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  1. Hello all! I'm Timber. I guess I should probably tell you all about myself, let you all know who I am and what I do and what I'm all about. Stuff like that.

    I will be 18 on August 17th. Which is pretty cool, I mean, like I will be able to do things that I can't do at 17. I enjoy inappropriate things, and saying bad words. I mean, I'm pretty naughty. Just a warning. I start college on August 24 which is exciting, I'm going to be a wildlife biology major. So yeah, that's pretty cool.

    So, if any of you maybe want to, idk role play or talk or something, just let me know.
  2. Hello Timber! I am Melancholy, but please call me Mel. I hope you enjoy your stay on this site filled with glorious insanity.
  3. Thank you for the introduction Mel. I believe I will enjoy it here. Anything insane and dark usually inspires me.
  4. Welcome to the site Timber And hope you enjoy it here.
  5. Hiiiiii Timber, welcome to the site!
  6. Thank you all, I'm excited to be here
  7. Whispers in The dark corner of the room.. As I pet my oversized Tiger.. Fu fu fu ~

    Welcome to the Insanity.. Please Do enjoy your stay. Do remember that nothing is what it seems in Here.~
  8. Well I'll just take my bow I guess, or a curtsy. Either one, use your imagination. But, I am wearing a cape so you have to imagine me in a cape while I bow or curtsy. I mean, or you could imagine me with no cape. Or shit... I was trying to make a point but now, there is no point to be made.
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