Elite Magical Girl Academy (A Shoujo-Ai/Yuri Roleplay)

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    In a world where half of the female population has magical girl abilities
    You'll need to hone your skills to stand out from the rest and become the best magical girl the world has ever seen, but along the way you discover there is more to life than being a 'magical girl'. Along the way you make meet new friends, make enemies, and if you're lucky you may just find love.

    OOC & Sign-ups

    Elite! Magical Girl Academy
    Congratulations! The staff would formerly like to invite you to the Academy of Elite Magical Girls. We offer the very best in Magical Girl training and have the highest acceptance rate to any Magical Girl Agency from our graduates. No matter your element, we accept those who have shown prowess and talent with their special abilities. You'll find that our curriculum matches that of the best Academies around. However, we have the added bonus of extensive training in all aspects of being a Magical Girl.

    (Will finish when I'm not sleepy.)

    The Roleplay (open)

    Hello! I'm guessing you're interested in my roleplay if you're here. First things first, this is an All Girl's character roleplay. It is set in Japan, therefore most of the characters will be Japanese. The school is a boarding school and our characters will be staying at the Academy the whole year, except for on holidays. I'm looking for Intermediate and above roleplayers for this, who have a love for magical girl and lesbian roleplays! :) I might be looking for someone to help me manage the roleplay depending on how much interest this gets. I'll be adding on and updating the academy info as I go. :D

    About the Magical Girls:
    You can select any element(s) and base your character's abilities around this. Being a magical girl is a big part of the roleplay, but so is the social aspect of this roleplay. I won't just have our character's going to school day in and day out, there will be magical girl competitions, extracurricular activities, basically anything you would find at a real school, but cooler. I'm working on plots as well as antagonists for our story. :p I'm not only looking for pretty pink princess magical girls, I'd like a nice range of characters for this. With that said, here is the CS for those who want an early start!

    Magical Girl Abilities (open)

    Each magical girl is allowed up to 6-10 abilities. These will be a mix of minor, medium, and major power levels. You can have two major abilities at the start of the roleplay. The older your character, the more powerful your abilities can be. As your magical girl grows, she will earn the chance to gain more attacks and special abilities.

    Elements (open)

    The five basic:


    Character Sheet (open)

    (Anime Pictures)


    Age: (14-18)

    Year: (First-Third)




    Element: (It can be anything)



    Extracurricular Activities: (If applicable)

    Magical Girl Abilities:

    Minor: (2-4)

    Medium: (2-4)

    Major: (2)

    (Picture or Description)

    Dorms (open)

    Coming Soon!

    Schedule (open)

    Coming soon!

    Extracurricular (open)


    Fight Club
    Music Club
    Literature Club
    Anime Club
    Dojinshi Club
    Computer Club

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  2. I've GM'd a few magical girls roleplays in the past myself, so this has my interest :)

    What are your stances on death/nullification/void based powers? And what is the limit of characters one could have? And the maximum amount of abilities/powers per character
  3. Well, I was going to allow everyone 2 characters max, but that you're not allowed to romance your own characters.

    As far as powers, you can have any, but the school is for learning and we don't want anyone too OP. So, be sensible. I'm going to add more to the first post today.
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  4. So, I've added everything to the interest check rough draft. If I get anymore then I'll create an OOC and put everything there, and more.
  5. Okidoki, just wanted to make sure, sometimes people say the maximum is like 2 or 3 abilities per characters, so I wanted to make sure. :)
    I'm not quite sure what kind of a character I'll make, or which two. I have a few ideas but they'll take a little work to figure out all the details :)

    Just one thing, I'm unfamiliar with the freshmen senior system, I don't know the names or corresponding ages/years. Most of the world doesn't use that system after all XD
  6. Okay. Well, hopefully we get more interest. I know this is kind of a niche thing.
  7. Me and my ninja-editing XD

    Anyway I think more people might show up eventually. They often do at some point :)
  8. Freshmen - First year
    Sophomore - Second
    Junior - Third
    Senior - Fourth

    Though, I wanted to find a nifty thing to call it for this roleplay.
  9. Okay. I just changed it to match the Japanese HS system, meaning there are only three grades now. 10, 11, and 12. Also added Extracurricular Activities!
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  10. Since it's set in japan that would make sense I guess.
    Magical girls tend to have quite a range of appearances, while Japanese people have a more defined basic appearance. Can we go all out like pink hair, blue eyes, dark skin, just to name a crazy combination. Or stick with the more proper Japanese appearance?
  11. You can look however you want. It's anime style. :D By the way, your character doesn't have to be Japanese, but it's in Japan so most of the students will be Japanese.
  12. Yeah I read that part, so that I had remembered (that most are Japanese, which would mean not everyone is Japanese) and cool, it'll be nice to explore the full ranges of appearances :) even if I'll end up doing something plain and basic in the end XD I'm not really one for fancy colored hair XD
  13. By the way, I added a ton to the first page and updated the CS. >.> Maybe I got a little crazy.
  14. Haha don't worry about it, that is quite modest still. (Compared to this or this)
  15. ... ... ... *gives in* Okay, I admit, I have binged on a lot of Mahou Shoujo anime (Tokyo Mew Mew, Lyrical Nanoha, Cardcaptor Sakura and Puella Magi Madoka Magica to name a few) so RPing the genre would be interesting.
    I'm in.
  16. I'm a fan of the genre(and don't mind the yuri undertones either) so I'm in for this kind of thing. I...may be expressing interest in a lot of stuff lately, which might end up biting me in the butt, though. But hey, magical girls are always fun. I'm mostly influences by things like Nanoha and Symphogear as opposed to more traditional stuff like Sailor moon or Precure, though. And I've of course seen Madoka and Yuki Yuna, but I doubt this is the RP for dark secrets at every turn (which, well, I'm glad for that if it's true).

    I've run a couple magical girl games (though not here), but don't get to play in them as much, so this will be fun.
  17. Excellent, I'm going to see if we get a bit more interest before creating the OOC though.
  18. Definitely interested in this :) I haven't had much experience with the 'Magic Girls' business (I have watched Pretty Cure, Card Captor Sakura, Shugo Chara, and a few other things though, just haven't roleplayed them at all ...) but I am definitely up for some shoujo-ai and yuri.
  19. I would be also interested in this.
  20. Looks nice, would it be possible for me to be a Neko? and have magical powers
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