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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ruby Archer, Sep 10, 2016.

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  1. Today, I was just casually doing a stream of my art content, and also had a Discord voice chat specific for that stream. I met three new people that used this site and when I had told them that I also roleplayed they sent me over. And well.. I am the youngest bean in the group, but the tallest! So.... yea, well Momma Moody is making me post a welcome thread for myself, so it's nice to meet you all!

    I don't usually do much roleplaying on the computer, I personally like doing much of it on my phone because I am faster at texting. This is when I apologize for any slow replies I may have to a post.. and yea! If you have any questions or suggestions for a fresh bean like me! Just post ahead :palette::paintbrush:
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  2. Glad you came, Ruby! <3 Don't worry, my tiny friend. I will help you learn the ways of Iwaku.

    One of the very nice things is you can set up alerts for specific threads to email you when they get replies!
  3. Wow, kidnapping reeally works. >:D Welcome aboard!
  4. Ello! Welcome to Iwaku! ♥
Thread Status:
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