Elswen: Book Saga

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  1. Last Time On Elswen!

    Flashbacks include Halloween, Germany, cupids, leprechauns, fae, fiery explosions, benefit auctions, and chibified and aged red head witches.

    Fast forward to the present!

    "I wonder if that got his attention?" Sasha muttered to the hedgehog on her head as she came to the ground. The candles were once more flickering in their normal manner and the static was no longer in her hair.

    "Of course it did," Sasha finally answered her own question before taking a deep breath and closing her eyes once more. The hardest part was now over and though Sasha wanted to congratulate herself on the ingenious way she used the radio station to push the spell, that would have to wait.

    Time was not meaningless, but Sasha was no longer concerned with it as her mind raced around the perimeter of her barrier. There were those on this island that would try to escape just as a normal course of their paranoid behavior, but it was unlikely they would make a hole in it. Not without working together. She was powerful, yes, but she was also smart on how she made this and it wasn't her own energy now that kept the barrier in place.

    Going away from the barrier, Sasha tried to find clues about the thief, including their location.

    Cross legged on an old rug, Sasha sat there, a hedge hog on her head, her eyes closed. She did not hear the sound of the door, but an unbidden smile crept onto her face as the familiar fragrance of shampoo and aftershave reached her nose.
  2. Ruffled was a good way to describe Aidan as he stepped inside the Autumn Manor. No need to knock, as he knew he was expected. How? That was one of those things even Aidan himself never bothered to question. His clothes were a little damp from the rain that had been gently falling a few minutes before. A hand ran through his hair as he stopped near Sasha's circle with a curious expression across his features.

    "Everything is slowly becoming a mad house out there." He thumbed a finger towards the door. "Was hell trying to get my truck through downtown. I'm guessing we're not gonna make it for lunch..?"
  3. Opening her eyes, Sasha tilted her head to look up at him. Though her green eyes were sparkling, the expression on her face was one of mild exhaustion. "Lunch? By all... I didn't even finish breakfast."

    Sasha wasn't hungry, but she knew once her body woke up from being in meditation for so long that would change, and she didn't want to have a growling stomach if she was going to have to face off against someone directly using Kendal's book.

    "How bad is it out there?" the red head witch asked as she unfolded her legs and tried to stand up. She knew there would be problems, how could their not, but it was at least far better then the problems then if that person was to be loose!

    Sasha realized it would be far easier to stand up if her legs were not asleep.
  4. "Would you like the truth, or the optimistic point of view?" He asked easily. Aidan moved to grab her hands and help her up to her feet. He kept a steady hand on her elbow until the feeling came back to her legs. She looked tired, but this didn't surprise him. He didn't know what she did, but he was aware that it was something big.

    "Right this moment, I figure we have just enough time to get you something to eat and decide on step one. Probably not a good idea to head downtown too late in the day. The veil between normal and weird is a little shaky." Something outside of the norm for Elswen was a very bad thing indeed.
  5. "That bad? Alright, I think I can eat and fill you in on what's happening at the same time." She gave him a bit of a smile as she finished shaking out her legs and felt confident enough to go down the stairs.

    "I do hope Dane's gotten to Kendal by now," she said softly as they reached the main floor and headed into the kitchen. The brightly lit room was a welcomed sight, and kept the gloom of the perpetual twilight outside at bay. Harrison had two plates set out with grilled ham sandwiches, tomato soup and a large glass of juice on Sasha's end and a more reasonable size glass for Aidan.

    "I would suggest not to take too much time," Harrison warned as Sasha sat. That was not a good sign as far as the witch was concerned. She was going to have to stick to the point as she related the story to Aidan then. Cloud by this point had waddled off her head and was now sitting on the table between Sasha and Aidan, his eyes closed. The familiar too had been very busy and indeed deserved a break.

    "Why don't you tell me what you think you know and I'll go from there," Sasha suggested to the DJ.
  6. Aidan pointed up to the ceiling while he took a swig of juice. That was something he knew already. He cast an easy grin at Harrison, but it vanished just as quick when he finally got down to business of what he ran in to.

    "Didn't notice anything unusual until about after your call to the station. I left early with Natalia runnin' the show, she's gonna make us pay for that later." he smirked, before taking a few quick bites of his sandwich. It was clear by his expression that he was going over everything in his head trying to weed out what was the normal everyday quirks and what was different.

    "Now, outside... it was gettin' a bit weird. I don't tend to see our 'friends'," he even made the quote symbol with his fingers, "out and about. But like I said, it's as if that veil was taking out and now everyone can see everything. And everyONE. Saw a unicorn trotting on down Main street like it was nobody's business and I nearly ran over a Boogieman on my way out of downtown."
  7. Sasha was holding the large glass of juice in both hands thoughtfully. She tried to not think about what sort of payback Talia would take out on them, or mostly Aidan. She glanced up at the ceiling for a moment, then back down at Aidan.

    "I didn't expect that to happen," she finally admitted. "So yes, the island is sealed off. Can't go up too far, can't dig too deep. North, south, east, and west are all covered, and of course no one could go sideways." There was a thoughtful look on her face. "Makes me wonder how many go back and forth on a near constant bases."

    Sasha set down her glass and sighed. "Alright, so this is what happened. Someone has got a hold of Kendal's book." She said the next bit with emphasis, "Her book she hasn't used since Sam's death. The book." That got his attention, good. "Kendal didn't even realize it until someone chose to do something that was noticeable to both of us. We have to find that person, and quickly."

    After taking another bite of her sandwich, something occurred to Sasha. "Did you say a unicorn?"