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Accepting New Characters: Yes
We need people to rp a small family or maybe just a teen or a brother and sister than can find Lith, maybe take her in. Through this we can work on development for Lith getting use to how nice humans can actually be, I need warm hearted people. They can question their horns how they wish and act how you want at first. Make someone care or something or maybe not. Maybe a relationship can build later on, doesn't matter. Another person or two could maybe be taken into the house Later on after she starts warming up to them and build a bit of development Lith can get attacked by some mercenaries. One or two of them can be one of Lith's kind, being promised things. Some what freedom, or no more experiments. Maybe just a simple thing as a hot bath each day for fifteen minutes.
I want this rp to be brutal. Meaning detailed explanations when it comes to the gore parts. Nudity it does not matter, though slight detail could be ok I suppose. I am trying to keep Elfen Lied how it is, similar happenings with a whole other story.
Also later on the 'queen' can be another plot if everything works out alright.
Rating: M I don't care if your 12 doing this, as long as you are mature enough and can handle it, good for you.
Atmosphere/Mood: Gore, Action, Nudity, possible romance, possible comedy
Basic Plot: Lith has gotten away from the island that holds her kind for research. Due to her treatment she has developed a bi-polar like effect. She herself is confused and knows nothing of the outside world hardly at all. Memories of her past are bleak. All she has ever felt is pain and fear, never knowing love.

This deals mainly around Lith running from a group of special mercenaries. There are also a possibility of meeting others of her race. If some of the ones after her are not diclonoius themselves. If this is the case then those could have possibly been promised a mild form of freedom, or at least no more experiments. Though maybe something could happen, maybe Lith could find love, maybe she could live free. Maybe she will die, maybe she will be captured.

Character Name:

Gender: Female if you are diclonoius. I myself know that only females can use vectors, and males can be diclonoius too however they are more like a mutated human than a real diclonoius, they are not sterile like females however I am unsure as how to males become one anyway, not sure if its by birth but also, females other than the "queen" Diclonoius are unable to get pregnant.

Race: Diclonoius or human


Vectors: If Diclonoius only. Normally vectors are different between each one. Lucy has four up to two meters, Nana has four up to five meters. There is that one that has twenty five up to eleven meters, though it is suggested that for that to happen for a diclonoius is very rare. It should be noted that they can not normally block a shot from

a .50cal however each person that has these are different.
Number: If your diclonoius was captured then she has a number for sure. However it is possible for some to not have one, if they were never found and captured. I only ask that one more person could escape if they wish so. If we had some left and right then they would kill every diclonoius they saw in there or period XD>

General Appearance: Normally if your diclonoius you have pinkish like hair and eyes the same.

Personality: Humans normal stuff yea yea, though my concern here is those who rp diclonious. The race is not as nuts as people think. Though it is seen the Directors true daughter is bat shit crazy, and Lucy cold hearted and a bit herself, they are not actually born this way mentally. True they have an instinct to kill the human race, i think, and breed themselves, but they are not crazy, totally. The director himself said that Nana was kind because she was given hope during the experiments. So it is possible for one to be insainly kind and gentle hearted. Though most it would seem developed a slight insane personality, or bat crazy.


Character Name: Elina Lith
Gender: female
Race: diclonoius
Job/Role: teacher, student body pres, club member/leader, doestn matter if your in one or not
Age: 17
Vectors: She has four vectors with a four meter range.
Number 16
Residence: None
General Appearance: She looks like a light weight seventeen year old girl with long pink hair and horns that look similar to neko ears on her head. She is wearing at the moment only a red nightgown. Sadly its all she has on. Her skin is pale and her eyes pink. Her breast size is normal for her age.

If anything she is nothing but a scared little girl that only wishes to be loved. However she doesn't know what love is, she doesn't know what hot water feels like. Never embraced in a hug, never felt the pleasures of love making. Good food she knows nothing of. Heart filled with despair, this sad little girl isn't quick to trust anyone

If Lith is a gentle flower, then Lithanos is a thorn. A madwomen as one could say, an utter lover of massacre and gore. Loving to rip and tear bodies apart limb by limb, making the enemy suffer. She craves violence, she craves to kill, to make all those that stand in her way not just dead, but experience a living utter slow and hellish death. Making them regret ever facing her at all. This is the fate that is to her enemies, or to those who switch this personality on.

A lover of violence, though mainly serious at that. Lithanos is a very quick thinking that is very skilled at what she does, killing and tactical advantages. Doubting her because she is a girl is a crucial mistake many will find that will kill them eventually. While like this she doesn't seem to feel pain, though she does. Actually pain doesn't bother her, from her emotional pain was enough to bare, and all the times she was experimented on, so it didn't bother her much.

Though this side is not without mercy, it is mainly a part to protect what Lith cares about, herself and others that she holds dear. She hates seeing others being treated for looks. As it will listen to the enemy before it dies.
The Median

While both personalities exists inside her, Lith is both Lith and Lithanos at the same time. She retains her actions, most of the time as Lithanos, however when certain times occur she blanks out Lith's half completely. Lithanos will fully become the whole for a while. While like this she is the most dangerous, to even herself and her friends. If she is like this it is not safe for anyone to be near her. The more blood thirsty she becomes, the more brutal she gets. Both share an assertive personality, though Lithanos is far greater on this end than Lith.
Lith has love and passion, while Lithanos is of death, carnage, and assertiveness. However it will take along time before Lith could even know or show what love is.
"Welcome guests, to a world of malice. I am the queen of malice, bloodshed, and despair. I am murder itself in its very essence. Blood, the very life giving nectar of the human body, it is indeed nectar in itself. Its taste, so sweet. Ops, did I just give away that? Yes in fact, I love the taste of fresh human blood. Warm, its so delicious and tasty. It is truly the greatest thing ever in this world. So you problem ask why I am the way I am. The want and need to eradicate all life on this earth, and breed anew race. Well I shall tell you, and you will see and understand why. During the young life during when I was birthed, I thought I lived a normal life. The doctors said I had a strange mutation, the horns on my head. They were thought to be nothing than an abnormality. Nothing serious or life threatening. Only horns, so I thought. Tell me, have you ever witnessed something so horrifying that you went insane?

Well yea, that's what happened to me. You see I ended up witnessing my own death. People started to pick on me when I was four, when I started school when I was really first introduced into society. My classmates made fun of me, the ridiculed me. Yea that's right, I was made fun of, I was picked on like everyone else. So why does that matter? Because they said I was a freak. My few friends I had, mainly just two. I heard them talking to those people, and can you guess what they said? They said I was a monster, they called me a demon. So punched one in the back of the head when they didn't notice. Then I was suddenly beat up, so quick and fast, they all said I didn't deserve to live, that I was a mistake. They hurt me, they tried to kill me. Bloodied and beaten, I was put in the hospital in coma. My parents were talking to someone outside I heard when I first awoke. My father saying "I told you this would happen." The man said I needed to be taken away, I didn't want that. When they walked away I saw my supposed friends come in a few hours later. What I did when they said sorry…I….I broke. I went insane, this is when I witnessed my own death, and the birth of a monster. Within five minutes most people on the first floor was eradicated. I couldn't control myself, their own blood tasted so good.

I wanted more and more, I couldn't get enough. I found my way walking down the street, after making my way out a window. I was scared then, I didn't want to hurt people anymore. I didn't want it. So I walked, to my house. Blood I had on my body, my clothes. Men were there, I heard my own father agree to giving me away, saying it would be better because they heard what happened at the hospital. The people talked to me and told me I was nothing more than a monster in a sense, but told me what I did was ok for now, they took me with them after knocking me out. My parents knew what happened, yet they gave me away. Do you want to know what happened next? Well Ill put it this way. Those next years were hell. I was experimented on, how s that for help? I was dangerous they said. Escaping twice, proving to take down many people at a time. They labeled me as number 16. I was a dangerous girl, with a dangerous power. Want to know about me now? I escaped for the first time in five years. I am now free, after ripping apart a large part of them. I hope you enjoy me, cause Im coming after you humans. I am going to bring about your destruction, or will I bring about peace, just hope you befriend me and change me. For if you don't, Ill kill you all. However I will say this, Lith and I are different, Lith is the gentle flower while I Lithanos am the thorn."
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Also, if you remember, that one Diclonius that got out long before Lucy was unable to stop a 5.56X45 Type France from that FA-MAS Bullpup.

With that in mind it would seem the vectors are akin to Kevlar in that they can stop pistol cartridges and, possibly, grenade fragments, but not rifle cartridges.

Trust me, you do NOT want me to go in depth on weapons.

Unless you want to commit suicide.
Yea, I want you to join now, but anyway I read only one manga, and so happen that manga was that girl with 25 vectors that stopped a missile.
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i moved it to the right location, i think. But every Diclonious is different, meaning some of the ones similar to Nana or Lucy could stop a 50 cal. In theory it is. Though it would be a race case I would say. So anyway if you wana just pop up a profile Carl.
Writing up a character sheet ASAP.
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Character Name: Chi Sayozaki
Gender: Female
Race: Diclonius
Job/Role: None/ Exotic Pet?
Age: 10
Vectors: She has 6 vectors, each with a range of approximately 3.5 meters.
Number: 39
Residence: A large mansion
General Appearance: Chi is a very slim girl, a result of being underfed by her "Mother" and "Father". She owns no clothes, and is completely nude all day, every day. Her hair is a bright pink. She is partially blind, so one of her eyes has lost its color, while the other is pink. Her breast size is normal for her age.
Personality: Chi has spent almost her entire life in a cage, and yet she makes no objections. She always looks forward to her "parents" arriving home, though they are abusive at best. She doesn't say much, but has never used her vectors in any way, and dislikes violence.
History: Chi was taken into captivity from the moment she was born, being kept in the research facility until the age of four. One of the male agents paid off the corrupt director, and took her home. From that point forward, Chi was kept in a large golden bird cage. She was barely fed, and was severely under-bathed. Her new "father" showed her off as some kind of exotic animal to his friends. Soon, he married a scientist at the facility, who proved to be even more abusive than her "father", slapping Chi around, often drunken. She was a trophy wife, nothing more. And even under these circumstances, she just recovered and smiled, the bruises and cuts, growing more and more, eventually losing the sight in her left eye.. She was okay- She was with her mother and father... Everything was okay... Until one day, her father received word of an escaped Diclonius named Elina...
^-^ I like it, really sad. Approved. I guess Im suppose to say approved XD
I never could get into the mindset of Diclonius honestly.
I guess it differs based on the individual diclonius, and how they were brought up. Just like people. ^_^;
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