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  1. Where were you when it happened?
    Were you expecting it? Maybe you were about to die and you felt your feet go out from under you?
    None of that matters now- because you are here. Here is hell.
    Giant Kaiju, a medieval death knight clan, an army of monster hunters, a giant cyborg, aliens, demons, dragons and dinosaurs. You probably can't even last the night-
    But you're going to try. It's not about your survival, but the survival of the man next to you.
    Yesterday, you were a man.
    Today, you are a soldier that survived a random wormhole; and we need you so that we can all make it out alive.

    This rp uses the "Godzilla Half Century War" comic as its backbone for plot but is ultimately original, featuring many characters from multiple universes. As long as they aren't planet busters, and you explain their universe, I will allow them.
  2. As you have probably guessed, I'm joining :)
  3. I'll set up the OOC thread...
  4. Ok, thanks.
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  5. @amybri18
    When are you going to create your character(s)?
  6. Later hopefully. I'm quite busy at the moment, but will hopefully have it up later. If not, tomorrow after 4ish.
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  7. Okie dokie ^_^
  8. @Maddeline Is it possible to have a character from the world of Doctor Who? I just wanted to check to make sure :)
  9. @amybri18
    Yes it is ^_^

    We are going to skip a few pieces of the plot, as I am moving my rp from Carpe Corse to here. It won't be too jarring, but some characters already know each other.
  10. Ok, I'll go make my character :)
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