be judged on her performance so far. Many of the men here had all gathered for the sole reason of landing a job at the castle. It was rumored this job would be even better than the more common jobs. No one seemed to know exactly what the position was though. All the newbies knew was that it would pay very well, and room and board would be included. By far one of the better places to look for work, but always seemed to have more than enough applicants. So, when it was advertised that other positions would be open, and be given to the one who won a small tournament of sorts, young people of all sorts flocked to the castle.

    And now we come to the young woman archer. By this time, she was one of only four women left. The others had come in hopes of being a maid or cook. It seemed that the castle was looking for someone more than that though. "Verya. You pass this test, you may continue on to the courtroom. Arandur will take you." A young elf clad in a guards armor and bearing the royal crest strode forward to dip his head in a small bow. "This way, ma'am." The archer wiped her brow before handing the bow to the next poor soul that had to attempt to top her own performance. Arrows or small knives, either one was a deadly projectile in the hands of this woman. Walking as proudly as she could, the archer, now known to be called Verya, was lead directly into the court of the king. King Arbellason had already made it clear to his children that he would be terribly busy with some sort of work that didn't involve them. Not one of the Princes or Princess's could be seen, at least not here. The guard, Arandur, bowed before the king and motioned toward the woman who followed him. "You're Highness, this is so far the only one to pass all our tests. However, if you wish, Sire, there are other young men awaiting their try." Obviously Arandur didn't seem to trust a woman with whatever the job was.

    Verya bowed as she was presented to the king. She suddenly wished they had allowed her to at least change out of her sweaty clothes. The light leather armor she wore bore the marks of heavy wear and seemed as if it were originally intended to be worn by a man. Her green leggings and shirt underneath were both baggy and ill fitted for her small frame. Padded leather boots were donned on her feet, and bore the stains whether could cause. From what one could tell of her body beneath the poor clothes, she seemed to be thin and lithe. Her performance earlier proved she had a woman's grace and flexibility that added to her deadliness with a sword or in hand to hand combat. Her hands were petite and calloused, testifying to years spent earning a living for herself. Sun tanned skin was the mark of spending hours outside without a proper covering. Even so, her face was still youthful and unwrinkled. She looked to be in her early twenties, possibly even late teens, on a human's scale of life anyway. Her face was that of a doll, smooth, and well portioned, not one thing standing out over the rest, unless one would notice a small light scar that dragged over her left eyebrow. Her smokey blue eyes held no emotion, almost seeming to be staring off in a sleepy manner. Long eyelashes, a button nose, and soft lips completed her facial arrangement. As for the one piece left to mystery, her hair was a dark brown color. It was now held back in a high ponytail, but when loose would most possibly hang just past her shoulders. Wisps of hair peaked out mischievously at the moment due to her exertion earlier. Some may say she were pretty, but what elf wasn't? She was just a common elf, with a certain drive to become as good to the kingdom as a he-elf was.

    The king leaned forward slightly, gazing at the lone woman with curiosity. Surely if a woman were the first to win their tournament, she had something special to offer. He dismissed Arandur with a wave of his hand, "I will accept her into the final test. We shall wait only a few more moments to see if any are able to join her." A chair was carried out by a butler and set close to the wall of the room. With a small dip of his head, the butler motioned for Verya to take a seat. They would only need a few more minutes to hash out the rest of the group outside.
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  3. The royal library was filled with books on all topics, and was quite possibly the biggest in the world, yet it remained empty. Although the library remained empty, if you paid attention, you could hear the sound of pages turning, and if you were to follow the sound you would eventually come across a single elf. This was Nesteron, the youngest son of the Elven King. He was of average height with a rather lithe frame, his head was covered in an unkempt blonde mess that he called hair. His face was angular and had no real defining features, except for his eyes. His eyes were a dark brown that almost seemed to analyse everything and were only accentuated by the thin framed glasses he wore.

    Nesteron, like his brothers and sisters, had been ordered by his father to go outside and enjoy what the world had to offer, and while his brothers and sisters saw this as an opportunity to go and visit the city, he had gone to the royal library. While in his opinion he was enjoying the "World", he had snuck into the library just in case his father did not share the same opinion. Luckily for him the staff was busy with other duties and he was able to sneak into the library with little trouble. His light clothing helped him sneak into the area rather quickly, and once he was inside he quickly found his secret stash of goods. His secret stash included wine, miscellaneous snacks, and his robes. His robes were a light blue and gold version of the standard scholar robe, which he received as a gift from his father on his last birthday.

    "The world being carried by elephants, on the back of a turtle, what an odd notion." he said as he closed his book and moved onto the next one.
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  4. Several long minutes passed. Verya watched as one other woman, and several men strode into the room individually. Each sent by Beleg, and escorted by Arandur. The guard, Arandur, would give a brief summery of how they performed, and then leave. More chairs were brought inside by a butler or maid. Most of the 'winners' were chatting among themselves. It was exciting, to be picked for whatever it was they were competing for. Finally, Arandur brought in one last man, and announced that these were the only ones to perform well enough to enter. The king nodded, and sent the man away. Another guard came up escorting an elderly man by the name Raegbund. He was the head mage and also one of the librarians here at the castle. He walked tall and proud even when his cotton white hair betrayed his true age. Around his shoulder a burlap pouch was hung, in it were several scrolls that seemed to be a little aged. The elder elf stood at the base of the stairs that lead up to the king's chair. With a nod from the royal, Raegbund began to speak. "To those gathered here today. You have been called forth for a single purpose. The king wishes to assign each of his children with a personal guard, one who will do everything in their power to see to it that no harm ever befalls the royal children. You all know of the trouble brewing in the wild lands of the north. We've caught wind of an assassination attempt on the royal family. Your skills with help you with this task." The elder paused his strong speech. He took out one scroll from his sack and opened it. "As you all can see, there are too many of you to assign only one to a royal. Some of you will be put in the reserve guard. Should one of you fall while carrying out your duty, we will have another to take your place. This is a job you will carry out to your death, should any of you wish to leave, do so now." Only a couple stood up, and walked out of the courtroom. While they would have taken a job in the castle, since it was unlikely for them to die while serving as a guard or servant, the idea of being a bodyguard and pincushion didn't sit well with them. For Verya, she sat back in silence. She had already been in a dangerous situation with her prior occupation as a traveling guard for merchants. While that didn't carry the high chance of death, it was still dangerous. Raegbund cleared his throat before he continued. "Now then. I will begin reading off each of your names and talents, as they are recorded in the scrolls of birth. The king will be the one to ultimately decide to whom you are assigned." This portion told the animal forms of each person, as well as their prior occupation, lineage, and magic ability.

    The king assigned people as he saw fit. Eventually, Verya's own name was called. "
    Verya. The clouded leopard, the white swan, and the nurse shark. You have been working as a hired guard to the merchant caravans for the past four years, and before that was a waitress at the Golden Lion Inn. You are the daughter of Turin, one of our most prized archers before his untimely death. You seem to have inherited your ability from your mother's side though. Would you give us a demonstration of this 'shadow bending' as it is written here." Verya had been standing in front of the king, awaiting his word for her to begin. When she gained permission, she bowed at the waist and took a step closer to the shadow cast by a supporting pillar. Her hands pressed down the air in front of her as she gathered her thoughts. With a pulling motion, the light shadow raised off the floor and closer to the woman's body. It wrapped around her, effectively concealing her from view. After a moment, the swirling darkness morphed once more to form the head of a leopard, looking rather frightening. After a few more examples of what she had learned so far, Vanya released the shadow and watched as it once more lay flat against the ground. She bowed once more to the king. "You have done very well, child. I do believe you have the skill to be a guard for one of my children. I shall assign you to my youngest son, Nesteron. I think you will do well with him. And remember, none of my children are to know who their protector is. Only under dire circumstances are you to reveal yourself as their guard. Other than that, you may disguise as any other castle servant as you wish to remain close to them. A new uniform, room, and dinner await you right now. After you have cleaned up, I wish for you to start your job immediately."

    Verya was led outside the room by another guard, and shown to a room where new clothes were folded neatly on her bed. Taking these, she was escorted to the women's section of the bath house, and given time to wash and change. When she had finished that, she emerged wearing a starched white tunic embroidered with the royal crest, and silver breaches. Her padded boots were still worn, while the rest of her sweaty clothes had remained inside the bathing area, having been deposited in a large bin meant for dirty clothes. Her wet hair was once more pulled up into a ponytail to keep it out of her face, and off her new clothes. She was led to the kitchens next, specifically a small dining area meant for the guards and other servants to dine. Here she was given a map of the castle layout. The guard marked Nesteron's personal room, as well as a couple of his popular haunts. After that, the guard left, allowing Verya to eat and plan in peace.
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  5. Nesteron closed the book he was reading and put it on the pile of books that he had been slowly collecting. As he set the book down he heard a loud thud come from right behind him, causing him to jump. After getting over his little scare he turned around to see who was behind his little flight, only to find his father standing there trying to stop himself from laughing, and doing a poor job at it. Nesteron gave his father a harsh glare before giving in and laughing along with him. After they calmed down, his father looked at him and said "You know, this isn't what I meant when I said go and enjoy the world, besides haven't you read every book in this library already?"
    "Not all of them, but I'm getting there, and I am enjoying the world, the world of literature."
    "I figured you would say something like that, but you can't stay holed up in here forever."
    "Oh yes I can, just watch me."
    "Haha, fair enough but don't you get lonely being in here all by yourself?"
    "It isn't so bad, besides friends get in the way of reading."
    "Well could you try and get out more, and make at least some friends? And no characters do not count."
    "I don't know, that would involve going outside and such, it sounds like a rather large amount of work."
    "Please son, for me."
    "Thank you, now lets go eat. Everyone else is already waiting for us."

    The two then got up and left the library. They then continued to walk towards the dining room, and as they entered the dining room Nesteron was greeted by the smell of a home cooked meal. Dinner in the royal family was very laid back, and food fights were started more often than any of them would like to admit, but that was how they liked it. After dinner each of the family members went their separate ways, for Nesteron it meant going to his room. While he wasn't tired, he often used his balcony to help himself up to the roof of the palace. The climb wasn't very dangerous and he used his power of stealth to make sure none of the patrolling guards saw him as he climbed. When he reached the roof, he uncloaked, laid down, and stared at the stars. As he counted out the constellations he started to doze off, eventually falling asleep up on the roof.
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  6. Verya sighed as she swallowed the last bit of her food. Ah, it had been a while since she had been this full. The wages of a traveling guard were never much, but it did keep her fed and clothed, as well having some left over to buy weapons and armor while still keeping her other weapons in good shape. Honestly, she probably cared for her knives and arrows better than she had cared for her clothes. Her father had always told her that a good sword and the skill to use it were better than an appearance of that knowledge. A soft tap on her shoulder brought her out of her thoughts. Reluctantly, the woman turned and was met with the face of a kitchen maid.

    "I've come to tell you that the royal family has started their dinner. One of the castle guards wanted you to be aware that the Prince was in that place now, and you could tail him from there." The small girl looked nervous as she stared at the thoughtful face of this new guard.
    "I don't even know what the prince looks like....this Nesteron..." The first words she had softly admitted to the air around them. It was really just a thought for herself, though the servant girl didn't take it that way. She giggled softly, causing Verya to look at her in a confused manner.
    "That part's easy. Prince Nesteron is fairly easy to pick out from his siblings, but since I was told to answer any questions you may have, I'll tell you quickly. He's about so tall." She said making a motion with her hand to indicate his height. "He's got messy blonde hair....uh, glasses....and usually wears some sort of priest or...mage like robes." A pause was given as she found words to say. "Ah! And he has the most beautiful brown eyes. It's like he can see and understand anything instantly...like he's looking directly into your soul." The infatuated maid clasped her hands over her heart in a lovey-dovey manner. "It's too bad he doesn't enjoy socializing...I don't see him much more than at dinner."
    Verya nearly found herself amused by this girls display of affection for her master. Really....it was rather odd. Verya usually found it easy to distance herself emotionally from her masters. If one were blinded by emotions, rash choices were made that could cause more harm than good. This she knew from experience....one friendship nearly caused her to loose the entire caravan she had been guarding. Verya was determined not to allow that to happen again.
    "I hope you realized there is a vast difference between the robes of a priest and of a mage. Aside from that confusion, I thank you for the help."

    Verya stood from her seat, and brought her empty plate and cup over to a pile of dishes by the sink. Using the water that was already heated and soapy, the woman quickly washed her dishes and set them aside on a rack meant for the clean dishes. Some may think this odd behavior for a guard, but she had picked up the habit after being hired by a rather poor caravan. They hadn't been able to afford servants, so many of these chores were done by the people themselves. It had been a wonderful experience, as Verya quickly learned how to do many things outside her job description. Having finished that task, she snatched up the map left on the table and was off to where she believed was the royal dining room. It didn't take long, especially with the few other guards standing outside dressed as waiters, maids, or a passing guard. Verya shook her head, thinking it quite foolish they all gathered in one spot. Sure they moved around, but even a less sharp person would note the larger amount of people than usual. There went the ability to keep her presence quiet. If Nesteron were as sharp as she expected, he'd be looking for a reason for the number of people.

    Deciding against waiting outside the dining room, the small woman strode down the hall to where his room was. It would be best if she recognize the entire area around this spot. Windows and other escape routes she could see from outside were noted. At least he had a balcony. That would make it easy for her to enter by force if something were to happen. Glass was generally easier to break than a heavy wood door. In her mind, she noted that it would also probably be the entrance of choice for an enemy. Her tour of the area being finished, Serya found a shadowy area near his door to the castle. Using her ability she cloaked herself in shadow, rendering herself nearly non-perceptible. One may note that the area was a little darker than normal, as if the shadow there had become denser or had mass. This she tried to force away as much as possible, but it was still there.

    It was only another few minutes before Nesteron came and entered his room, hardly giving the shadows a second glance. Well, now she would have to take up watch from his balcony window. It would be bad for her to leave without assuring herself of his safety tonight. Serya used the shadows outside to conceal herself while she strode outside. She arrived just as the prince disappeared over the edge of the roof.
    You have got to be kidding me. This was what a prince did in his spare time when no one was watching? Now she had to climb up to the roof as well. Inwardly groaning, Serya begrudgingly made her way up by a climbing vine a few yards away from him. The oncoming night made it easier to hide herself, as she kept her shadow cloak around herself. Only one glance down was all it took for her palms to get sweaty. She never had been one for heights, especially when there was no safety precaution should one slip over the edge. Forcing that fear away, the petite girl finally hulled herself onto the rooftop. A quick glance around showed there were no areas to hide. Of course darkness was everywhere, and if she were careful, it would be easy to remain hidden. This was done, and she soon witnessed the prince falling asleep. How could someone be comfortable enough up here to fall asleep?! She watched a few more moments trying to decide if she should stay here or, somehow manage to get the prince down to his bed without waking him.

    Creeping closer, she was able to see that, being a full grown elf, he wouldn't be easy to carry back down there. The odds were more in favor of her waking him up should she try that. With a soft sigh, Serya walked back several paces, and shifted half way into her leopard form. Her pupils shrank and stretched to form the small slits of a cat's pupil in poor light. Her fingernails sharpened and pointed until they formed a dagger like claw. Canine teeth sharpened slightly as her grey feline ears now took their place on top of her head. She sat down there, intending to watch him the entire night. Even if her eyes closed, her ears were entirely aware of any shift he made, instantly alerting her if he were to happen to wake up. Her plan if he did wake up, was to call up the shadows being cast on the side of the castle that didn't have the moon's light illuminating it. While it wouldn't hide her presence completely, it would hide her identity and form enough that would allow her to pass the king's order of not being revealed. If the prince did sleep the night away up here, she would need to shift into a different form and use that as an excuse to be present here. However, none of her forms seemed to be helpful for that idea. A swan wasn't likely to be seen on a roof, but it could possibly happen. And that would be the form she would use.
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