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  1. https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/elsword-online-enter-the-game-sign-ups-and-ooc.63957/

    TheShogunMK2 woke up in a bed. His armor shined in the glitter of sunlight. A scanning sound kept goung off as he looked around. He sat up and noticed one sci-fi looking pistol on a desk with a cannon leaning against it.
    He grabbed the cannon and strapped it onto his back. And holstered the pistols. He didn't know how he knew to do it, but he just did. He walked to the door, a old door rotting and worn. It led out to a room with 12 doors and a stairwell. Going downstairs a series of men and women stood in armor, skinsuits, some with robots. A certain one with almost the same equipment as TheShogunMK2 walked up to him. The difference between TheShogunMK2 and this man was three things.
    1. He had no status bar.
    2. His name was Chung Seiker
    3. He had two pistols and a cannon.
    He stopped in front of Chung and a message popped up explaining the rules of the game. TheShogunMK2 accepted these conditions and the an alert popped up saying thank you. Chung immediately pulled him close and whispered in his ear "You must survive." Sho stepped back. Another alert followed immediately after the event, it was a quest asking to "Find the killer of your world."

    Alex was puzzled and didn't know what's going on. In fact he couldn't remember much, just putting on some kind of helmet and waking up in that desolate room. He noticed a table to the left of the stairway with 12 platters on it. He sat down at one and lifted the cover to find a delicious breakfast. He immediately began eating.
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  2. Enthriper woke up. He looked around, not knowing where he was. He couldn't remember anything. He stood up and saw a sword next to the bed he was sleeping in. It's hilt was red, and the silver steel was surrounded by another metal, and it was red. Enthriper picked it up and flipped it, putting it into a hilt that was across his back. He hadn't realized what he did until he had done it. He looked at his hands. "W-what am I" he stuttered, not recognising his own voice. He moved to the mirror that was in the room. He had red, spiky hair. And the strangest clothing. It was like... armor..

    Confused, Enthriper walked to the door and opened it. He walked out into a wide hallway that had 12 doors in it. His door closed behind him. He turned and looked at it.

    "------ number 4" he read. It appeared that the first word was scratched out.
    He went downstairs and saw many other people. Including another person that looked not unlike himself. That's when he realized.

    Every person had a name floating above their heads. And that one person, his name read The ShogunMK2, had bars and numbers under his. He then noticed something. Whenever he looked at the top left of his vision, no matter which way he was facing, he saw bars, numbers and words. Health...Mana...

    "What is going on?" He asked himself. The person who looked like Enthriper walked over to him. His name read Elsword.

    As soon as Enthriper turned to look at him, a message popped up in front of his face, explaining the rules of the game. At first, Enthriper was suprised.
    "I-I am in a game!?" But then he calmed down and read it. After a while the message disappeared and Elsword leaned in and whispered, "You must survive.." then he walked away, standing in his old position.

    Enthriper was confused, he started walking to the table, when an alert appeared in front of him. He was suprised, and fell backwards with a yelp. He was sitting on the ground when he read the message. "Find the Killer of your world." It then disappeared, and everything went back to... normal..

    Enthriper stayed on the ground, he was completely shocked and confused.
  3. Nixiedig opened his eyes and found he was laying on a bed in a room he didn’t recognize. His initial reaction was being frightened in this new place. Then he looked over to his side and saw a long elongated sword that was in a crescent shape. The sword looked to be of a lighter steel and the hilt was wrapped in a red type fabric. The pommel between the blade and hilt was a midnight black.
    He grabbed the sword and felt immediately like it was a part of him. Then without noticing what he did, the sword was slid into a sheath on his back. Confused and terrified, he stood up from the bed and made his way to the entrance of the door.

    Closing the door behind him he started to walk down some stairs noticing other people just standing there. All of them looked like warriors. Then one of them walked up to him and a message popped up. Nix widened his eyes “I’m...in a game?” Was his first thought spoken out loud.
    When he spoke he immediately knew he probably looked like a madman. Once he further investigated everyones reaction, he soon realized that they never moved or said a word. He looked back at the message reading that it was some kind of request to ‘Find the killer’.

    He looked at the man standing in front of him and noticed the man had the same looking crescent shaped blade on his blade. The only difference was the man’s arm which looked robotic in nature. Once Nix accepted the message he looked at the man again in front of him, he saw the mans name was Raven.

    Once the man stepped away not really saying anything, just looking at Nix with a glint in his eye. The man knew something about him. Nix shrugged and saw two other people that were sort of the same as him. He walked over to them and nodded to them both. “Any idea on where we are?” he said to them both before sitting down and lifting the cover on his platter. He started eating keeping eye contact with the other two.
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