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    [In Character Roleplay]
    This is an RP where the characters are based on the popular Sidescoller AMMORPG (Anime Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) Elsword. Elsword revolves around 9 playable characters with at least two job paths each. I will display the characters link here. If you scroll all the way down in the link it will show you the class ladders for each character.

    Elsword Characters and Classes (open)
    Info on them here

    Elsword (Knight) Jobs: Sword Knight> Lord Knight
    Sheath Knight> Infinity Sword
    Magic Knight> Rune Slayer​

    Aisha (Magician) Jobs: High Magician> Elemental Master
    Dark Magician> Void Princess
    Battle Magician> Dimension Witch
    Rena (Ranger) Jobs: Combat Ranger> Wind Sneaker
    Sniping Ranger> Grand Archer
    Trapping Ranger> Night Watcher​

    Raven (Taker) Jobs: Sword Taker> Blade Master
    Over Taker> Reckless Fist
    Weapon Taker> Veteran Commander
    Eve (Code) Jobs: Code: Exotic> Code: Nemesis
    Code: Architecture> Code: Empress
    Code: Electra> Code: Battle Seraph
    Chung (Guardian) Jobs: Fury Guardian (FG)> Iron Paladin (IP)
    Shooting Guardian (SoG)> Deadly Chaser (DC)
    Shelling Guardian (SeG)> Tactical Trooper (TT) [Understand the abbreviation right? Applies to all chars. Classes]

    Ara (Little Xia)Jobs: Little Hsien> Sakura Devanam
    Little Devil> Yama Raja
    Little Specter> Asura
    Elesis (Free Knight) Jobs: Saber Knight> Grand Master
    Pyro Knight> Blazing Heart
    Dark Knight> Crimson Avenger
    Add (Tracer) Jobs: Psychic Tracer> Lunatic Psyker
    Arc Tracer> Master Mind

    The story of this RP has elements of Reki Kawahara's "Sword Art Online", as well as the Elsword storyline. In this RP you will make a character who will be mentored by the many characters and their jobs availiable: Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Raven, Eve, Chung, Ara, Elesis, and Add. Since you are mentored by them you will not be them instead trained to fight like the job you choose to mimic. In addition to the job you choose to mimic you will start at the 1st job change while the mentors start at the second job change.

    Mentors (open)

    Mentor Personality:
    Elsword: Just. Won't lie or back down, best to shut up and listen.

    Brat. Will never be quiet and enjoys giving shock therapy, or whatever punishment she can come up with.

    Rena: Giggly. She loves to laugh and smile, but is a bit of a airhead with things other than fighting.

    Raven: Mysterious. Will not tell you anything, and usual has some deeper meaning behind what he teaches you.

    Eve: Emotionless. She will teach you your path and nothing else. When she is inactive she updates or calibrates nasods.

    Chung: Loyal. He will follow all the guidelines of the guardian armor's power to bestow it upon you.

    Ara: Caring. She will answer your questions and help you somewhat in battle techniques.

    Elesis: Don't screw with her. If she says drop then drop.

    Add: Insane to a major extent. He is very random and mainly focuses on Atk. power and will not answer a single question about the fact he tells you.

    Here is the story: The story starts off with you getting back from your everyday life. This can be a stressful or a carefree life. You will hop on the computer, get recommended by a friend, or something that leads you to signing up for Elsword Online. Once you sign-up the download will begin after it finishes you will black out, you won't remember anything about the real world and you will see the world around you as your own. Unlike the sidescrolling Elsword, Elsword Online is free-roam version of the game allowing movement in all directions. You will wake up in a dingy apartment building with the twelve others that join.

    Once you have entered Elsword Online, There will be breakfeast and your mentors all standing inside the apartment building's mess hall. For those that enter with the same class their will only be one mentor and you guys will have to share her/him. Our mentors will explain this one and only fact to us:
    "You must escape this world" and then invite us to a guild with the apartment number on it, and a screen will appear with the apartment number on it. An alert for a mission will immediately pop up as well as your HUD(Heads UP Display, what the user of a game sees, such as health.)Your mentors will then explain the physics of the game to you.

    1. Your health will consist of 20,000 hitpoints.
    2. Monsters within your level range usually hit with a damage equivalent to 3.075 percent of your health, they also have health equivalent to 5% of your own.
    3. Everytime you level you get an additional thousand hitpoints and seven skill points to upgrade Speed, Attack, Defense, M.Atk, M. Def., Elemental Resistance, And E. Atk.
    4. Your mana is at a max of 300, unless you are Aisha who can max it out to 350. Regain 10 mana for each successful hit.
    5. The only safe place is inside buildings, other than that you can be killed anywhere, but you need to eat after two days and drink after one day. If you do not you will starve and die. You may only ressurect twice before losing your character.(Character Death. No Re-entry)
    6. You dont need to keep track of every stat I will do that. Just keep track of your mana so your not overusing skills. But during boss stages your mentors (I mean me here) will nkt be able to track your stats, watch your health and mana yourselves.

    Once, you get through this introductory scene you will leave the building and notice others around you leaving different buildings as well. You will be on a long main road where people are talking, laughing, and being mugged in the shadows. A giant floating sign near what seemed to be a ceiling would say "Floor 1". You will read the mission, it will say
    Find the killer. This is where your adventure would begin.

    I have a strict CS. If you don't understand reading it don't worry You'll see mine as an example. All of them are CS template. The CS is very strict for two reasons:

    1. Designed to keep godmodding from happening
    2. It ensures we keep the video game feel because that is the setting of the story.
    C S (open)

    Picture/Description of In-Game looks: We're stationed in a fantasy AMMORPG so making it something along those lines helps.
    C S (open)

    Username: Like our screen names on here.

    Name: Character's Real Name.

    Age: Real Character's. 15-26

    Gender: Character's real gender. You can genderbend, so you don't have to be a guy playing Raven type characters.

    Height: of In game character

    Mentor: Elesis> Crimson Avenger, etc. MUST be the second class of character you choose as mentor.
    C S (open)

    Class: Which 1st job change are you going to go with. ex. Over Taker, High Magician, Arc Tracer, etc.

    Skill Set A: In this you will make 4 skills that work with the mentor style you chose. A buff or counter will be anywhere within 0-50 mana. Counters are things like a block that executes a upward swing when hit in the front. Active skills use 75-200 mana. So an example of an active skill would be throwing three fireballs in a row that kill a basic enemy at your lvl range. Specials use 300 mana. Specials are giant skills like summoning a huge cannon storm from chung's cannon (of course you are not the character and look completely different or are distinguished from their appearance.)

    Skill Set B (optional): Same rules as Skill Set A just a second set of skills if you want, but it does not refill your mana when you switch between them.

    Awakening: This is a special skill that uses no mana, and increases attack and defense moderately. I will use chung as an example here, when chung isn't awoken he has to reload every time he uses all his cannonballs and isn't wearing his spartan like helmet. When he is awoken he has unlimited ammo and is wearing his helmet. The effect for all characters lasts 90 seconds. Just type how they look when this happens. Red sword trails, blue aura, turning into a neko, etc.

    Level: 20

    User Character Strengths: Choose 4 of the character CLASSES not CHARACTERS that you excel at fighting with when matched with them. If its all in one character just type their name. ex. Rena

    User Character Strengths Choose 5 of the character CLASSES not CHARACTERS that you suck at fighting, barely winning at times or could die if paired. If its just one character just type their name ex. Rena

    Rules on parties: Cannot exceed 4 members, Are not permanent and disbanded when host leaves.

    If you wish to know someone beforehand: As usual discuss this with them in PM.


    My CS:
    Appearance: ShogunMK2 wore a black under armor that occasionally showed through the deep blue armor's reveals and openings, on the elbows and upper arms. The under armor traveled all the way to the very top of his neck to make a skin tight snake like leather under his armor. His armor consisted of blue chest plate, gauntlets that allowed his fingerless skin suit gloves to stick out, and thick leg plates. White knee guards and shoulder pads separated the flush of blue on his legs and upper body. A white rounded cape decorated his waist, just inches before the ground. A cannon about 4'9'' in length and 2'0'' in width was strapped to his back. The cannon had a simple design, a black base color with four white stripes meeting blue flames on either end of the cannon. The cannon's strap was black with a dragon head buckle. A black pistol with a blue cartridge of El infused liquid lay strapped on his right thigh.

    Username: ShogunMK2 "Sho"

    Name: Alexander "Alex" Valaski

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Mentor: Chung> Shooting Guardian>Deadly Chaser.

    Class: Chung> Shooting Guardian

    Skill Set A:

    1. Brutal Swing; Sho swings the cannon knocking enemies back dealing 3,000 damage in PvE. The skill is upgraded through Attack stat. Consumes 100 Mana
    2. Headshot; Sho takes his gun dealing a direct hit shot of 3,500 damage. Consumes 75 Mana
    3. Homing Shot; Sho uses 1/6 cannon balls to fire a homing missle within range. Consumes 200 Mana Dealing 4,500 damage.
    4. Aiming Shot; Sho quickly reloads a cannonball and fires at nearest target dealing 2,500 damage. Consumes 20 MP
    Skill Set B:

    1. Remodel Cannon; Sho now can carry up to 7 cannonballs
    2. Passive M. Def; Increase M. Def stat by 20 each lvl up.

    Awakening: Sho no longer has to reload and he somehow gains a blue helmet with black accents and a black streak of horse hair flowing down the back.

    Level: 20

    User Character Strengths:
    Rena 1st jobs, and Little Hsien

    User Character Weaknesses: Little Devil, Saber Knight, Pyro Knight, Psychic Tracer, Arc Tracer.

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  1. I'm very interested. give me two days to make up a CS(Since i'm on every other day). I'm very into Elsword and i'm very experienced in it. So yeah, two days and you'll have your CS.

    One more thing. 1ST! I win.
  2. Apperance (open)

    Username: Nixiedig “Nix”
    Name: Draconas
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6‘2“
    Mentor: Raven> Blade Master
    Class: Raven> Sword Taker

    Skill Set A:
    1. Shadow Step: Draconas becomes intangible and stealthily dashes forward, passing through targets and objects. [Active: 75 MP]
    2. Cut Tendon: Draconas does a low slash aimed at one of the opponent's tendons causing the enemy to be inflicted with Leg Wound, steadily draining their health while preventing them from running. 2,000 Dmg PvE[Active: 100 MP]
    3. Bloody Accel: Draconas strengthens his sword by sacrificing the blood of surrounding enemies with a spherical slash. He will then gain an increase in damage, attacks caused by his weapon will inflict
      Leg Wound, and attacks will absorb a portion of his foe's HP. 6,000 Dmg PvE, 7,000 Dmg in awakening PvE[Special Active: 300 MP]
    4. One Flash: Draconas dashes forward at a quick speed, slashing the opponent with multiple light cuts. Max cuts: 5 (500 Damage of each if connection) [Active: 200 Mp]
    Skill Set B:

    1. Counter Chance: Able to recover himself quickly and attack foes without knocking them down. [Passive: 0 MP]
    2. Basic Strength Training: Permanently increase his Physical Attack Power and Physical Defense Power. [Skill Level: 4 {+40 Attack +12 Defense} Passive: 0 MP]
    Awakening: Draconas’ body is imbued with a deep red aura when he is in this mode. While in this mode his speed and attack damage are increased by two-fold. His Special Actives are strengthened in damage as well.
    Level: 20
    User Character Strengths: Battle Magician, Dark Knight, Code: Electra, Combat Ranger
    User Character Weaknesses: All of Add's Jobs, Trapping Ranger
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  3. Picture/Description of In-Game looks:

    Username: Thenightrobber

    Name: David Keld

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'11

    Mentor: Add

    Class: Psychic Tracer

    Skill Set A:

    1. Mind Break: David configures his Dynamos to home in to the nearest target and create a triangular shock zone around the target's head, dealing damage and decreases their magical attack. [Consumes 85 Mana]

    2. [Passive] Research Dynamo - Composition: Dynamos are enhanced to improve the operations of DP (awakening). Reduces DP consumption and skills that consume DP are boosted. [Consumes 0 Mana]

    3. Pulse Bullet: David shoots an electrical bullet forward, dealing magic damage to targets. [Consumes 100]

    Particle Accelerator: David charges up, before firing a heavy blast of energy in front of him, temporarily stunning targets within range. [Consumes 300 Mana.]

    Skill Set B (optional): Same rules as Skill Set A just a second set of skills if you want, but it does not refill your mana when you switch between them.

    Awakening: When David is in this mode, his Nasod Dynamo's glow a dark purple, and increase his magic attack and physical attack.


    User Character Strengths: Eve

    User Character Weaknesses: Elesis
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  4. Alright, i'm gonna bump this thread and hope this gets more people, so we can get the ball rolling here.

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  5. Sure thing I dont mind
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  6. Really no one wants to join? Come on! Give this roleplay a chance!
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  7. This sounds really interesting, but the cs really confuses me, but ill get it eventually.
    Give me some time and ill make a character. C:
  8. If you screw up on the CS ill correct you if its vital but just look at the CSs already made and approved as guidance @Enthriper
  9. Appearance:[​IMG]

    Username: Enthriper

    Name: Leonard Cludson

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Mentor: Elsword> Magic Knight> Rune Slayer

    Class: Elsword> Magic Knight

    Skill Set:

    1. Sword Wave:
    Elsword swings his sword at high speed, creating a wave from his sword, damaging his targets.
    2. (Passive) Counter Chance:
    When you are knocked down, pressing [​IMG] will allow you to recover yourself quickly and attack targets without knocking them down. Each level you invest into Counter Chancewill increase your accuracy by a certain percentage.

    3. Block:
    Elsword uses his sword to block all incoming attacks from the front. All damage received while blocking will be reduced.
    4. Triple Geyser: Elsword smashes his flaming sword into the ground to erupt 3 Flame Geysers.

    Awakening: When he is in this mode, his sword and eyes glow red, and his magic and attack double in strength.

    Level: 20

    User Character Strengths: Add, Rina

    User Character Weaknesses: Elesis, Eve
  10. We now have enough for a party. I will post the In Character Roleplay, you can submit your entrance. The inn number we all wake up in is called 457. This is now our guild. Downstairs is food and your mentors. The intro post in this OOC tells you what happens after this and whats going on. Ill explain the find the killer quest after we get 8 people.

    When The IC is up you can post your ENTRANCE.
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  11. There, posted my entrance.. if I did anything wrong, please don't hesitate to correct me.
  12. So why isn't anyone posting? o.o'
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