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  1. ( Ooc: I think I might change Makki into a girl -___- )
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    ( dooo ittttt~ lol)
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    Girl Makki ... Real name mackinze
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    ( yay more girls and more chances to flirt their skirts off :P J/K)
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    (Ummmm I don't know if I should be a boy or a girl... Ugh I'm so confused -_____-)
  6. ((Flip a coin))
  7. ((Please don't control my character that's kind of a big part of role playing. I'll go with that later on, but right now i'm more or less waiting on a response from Ellis, ill find a way to include you after. Sorry to kinda shot you down there, but i dislike being controlled, ill work with your intentions in a bit, but right now it isn't the place, mainly because i wasn't leaving the room. Just give me a few posts, and ill have something for you, or someone else may before i do.))
  8. ((Now we play the waiting game))
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    ((*Jeopardy Music*))
  10. Hey! I am interested in being in! I will post a picture of my person and hop on in, then. :)
  11. Hello, I just joined. However, am I to assume that this is a boarding school? That's what I'm posting as, anyway. If there is a problem, please tell me and I'll edit it right away.
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    ( Cha, what do I do know? Do I wait for someone or something?)
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    (I see you are very bored J-z. Your simple post had me giggling. We will be there shortly.)
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    ( Er...is that me? If it is, HOW DARE YOU, PHEASANT!?!?!?!?!?!? I AM ROYALTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If not, I want pie.)
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    ( Who is he talking to?)
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  17. someone please tell me what this roleplay is about and may i join?
  18. Alice, it's about weapons, gore, cake, and any type of classes you want your character to take.