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Doing cam work isn't Elliot slutting for money, it's a way to flex his acting skills. Gods know that it's nearly impossible to get actual acting roles, so why not try an easier alternative? Not to say that cam work is easy; it's quite taxing on his body for obvious reasons, but he's skilled enough at it that he's got his dumbass followers eating out of his hands, each collectively paying for his shitty apartment in Elkwood and paying off his student loans from shitty Elkwood University (which, at least, is not as shitty as Turner City in general).

Shifting his body isn't always comfortable — it feels claustrophobic, like stretching a latex condom over his entire body, like he's wearing someone else's skin. Shifting into Himeros is like second nature, though. He's used to the decrease in his height, the slightly smaller build, and the shaggy dark hair tickling his neck and shoulders. It's not so different from his actual body that it feels unnatural to move in, and after the two years or so he's been doing this, he could probably live in it without tiring.

He's amassed a decent following after all this time of doing cam work; he's only just started streaming and there's already a few hundred viewers. He shifts on the edge of his bed (a silky black one he uses in a spare bedroom he uses for filming) and smiles, slipping into the innocent facade he's mastered. "Hi~! It's nice to see you again," he starts, watching the chat begin to flood with greetings and immediate commands. For today, he's worn one of his fans' favorite all-black ensembles: a loose jacket to make him look smaller, a waist trainer to emphasize his already hourglass-like waist, knee-high stockings, and silk panties that leave little to the imagination.

"I've been feeling horny again, so I thought we could have some fun tonight," he says, glancing away as though bashful. He hasn't been; he'd had to spend several minutes jerking his dick to get hard. Biting his lip, he takes off his underwear teasingly slow, letting his cock spring out. It's smaller than his actual dick is; he'd been trying to go for the cute factor with Himeros, and horny tops seem to love a small dick on a bottom.

He brings his feet up on the bed, leaning back on his elbows and spreading his knees to let the camera see his entrance. He teases his rim with a finger, making his breath catch in his throat. "There's an ache in my ass I thought you could help me with," he whines, pulling on his skin to make his hole wink. He reaches for the lube, warming it between his fingers before slipping a digit inside himself. The familiar feeling draws a gasp from him as he tosses his head back, pumping his finger in and out.

He works himself open with an impatience that he hopes looks like eagerness, though the prods he gets to his prostate draw some more genuine noises out of him. He grabs the flared black buttplug resting nearby on the bed, bringing it to his mouth and making a show of licking all across it. "This toy vibrates from donations — each $5 dollars makes it vibrate, and the level increases for each $50." He sucks the toy until he's worked himself open enough to fit it inside him, breath quickening in anticipation.
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As Ashley prepared himself, his hands hovered over the keyboard. He knew there was no fighting himself, even with his quiet scolding. It took only a couple letters typed into the search bar before the exact website, to that exact cam artist. The person went by Himeros, and Ashley just couldn't resist the allure they had. He had read something back in school during some sore of drug prevention day that for every person, there is a certain set of stimuli that can completely get them hooked because it makes them feel more like themselves, like they were a more complete person. Ashley would never say it was to that extreme, if asked the werewolf probably would never admit to watching any porn like this, but there was just something to this Himeros that drove Ashley crazy. It was something in his eyes, it had to be. The person felt so... layered for lack of a better word. Of course the other was gorgeous, drop dead in fact, even if Ashley tried so hard not to admire for too long. It just felt there was more than what was there, and he never could put a finger on it. It probably is just something they do to the screen, or their get up, or make up or something... nothing to worry about, you aren't even suppose to be liking this shit, Azza would think as the stream finally took on, and he got his first glimpse of the dark haired fae's outfit and body.

Those thoughts of turning off got silenced as that breathy little voice came through the screen, making his cock throb. Himeros looked amazing, and Azza could feel his hands working faster to slip off those trousers, hand squeezing his shaft as soon as it is sprung out of its confinement. The "show" was starting off quick and steaming, as the fae began to work himself open for all his fans to see. Ashley was quickly matching pace, a bit of him still trying to scold and mentally chide him for such vulgarity, and another part imagining what it would be like to replace those fingers, to feel that tightness around him. The guilt almost made it feel hotter, not that Ashley would ever admit to himself such a devious thing.

That tounge swirling around the toy had him picking up his pace, letting out soft growls and grunts of pleasure before he would stop, taking a moment to catch his breath and not end his night too early, not when Himeros was explaining what his special little toy was doing. Ashley knew he shouldn't pay, he shouldn't dip into his "personal funds" that were for going out some nights and doing things... and yet when that plug slipped right into that pretty little hole, that ass squeezing it perfectly? The very first donation would ring up for 55 dollars from a Hardwood_worker56.

"Fuck it, whats 50 bucks out of the account? Its my money to spend.." Azza would whisper to himself, praying that he didn't regret this in the morning... which he almost always did. It didn't matter now though, as he went right back to stroking, getting sucked right back into the little web "Himeros" had laid out.
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"Sh—ahhhh!" he cries, barely catching himself from cursing at the unexpectedly intense vibrations coursing through him immediately, back arching by itself as his toes dig into his mattress. "That's s-sooo much, Daddy," he pants, lifting his head to try and read the rapidly increasing donation amount. "My head's going funny~" He's exaggerating the high-pitched whining, but the vibration is getting a little overwhelming.

To take the edge off, he wraps one hand around his twitching cock while he pinches a pert, pink nipple with his other. "Feels so good!" His hips are caught between thrusting up into his hand and grinding down on the plug in his ass, making quite a pathetic show. He's careful to keep his trembling thighs spread wide so the camera can get a good look of his puffy pink rim suckling on the vibrator, though the intensifying electric current running through him is making his muscles tense uncontrollably.

"W-Wait, stop!" he whines, fumbling for the remote to turn it off. "I wanna cum on your cock." That'll get the sad sacks. He turns onto his front to search through his drawer to pull out a large, realistic silicone dildo. A regular viewer of his would probably recognize it as a staple of his videos; its impressive realism and ability to move by itself thanks to magic helps lend to his viewer's fantasies of fucking him themselves.

Still on his belly, he raises his ass in the air, spreading his legs again to let his now wet cock drip uselessly between his thighs. Turning his head enough so the camera can see him, he holds the dildo upright and takes it into his mouth. He starts with small kitten licks around the head before licking long stripes from base to tip, closing his mouth around the head and suckling. His eyes flutter closed as he moans around the toy like it's the most delicious thing he's tasted, practiced throat working the length further and further inside until he reaches the testicle cushion.

After a few bobs of his head up and down the entire length, he pulls off with a lewd pop, lips swollen and tingly with saliva and friction. "You taste so good. Did you like that, Daddy? Did I do a good job?" He presses one last wet, lingering kiss to the head before reaching behind him to the plug still in his ass. Taking a deep, shaky breath, he begins slowly pulling it out, moaning at the odd sensation. "My ass feel so empty; I need your fat cock," he whines, switching the toy on.

By magic he doesn't care to understand, the toy levitates and moves behind him, wasting no time in pushing its way inside him. He moans as he's filled, gripping the sheets beneath him as his eyes screw shut. He rests his cheek against the mattress, trying to breathe steadily while the dildo bottoms out. "You're so big~" He doesn't get much time to rest before the dildo is moving inside him, pounding into his prostate with surprising accuracy, forcing genuine moan after moan from him. "Yes! Yes! Right there! Ohh, Daddy~ I love your cock!" he cries, partially honest. This is his favorite toy. "You're gonna break my ass!"

Mustering up the remains of the strength that hasn't been knocked out of him, he turns over onto his back, throwing his hands above his head while the dildo adjusts to fuck him at the new angle, face tilted away from the camera but no less visible. He'd much rather imagine a big, muscle Daddy holding him down and plowing into his tight hole than acknowledge the camera staring back at him.

It doesn't take long before, "Cumming~!" He sprays his stomach with hot semen just as the toy fills him with a creamy white substance of its own, movements slowing until it stops all together. He takes a moment to come down from cloud nine, chest heaving and body sweaty and trembling. He pulls the toy out of his ass and tosses it aside, trying not to grimace as the white fluid leaks out onto his sheets. He'll have to clean that later. Or would cum-stained sheets add to his videos?

He sits up to grin at the camera, fixing his bangs where pieces have become plastered to his forehead. "Thank you for breeding me again today," he starts his usual sign-off. "And thank you for your gifts, I'll make sure to keep buying us fun things to play with. Since tomorrow is Halloween, I bought a new costume for you. I thought we could do a little roleplay, won't that be fun. So don't keep me waiting tomorrow, okay?" He blows a kiss at the camera before waving with a grin, moving his other hand as subtly as possible to turn it off.

Ashley was enthralled, I mean, how could he not be? Himeros was putting on such a good show, his legs shaking with every pulse of the vibration going through him, his hand teasing his cock along, just enough to keep himself from going crazy from the amount of stimulation. It was addicting, and Azza found himself going in time with the camboy's hand, just keeping himself on the edge. It was a nasty little habait, only allowing himself to cum when the man on the screen did, but Ashley felt it was fair. He was putting in all this hard work, the least he could do as a viewer was go along until the very end. That and give all your money to someone who doesn't know you his thoughts would sneer at him, but the pleasure coming from the sudden switch up, Himeros turning to grab his favorite toy erased those nagging memories. It wasn't like it was all his money, just simply what he could afford to spend, his personal bit of cash once everything in the shop, his home and everything for Harlow was paid for.

His had was quick to pick up the pace as vibrating toy was replaced with magical cock, those moans and groans from Himeros growing louder, and to the ears of the werecanine, all the more genuine. He was actually enjoying himself, and to Ashley, that made all the difference. He couldn't keep himself from cumming even a second later after he did, watching the camboy's back arch and his face twisted shut from all the feeling. Cum would spill all over Ashley's chest, and a few splotches splashed against his hardwood floor. "Fuck fuck fuck!" He would whisper, tossing the laptop to the side and grabbing some tissues. No one needed to see, smell, or even notice what was doing in here. In his quickness to get everything cleaned up, he did hear one part of the camboy's call off "new costume... roleplay.. don't keep me waiting~" Ashley would watch the screen switch off, and he would sigh, wiping some hair out of his face using the non-stroking hand. "I really got to quit this, it isn't good for me. Should just find some lady out there and treat her good." Guilt was already racking at him, the familiar voice of his father yelling in his mind. Ashley would clean up and find himself to bed later, feeling like shit... yet the lingering imagery of that gorgeous man bounced around in his dreams all the same.

Despite everything he said last night, as he does everynight, Ashley was right back at that same spot the very next day. He was able to finish up a few smaller projects and had a good pile of spending cash now in the bank. He was even able to take Harlow out to buy a new shirt she had been really wanting, some band called Sudden Revival that she had been nonstop talking about since their newest album dropped. She was actually at a party right now with some friends, Ashley having dropped her off, and made the girl promise not to drink anything. Yet despite all the good that had happened today, the idea of this special Halloween stream had fluttered in and out of Ashley's mind. He tried to deny himself, tried to go to bed early, tried to even put up his computer, and yet....

With one letter into the searchbar Azza was right back into the streaming site, a handful more people than yesterday here to spend their Halloween late nights getting off. He was lying in bed, already stripped of his clothes since he didn't sleep with any to begin with. He could feel his cock twitching in anticipation to see the model that brought him here again... and again. His muscular body was laid out on top of the covers, scars of a past life on full display. He didn't care, it wasn't like there was a camera in his room, and he made sure to look his bedroom incase Harlow had an early return. Ideas of what this stream was going to be sat around in Ashley's mind, but he wouldn't have to wait long, as the dark hair of Himeros was soon into view and this Halloween treat was beginning.
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