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  1. What to start with...

    I decided to do the "About You" Survey, and i probably will add a few things here and there :1
    Though im highly suspicious about this survey and have the fear of making an ass of myself :1

    What do you prefer to be called?
    Well, to start out my real name is Aubrey. Which many of you probably don't care about and i don't blame you. But you can call me Empire. Or whatever suits your fancy...i guess...suppose. Yeah. Don't stalk me. Thanks, i deal with enough shit and i don't need your stalking-ass following me around all the time....Jay kay :D

    Boy, girl, or a mystery?
    I like to keep it a mystery, since i tend to roleplay guys better than girls...but if you must know than ask...or look on my page. *still doesn't remember whether or not gender is posted on profile*

    How old are you?
    Hmm welll...im 15. Yeah youngin...but im not that immature...just a tad. It really fucking depends on whether or not you too, are also the immature type. I try to act like the people around me...so i don't scare them off with my awkwardness.

    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying?
    Im new to the site but not roleplaying, though i consider myself new to roleplaying since i tend to be shitty at it and pose no skill what-so-ever. So i'm hoping a lot of criticism (silent or not) will help me. Now i know your thinking 'well how does she know if we are silently criticising her?' ....i just do. Im a fucking ninja and don't question it.

    Do you like group Roleplays or just a single partner?
    Group, it feels less pressured and awkward. And as a person who struggles in the real world with making small talk, group roleplays help me figure out what is what. But if you turn out being a cool person, than i probably will one on one.

    Do you like running through grassy meadows or sitting under the cherry blossoms?
    Sitting under a cherry blossom in a grassy meadow, while running. Makes sense when you don't think about it.

    SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind?
    Payphone remix by Crown The Empire <33

    A little bit more, just random shit thrown in here and there

    As you can tell, my attempt to be somewhat funny failed, since how i heard the words or sentences in my head can never sound like it on the computer in text. If that makes sense. I also love swearing, if you couldn't tell. I'm not afraid to throw out fuck, shit, damn, cunt (if this is like a banned word or something, i will fucking freak out), and a ton of other ones.
    Uhm, i cannot create character personalities, histories, or rp stories to save my life. Or i should say...im highly terrible at it, so i attempt to keep them simpler...so my sign-ups make me seem like a shittier rper. People see my sign-up and they're like
    'oh, she must be fucking terrible at rping, cause look at her sign-up...its fucking terrible.' Like so bad to the point, that i wouldn't doubt it if some people attempt to reject me from like an 'automatic sign-up' thing. I call it automatic sign-up (you just sign-up and you're accepted automatically...kinda.) even though they probably don't exist, but if they did, i would be rejected by them. No doubt.
    But if you look past my shitty sign-ups im sure, you would kinda sorta accept my actual roleplaying. Of course if you aren't one of those egotistical roleplayers with that 'im better than you na-na-na-boo-boo-stick-your-head-in-doo-doo' mentality. Fuck off. I hate you. Sorry. But you're big flappy dicks and you make me wanna burn down orphanages (not literally, but you get what im getting at).
    I could rant about them all day, ANYWAYS. Im very socially awkward and it takes me awhile to make friends. So if i seem distant in any way or just...odd in general. Don't be alarmed that's just me. But i tend to be that way since a lot of people don't understand my humor. Like i.e
    Why can't we buy orphans with food stamps?
    Personally...i think thats fucking hilarious with no reasonable explanation. While most people think its the worst thing they could ever possibly hear...which it kinda is but shhhhh...its okay.

    But if you think that's funny and if we talk more and i feel like we are similar (especially in the humor department...cause it tends to be all i got.), than we will be good friends (on here of course.)

    MY roleplaying type stuff:
    Of course you have the option of viewing my resume. But like any asshole i filled it in like a douche, so im just clearify shit-
    I prefer GROUP over EVVVVVEEERRYYYThing else. I have more to go off of and im less akward.
    Give-No-Fucks, Intermediate, Douche, Adaptable. Depending on my mood, i can be one of these, a few of these or all of them. Though typically it's a mix of Give-No-Fucks and intermediate. Like i dont give a shit if your character fell of a cliff, right now my character is busy...with defending the President from mutant monkeys. I AIN'T GOT TIME FOR YO PROBLEMS. Okay, so its a but douchey too. Unless our characters are bros for life, this is how its gonna be.
    Gender wise, i lean more towards the guy. Typically one's you would see in like a Gena Showalter book (yush, trashy romance novels <3...a girl can dream.) So basically Gena's depiction of an immortal badass who has a rough exterior, yet a soft and observing inside (by observing i mean, looking at things more closely [like body, hair, eyes, etc.]) are the type of guy's i play, since i get along with them better you could say. If i play a female, they tend to be like me, socially awkward, kinda funny and what not. Though all of my character's are like me in some way. The orientation of my guys will always be straight, nothing against guys who play for the other team or whatever, but its not my thing. For my women though...they vary. But typically all my characters start out as the kinda hard to get asexuals.

    Genres- Anything that seems like it exciting and won't die off. If i don't like the roleplay i'm in, i tend to post less and worse than usual.
    Playing Style- It varies from day to day, somedays my posts are descriptive and other days im like '*shrugs* fuck it, whatever, i dont care BOUT THIS SHIT ANYMORE'...when in reality i really do.
    My candies- Action, Comedy, Murder, EXPLOSIONS, Badass Badguys who aren't complete douchebags. I love roleplays that are very comedic in some way, dry humor or whatever, i love it. Badguys who aren't douchebags are also my fav thing and i tend to try and friend them. EXPLOSIONS. Explains itself basically.
    IF i HATE your character with a burning passion, based off their personality (mostly. Like if they are just...frustrating to me) i will fucking make that clear...not really it tends to be read in between the lines type of thing.

    MY characters tend to be confusing (mainly based on the point i can't write fucking personalities) and cause i just love complicated characters. They tend to be bi-polar or hard exteriored. Typically, socially awkward with no interaction skills...what so ever.

    About the Libertine stuff, don't pm me about it. It's not really my thing, especially since my shyness and shit will get in the way of a good post. But if you wanna just rp normally with just make-outs and casual dry humping sessions than thats fine. If pants come off than fine. Of course if it gets to that point along the story line or something. I won't just do it straight outta the gate. There needs to be something before all that.

    I'm weird I know.

    Sorry for that long post, i just felt like typing and explaining shit. Thanks :D
  2. <-------Have the worst sense of humor

    WELCOME TO IWAKU Aubrey *cough* Empire! I hope you enjoy your stay and please watch your back cause I'll be stalking you ^-^ *sigh*
    Wooo... age doesn't matter I don't care that shizz Huzza for immature!
  3. Yay! Welcome, dammit i forgot your user already. *looks above* hm okay let's do this again... Welcome, TheEmpire!
  4. You sound like 15 year old me. >:3 Only with less cunts, because I couldn't say cunt without giggling. >>

    WELCOME TO THE SITE AUBREY! You will like our Jump In roleplay area! 8D No fussing in there, it's just jumping in to a thread and roleplaying!
  5. Getting stalked just makes my stay better eheheheh. Huzza!!

    FFt thanks...uhm Zeon :D *rolls away*

    Eheheh cunt is such a funny word x3

    THANKS SO MUCH ASDFHKJDSAHFDJHFHDJ. And fucking awesome, i ain't got time for dat signing up bullshit :,D
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  6. Welcome empire! I hope you have a great time here on iwaku.