Elements Collided: Alternate dimensions, crossovers and a Great War. Future based Scifi war rp

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  1. Seeing as though the rp is only semi-popular on my homepage, I'm going to test the waters here.

    It's an rp set in an alternate dimension with many crossovers including Halo, Godzilla and titanfall. It also has inspiration from art I found on deviant art, credit belonging to the respected artist/photographer.
    If some respond to this thread, I will post the plot and rp. It has many invisionfree hyperlinks on it, so if they don't work I will just link the original post on my homepage and format it for this website very quickly.

    Here is a bit of it without my character hyperlinks. My plots are normally very short to allow flexibility;

    200 years ago the Virus and Ronin menace on the planet, now known as Gorgo, were launched into the dimension tide. The humans created four colonies under the coalition (collection of multiple races)-
    The colonies came under fire as Kronos began a massive offensive against the humans, blaming them for the worlds problems. Soon Kronos had a society of pure blood dragons that were starting a human holocost. The five human coalition colonies were fine with hundreds and thousands of protectors, but the industrialized dragons attacked using weapons of their own. The machine guns, while inferior to the basic rifles that the human soldiers had, were standard issue.
    In a last ditch effort, despite the G-force agents (special forces soldiers given G-cell implants that make them regenerate) the coalition knew they had to make a tough call. The armies of Kronos were there, viciously destroying all in their path. While trying to decide, a series of monsters attacked the vulnerable city due to it's sudden noise and activity. Godzilla made landfall, and kiryu couldn't be dispatched in a reasonable time.
    Knowing they would lose 1/3 of their forces, the coalition made a heart breaking decision to drop a hydra-nuclear weapon (eight warheaded missile that drops from space) and destroyed the entire city.
    Godzilla became much stronger afterwards, and all but one G-force agent lived, making him the only survivor from coalition forces to escape the city. The crew of the division wars (only a few hundred thousand) were cloned mostly to prevent genetic overlap and lack of a military. These soldiers do not recall the last battle, as their brains were recorded and cloned before the final battle. These clones posed a significant threat to all of the Forces on the planet, besides Kronos' legions and the Farlanders.
    The entire world now rests in the hands of a few dozen teenagers and adults whose parents are fallen G-force agents, and must be trained and ready to fight for the upcoming battles that can decide if humanity can live on in this dimension.
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