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  1. (Click here for IC)

    The story begins in Kyoto, Japan. Godzilla and Ronin (a better name for SpaceGodzilla) are having a gigantic brawl in the city. AMF launches Kiryu to attack Godzilla and Ronin- only for a wormhole to appear above the city and absorb the standing AMF army, Godzilla, Kiryu and Ronin. Across the dimensions, this is happening- all of the excess is dumped on a world known as Velotron. the characters are forced to rapidly adapt on a world based on magic, while using whatever fell into the wormhole with them from their universe. The AMF established an operating base while war looms with the draconic alliances...

    ....After a month of being inside the world known as Velotron, the various groups now must suffer through a larger challenge. With two Ronin conspiring to end the world, a mysterious super kaiju named Bagan lurking in the shadows, and the Draconic Civil War about to explode, the end of this world or it's conflict could be drawing to a close. The portals destroyed all electricity the humans had established in the Abandonded City, forcing them to scavenge for obscure resources...

    Characters and Allegiances:
    xNightWingx Casper Quinn - TBA
    Maddeline Corbin A. Durazo - AMF
    Maddeline Spartan 092 Jerome - TBA
    Madeline Queen Legend - Dragons
    Maddeline Kesar - Death Knights
    KayKay Kay Hoang - TBA
    KayKay Familiar - Kay
    Amybri18 Layla Gollin - TBA
    FireDrake150 Izana Kunigiri - Dragons

    Maddeline Godzilla
    Maddeline Kiryu
    Maddeline Ronin

    Character sheet:

    Personality: (give me a paragraph)
    Background Information: (give me one to three paragraphs. I want to know about this characters weapons, their universe, their friends/foes, their backstory and so on. Please organize it in a neat fashion. No planet busters)

    Kaiju Sheet:

    Background: (include powers, height, length, weight and universe. Also include level of intelligence. No planet busters)

    Dragons - Though they come in many shapes, sizes and colors, dragons all have several things in common. One, they can breathe both fire and cold. Two, they all can change into a human-like 'Halfling' form. Three, they are extremely loyal to their Queen, friends and family. They fight for the preservation of the Dragon Kingdom in all its 'glory'.

    Death Knights - Death Knights can be of any race, but all end up the same. Their physical form is reduced to a skeleton and is held together by hellfire. Often, they wear heavy protective armor. Death Knights have an alternate Demonic Dragon form that can breathe and manipulate hell fire- but this drains their stamina over time. Death Knights sell their soul for their power. They follow the Seer, a powerful and large dragon who has large influences in the dark magic realms. Their new forms draw power from the dark world, while their souls feed the massive tyrant himself.

    DragonBorn - DragonBorn are humanoid dragon like creatures capable of breathing fire, cold and lightning. They come in many shapes and sizes, some having horns, some having quills, some having feathers. All are dangerously intelligent and cunning. Some DragonBorn look like small dragons, sporting wings, tails and sometimes horns. However, having just one of these attributes is an abnormality and does not make it more or less rare for a DragonBorn to also have a tail.

    Raptor Clan - Raptor Clan are much like dragonborn- except they always have tails and lack breath weapons. Raptor Clan were expelled from goverened lands due to their militaristic ideals and lifestyle. Often attacking each other when one takes a leadership role as an alpha in a set tribe or village setting. Raptor Clan armor and weaponry are often crude at best and imitate a DragonBorn's appearance. Often, Raptor Clan and DragonBorn war mostly due to similar mindsets but seeing eachother as inferior; Raptor Clan look down on DragonBorn for relying on metal boots and such while the DragonBorn look down on the Raptor Clan fobeing barbaric, often using their claws and teeth for 'dirty' fights.

    Affiliations and Alliances
    Rogue- You fight for yourself. The conflicts only fuel your wallet as you are hired out to the most persuasive or the highest bidder. A majority of the rogues come from Grisever, a village that is not under the jurisdiction of any kingdom. Rogues have built upon it for centuries; In return for their service to all sides of the war, they are paid in immense amounts of money and retain sovereignty.

    Anti-Megolosaur Force - You fight to get back to your home alongside the AMF military. It's headquarters are located in the Abandoned City.

    Ocuirar Reab - You fight to liberate the dragons from Queen Legend in exchange for the Seer's tyrannical, but fair dictatorship. The Seer's army can be found in the original dragon capitol, Dragon-Rock Castle.

    Darastrix Daariv - You fight to end the uprising of the Death Knights and the Seer to restore full power to the Dragon Queen Legend's name. You stand to ensure dragons stay ontop of the social hierarchy under the monarchy. The Dragon Queen followers are largely focused in the Dragon-Stone Towers, the capitol and home of the majority of the dragon nation and Queen Legend.

    Cosmic Alliance - You fight to get home by assisting the kaiju Ronin in destroying the AMF or any of his other enemies. Being that their leader is so mobile, they can operate out of numerous Crystal Fortresses that have sprung up based on Ronin's command.
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  2. Name: Corbin A. Durazo
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Pilot Suit
    Personality: sarcastic, uncivilized and depressing. Overall, she is not a likeable person and is often confrontational. She holds an obscene amount of hatred to Godzilla and all other kaiju.
    Background Information: Corbin is the adopted daughter of General Ota, who found her as a refugee when on UN deployment. Ota trained her to be a fighter pilot for the AMF since he found her at age ten. While in a military academy for children of military officials, Godzilla attacked and killed her girlfriend. Enraged, Corbin swore a vow of vengeance and has led many semi-successful AMF missions to divert Godzilla away from populated areas and has outright killed a handful of kaiju (with the assistance of the AMF army). Her only true friend is her adopted father, as she holds the rank of colonel (which is astonishing given her young age). Many of her subordinates hate her for being cruel and calculating, often sacrificing many soldiers just for the opportunity to hurt a kaiju. Her 'weapon' of choice is anything she can get her hands on; she is proficient with vehicles and is even trained to directly control Kiryu in extreme situations.

    Name: Queen Legend
    Age: 243
    Gender: female
    Appearance: Halfling form and her dragon form
    Personality: a 'pacifist' and a nature aficionado, Queen legend has a light heart. When she is angry, she often makes irrational discussions that have almost gotten her killed before.
    Background info: Queen legend came into power when the Death Knights rose up and killed the dragon King and his wife, leaving only their daughter who escaped as the survivor. The dragon kind believed the humans to have committed the act, and even asked the Death Knights to assist in their extermination. The Death Knights performed the ultimate ruse, and successfully ended the human race on Velotron with the dragons help. By the time the dragons realized what had happened, it was too late. The only trace that remains of human existence is the Halfling form the dragons and death Knights can take on- and not even all Death Knights or Dragons are half kings anymore. She still hates humans for their abuse of the land, and only hates the Death Knights more. As a Halfling, she is great with her bow and can transform at will to her true dragon form. Her dragon form is about 5 meters tall with a length of about 27 meters and a wingspan of 35 meters. As a dragon, she can breathe fire, ice and can release a wind blast that can knock does back temporaryily.

    Name: Jerome 092
    Age: 43
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Armor and no armor
    Personality: Quiet, reserved, doesn't talk. When does talk, it's about a maneuver or an attack. There are no jokes, there is only war.
    Background info: Jerome was detained on a military cruiser when he staged a prison riot on the covenant ship in order to escape. He fell through the wormhole when leaving the station and landed on the unfamiliar land. Jerome is a master at all forms of martial arts, is an expert marksman and can out perform any humans physically...tenfold. This came at the cost of his humanity, as he is barely beyond a robot when it comes to independent, non-military thought. His armor is very tough and he has a shield that allows him to tank normally fatal wounds to most humans. Jerome is a spartan II, one of the last surviving super soldiers of his era. His choice weaponry includes the MA5B assault rifle which fires a 7.62x51mm round and the Grendell Spartan Laser which can burn a hole through most objects.

    Name: Kesar
    Age: 138 w/o soul
    Gender: male
    Appearance: Halfling Form and Demon Form
    Personality: Cruel, resevered and calm. With devour obedience to an shadow figure known as the Seer, Kesar orders his Death Knights without fear- because fear is a property only his enemies possess.
    Background info: Dragon miners cracked a jade colored diamond hidden at the bottom of the ocean. This jade was actually a soul gem that released the spirit of an evil overlord, known as the Seer. Seer made a deal with Kesar- trade his soul for eternal demonic powers and a place as general of the Death Knights. Kesar did so, and the Death Knights were born. His Halfling form is but a skeleton held together by demonic fire- so, to blend in, they hide in heavy armors. It requires zero demonic energy to be in the Halfling form, so many just stay in this form and go everywhere on horseback. He is an excellent swordsman, and is proficient with a broadsword and a heavy shield. He can manipulate a handful of spells but is mostly a sword user. As his demon dragon form, Kesar can spit hell fire and heal himself when in contact with the ground. He also has limited flight capabilities as it drains his demonic energies. He is roughly 8 meters tall in this form, has a 18 meter length and has a wingspan of 23 meters.

    Name: Venger
    Age: 244
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Secret vampire president of Ustengrav and Ter
    Personality: A fighter and a born leader, never thinking with her emotions.
    Background info: Sister to Legend, Venger was forced to give up her chance of throne due to her not having a dragon form. Venger would become a vampire, and would experience many different walks of life. From huntress, vampire hunter, priestess and currently a president of a small group of settlements. She even went to the Astral Sea and directly contacted the gods to find out more about herself. She has multiple spells, magics and weapons at her disposal; including a small army of Dark Elf guards and several Raptor Clan protectors.

    Name: Xer
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: General of Ter and Ustengrav's Raptor Clan
    Personality: He thinks however Venger asks him to think.
    Background info: A dragon slayer, Xer is a Raptor Clan. He fights, like all Raptor Clan, tooth and nail with a rare melee weapon. After tearing apart a dragons back, Xer fell and broke his legs beyond repair. He would never walk again; or so he thought. A healing priestess used a secret royal magic that healed his demolished legs and in return, he would become her General and personal companion. Xer has loyally served Venger and has been directly responsible for protecting Ter on numerous occasions from raiders, bandits and animal attacks.

    Name: Seer
    Age: 668
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Mulvulgein
    Personality: Dark, Reserved and Calculating.
    Background info: The Seer accidentally was trapped in a soul gem sarcophagus for several hundred years; forfeiting his power and getting his family murdered. Even within his tomb, he psychicly organized the Death Knights to grow in power to take over the land. Now that he is out, he will soon make a run for the throne. The Seer does not have a Halfling form; instead, he is a gigantic dragon, about ten meters tall, fifteen meters feet long and with a wingspan of about thirty meters

    Name: Prince
    Age: Unknown, Juvenile
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Goraanriiljun
    Personality: Always nervous without his relative around, the much younger Prince often gets stuck in situations in which he is forced to get aid from Godzilla. Timid, but often not shy of attempting to bluff, Prince is usually just a lot of undeveloped rage and strength.
    Background info: Prince is a Godzillasaurus; the stage before becoming a 'Godzilla'. His fins are small, he lacks the ability to breathe atomic breath beyond blue fire waves and he is incredibly fast and strong given his size. Mostly, he is a dinosaur until he hits a major growth spurt that will cause his tail to drag the ground. His spine and legs would adjust accordingly until he looks like his relative, Godzilla.

    Name: Red Eye
    Age: Sub-Adult
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Horned-One
    Personality: Curious and inquisitive, like most Horned Ones Red Eye is on the verge of sentience and found companionship by serving almost as giant pet for the outlanders. He's quick to learn, and gets extremely aggressive when he fails to understand any sort of challenge or puzzle.
    Background info: Following the death of their alpha, Red Eye followed the assailant who did not attack him. Seeing that as proof of dominance, Red Eye now protectively follows the group.

    Name: Godzilla
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Not-so-happy and Enraged
    Background: Godzilla has an atomic breath ray which is pure radiation at around 5000 degrees Celsius. In close quarters situations, Godzilla also has a nuclear pulse which sends the radiation as a shock wave from his skin rather than an oral beam. Godzilla possess incredible strength for his size, able to lift monsters twice his weight effortless. When enraged, Godzilla can amp his physical strength and damage output with the red spiral ray, a spiral pulse and just a raging charge. Godzilla also possesses regeneration not paralleled by any other monster. Godzilla weighs roughly 60K tons, stands 60 meters tall and is, tail and all, 95 meters long. Godzilla evolved to be a physical brute and is smart but not much smarter than the likes of a Wolf or Eagle. He can strategize, but thinking isn't his strong suit.

    Name: Kiryu
    Age: 19 service years
    Gender: Cyborg
    Appearnce: Full Combat Gear and After ditching the jet pack
    Background: The first Godzilla was born in an age of recuperation- 1954. Fresh after World War II, awoken by the atomic bombs, Godzilla leveled Tokyo in a single night. Dr Serizawa, a brilliant scientist, created a device that caused Oxygen atoms to condense out of all compounds that are present in a water solution. To this day, it is the only weapon known to have killed a Godzilla. With the harder than uranium bones resting at the bottom of the sea, many hoped that would be the last they would see of the monster. However, they were wrong. When Godzilla appeared again, the AMF built a depleted uraniu m-tungsten-titanium armor system around the bones. State of the art AI from the American DARPA group was used to control the machine; though the AI is notoriously cautious. Kiryu can be directly piloted or piloted remotely, should the AI malfunction or be turned off. Kiryu stands at 55 meters and is around. 70 meters long. Kiryu has a 'back pack' that features two large missiles cannons that fire 60 200mm high explosive armor piercing missiles each. The 'back pack' greatly helps with acceleration and stability when flying, but when out of ammo, it can be used as on big explosive by ejecting itself and flying into the enemy for remote detonation by Kiryu. The cyborg sports two dual wrist mounted 120mm machine guns on each arm, with a 15 meter long retractable wrist blade hidden between each. The wrist blade can send a jolt of electricity strong enough to power a small town for an hour- in other words, highly lethal. Do not lick. Unlike Godzilla, Kiryu is based around agility- as the cyborg is only 30k tons, roughly half of godzilla's weight. Inside Kiryu's mouth is the electric maser cannon- it works like a tesla cannonc harnessing a hard bolt of energy and directing it. This maser cannon has matched and even beaten Godzilla's atomic breath on a handful of occasions. As an ultimate move, taking roughly 35% of Kiryu's power reserves, Kiryu can use one of three deadly chest mounted weapons. The Absolute Zero Cannon takes energy- not to power up- but to prevent Kiryu from freezing itself. AZC drops any target to absolute zero, allowing them to be smashed like a porcelain plate. The Triple-Maser Cannon is a hyper version of the mouth beam and is the most energy conservative as it can be stopped at any time- at 35% battery usage it hits its apex of damage to battery use age ratio. Finally, there is the prototype Dimension Tide- which can theoretically open an artificial and contained black hole- but it has never been used before.

    Name: Ronin
    Age: unknown
    Gender: Male
    Appearnce: Chrystal Emperor and Invasion forms.
    Background: While his origin remains a mystery, it is not a mystery that Ronin can survive the vacuum of space. He feeds solely off of cosmic energies, and has adapted as such. Since physical might is useless in space, Ronin's mind evolved beyond brute force. With the intellect of a genius, Ronin has telekenetic, psychic, levitation and mind control abilities. He can also communicate to select individuals through telepathy. His abilities do not stop there, as he also had an oral Corona Beam- an attack that is nearly impossible to dodge as it is guided by his mind. Ronin can also manipulate minerals to create large crystal pillars- these pillars can be used to create structures or weapons. By creating these, Ronin can better hone his psychic abilities and siphon more energy. He can manipulate some crystals to become spear like in shape, capable of conducting electricity and releasing bolts of lightning as attacks on other monsters. These spears can also be lifted and hurled like javelins through Ronin's psychic abilities. Ronin can also create a psychic shield to protect his body from physical harm. To move around quickly, ronin can create a crystal shield around himself and fly for brief to extended periods of time depending on his level of concentration. Ronin is 60 meters tall, 90 meters long and weights approximately 45k tons.
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  3. Name: Kay Hoang

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Quiet and polite usually, but gets annoyed fairly easily. Hates injustice above all else.

    Background Information: In a world filled with magic, the churches control most of the world's magical power. Daughter of the Pope, Kay was trained in the ways of magic. At the age of 18, she was given the rapier Thanatos, named after the god of death for its incredible magic capacity. Proud of her heritage, Kay was ready to go to the front lines of battle in the name of her church.

    Unfortunately, in her first battle, her squad was completely overrun. The friends she had grown up with were slaughtered and Kay had just barely managed to escape. She returned to her home only to find more enemies from the Orthodox Church hunting her down. The only way they could have made it in this far was if the Pope had let them. Hurt by the betrayal of her father, Kay escaped to the far east, fending off other mages from the church on the way, and began trying to live a common, ordinary life there.

    Four years later, battle found her once more. Surrounded, Kay pulled out Thanatos and prepared to fight, only for a hole to suddenly swallow her and the others. Waking up in a strange, unrecognizable world, Kay begins to try to figure out what happened.

    Kay's magic includes healing, generating light, setting her sword aflame, and utilizing a guardian spirit to help fight with her along with other various spells. Due to magic's prevalence in her world, she is not particularly good with technology.

    Guardian Spirit, Rain Gold: [​IMG]
    But golden instead of blue and with a greatsword.

    Familiar of the Lightning, Al-Fin: Rhododactylos
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Uknown, appears female
    Appearance: Human Form/Familiar Form
    Personality: Robotic, logical and emotion-less. Follows its master without question.
    Background: A Familiar with the form of a horse. A rare type of Familiar that, rather than summoning upon its master's command, retains a human form until prompted otherwise. Little is known about Al-Fin: Rhododactylos. However, it is known for its ability to channel electricity and quick movements. A fairly large familiar, it stands at 7 meters tall and 18 meters long.

    Name: Bagan
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Bagan
    Background: Bagan has the ability to shapeshift, essentially transforming into what he needs for the situation. However, he cannot change his approximate size, only able to make slight adjustments to it. A cunning Kaiju, he uses this ability to great effect in tandem with his intellect, which is quite high among Kaiju. Growing wings for flight, gills for prolonged underwater combat, lightening his body to move faster, and increasing in weight again to strike harder, Bagan has nearly limitless possibilities. But no matter how much he changes shape, his actual power and speed remain the same, only his relative power increases. 70k tons in base. Wavers between 40k-100k based on transformation. 65M tall and 90M long.
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  4. Name: Casper Quinn


    Final Form (open)

    Personality: He is a very goofy guy and try to make the best of everything although when it comes down to business he car be serious if needed he is know for making wise cracks as much as he possible can and all together likes to try to have fun
    Background Information:In his universe Peter Parker was killed in the battle with the sinister 6 and Casper watched it first hand he was in-ragged by this and decided to become the new hero to fill in for peter parker
    and defeated the reaming sinister 6 and became the new hero something he never wanted but he new it must be done he main weapons are elemental knuckles that he wear to give his punches a little kick the sole of his shoes are made from a thicker rubber to strength his kicks he also has web shooters but his elemental power aglow him to change the from say normal to electric he has put away most villains but the one he has yet to defeat is the rhino which has become his arch nemesis and he has not given up putting him away just yet
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  5. Just noticed you added more characters. Sweet!
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  6. Yeh- now I just gotta set up the IC
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  7. Name: Layla Gollin
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Layla is the life of the party. She is fun, talkative and just a generally nice person to be around. Sure, she has her ups and downs (downs being she can sometimes be abit too talkative), but everybody loves her. She also seems to have a way with the guys. How would she became friends with the Doctor if she didn't? She is more a cat person than a dog person, and because of this she has a pet cat called Huddli. She takes her everywhere.
    Background Information: Layla is from the universe of Doctor Who. She came so very close to being the Doctor's assistant, if it wasn't for the portal. But more on that later, I should probably start from the beginning...

    Layla was born in a small, snowy village in Scotland. She grew up as an only-child to a single father, and life often got abit lonely. The village was isolated in the middle of nowhere. To add to that, not many people lived there either. It was pretty much just her and her father, a family that lived a couple of minutes away and the mare's family. Three families, a nice community. Everybody knew each other (duh...), and everybody was kind to one another. Layla lived through life as a normal child, until that day it all changed...

    The angels were there. And by that I don't mean the kindhearted children of God, I mean the Weeping Angels with hearts of stone. Of course, the Doctor was there too, seen as the Weeping Angels had attacked the small village. He saved them from the evil clutches of the statue, and automatically became a town hero. The Doctor stayed there for a couple of weeks, and during that time he caught the eyes of Layla. Love is difficult, especially when you're a timelord, but that wasn't going to stop him. He offered for Layla to became his new assistant, so that they could travel the through time and space together. This was an offer she couldn't refuse

    Unfortunately, they never got to do this, as when Layla was about to step into the Tardis, she somehow fell into a portal that took her to a weird but wonderful world. This is where the story begins...

    As for weapons, she has a small, bronze knife that is always tucked in her pocket. It is just a kitchen knife, but it's powerful. Also, she has a cat called Huddli. Does a cat count as a weapon? In her case, it does. Huddli would do anything for Layla, even fight. You could say she's a very loyal cat.

    Is this ok?
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  8. Given that our party consists of a mage, a colonel of an army armed with a giant robot and guns, and what is essentially Spider-man, I think Layla might want a way to fend off threats besides a knife and cat, but that's up to you. Otherwise it looks good to me, though Maddeline is the one running this. After all, we're going up against Demonic Dragons and 60M/180+ft tall monsters.
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  9. when will we start rp back up
  10. Anytime now, the IC is up and running.
  11. I need a response from someone at the camp and Nightwing needs to respond to a soldier. And Amy needs to find her way into the story.
  12. Ok, I guess I'll go get my character involved somehow now.
  13. We've already got it rolling here. Don't see a reason to move.
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