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  1. Hello everyone who actually took the time to read this post :D

    I am Eletroman's Cheese and I am currently trying to be more productive as a person XD

    Right now, I have an idea for an adventure rp, a combat rp and a romance rp. Of course, all the plots are still in their draft stages, so you (the partner) can change some of the details if you wish.

    A Few Expectations/Information I Must List:

    1. Posting Expectation: I don't expect every post to be 6-full paragraphs long. However just because I set the expectation to Give-No-Fucks does not mean I won't get extremely pissed if you only give me a two-sentence reply. So please try not to consistently make extremely short replies if you want to rp with me.

    2. Grammar and Spelling: I'm not a grammar nazi, so as long as other readers and I can still comprehend what you posted, it's allg.

    3. Joys of Down Under: I live in Australia, so if I am rping with someone on the other side of the world, I will legit turn into a panda because it's 11pm here when it's 11am there! I will try to reply asap in such cases, but please bare in mind about time zones.

    4. Posting Speed: I don't really mind if you are a slow replier but please try to reply within 2-3 days after each new post. If for some reason you can't (e.g exam period) please let me know. Meanwhile for me, I can reply on any day but Sunday (Because weekend school).

    5. Preferences: I don't have specific preferences, so go wild!

    6. Stating the obvious: Please for the love of god reply on the thread, not in PMs.

    Now here are the plots. PLEASE NOTE that these are not purely original and do contain some references from other things.

    PM me if you are interested in one of the RPs. First come first serve.

    (Open)-No need for an explanation for that eh?
    (Closed)-The rp has been taken and therefore not available for anyone else to take.

    (Adventure RP) Scramble (open)


    Male x Female (No romance plz) (additional characters are allowed)

    Every year, the human population within the universe is diminishing. Ever since the boom of hostile alien colonies, humans could not fight back any sorts of aliens. All of them were smarter, stronger and better at everything, allowing them to easily invade and take over Earth. Most alien colonies aimed for Earth for only one reason--It abundance of resources. As a result many travelled and further invaded the planet just to get a piece of Earth. this event was later called, "The Scramble for Earth."

    As a result, many human soldiers were killed for their efforts trying to stop the onslaught. Even more innocent and defenseless humans were terrfied to go outside to see the sight of such creatures. As time progressed, however, an underground organisation was found with only one goal--To exterminate all enemies of Earth.

    (Combat RP) Enter the Dome (open)

    Male x Male / Female x Female (depends on your (partner) choice)

    Dalmari--Home to the most popular entertainment-battle dome in the universe, named the Divine Dome.

    However, only the most pretigious and elite fighters could enter such dome. All the fighters were magically gifted in some way or another. Of course, every fighter must retire at some point, and therefore, tryouts are held every year, in which veterans pick five out of thousands of entries to fight in the dome. Some aspects the veterans looked at included image, abilities and likeability amongst the crowd

    It cuts to _____, who had recently just got selected to be able to enter the dome, currently preparing for he/r next duel. He/r next opponent (aka other main character) isn't too impressed by how that person made the cut to enter the dome, and goes drastic measures to kick he/r out of the dome.

    At the same time, the characters learn about the dark and hidden history of the Divine Dome.

    (Romance RP) From Me to Your Heart (open)


    Male x Female (and please this is also SLICE OF LIFE so NO superpower/magic shenanigans in this RP)

    (And btw I am introducing this as a dialogue from the female's POV)

    "New year. Fresh start.

    And already I had to run down the hallway, trying to get to my physics class in time. Just before the teachers shut the door on me, I slipped through and threw my book at an empty spot. I sat down and caught my breath, only to realise that I was sitting next to my crush, making me blush and sweat furiously.

    I didn't try and start a conversation with him. While we were doing our schoolwork, he suddenly tapped me on the shoulder and asked 'You know how to do this question?'

    I flinched, before my cheeks became strawberry-coloured again. 'Y-Yes' I hesitated as I tried to help him, with my fingertips shaking ever so little as they fact that my crush spoke to me. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he asked loudly enough for everyone to stop what they were doing 'Do you like me?'

    The second he said those words, I instantly readied my right hand and gave a mighty whack on his cheek, before being in complete denial that I hate him. I stormed out of the class, terrified that if people knew, they would look down upon me."


    And that's all. I know that the plots are still extremely unrefined, and I will try my best to polish it so it's all good to start the actual RP.
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  2. I do throughly like your romance role play. Should I PM you?
  3. Yes PM that will be great :D
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