Elemental War

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    Luna stood cautiously in the center of the room, the thick glass floor cold under her feet. The room was pitch black, so Luna closed her eyes. She listened, waiting for something to happen. Her hands were camly at her sides, ready to act if need be. She was told that this excersize would be the most difficult yet, and she feared it.
    Suddenly, a gust of wind hit her from the side, tossing her to the ground. She struggled to stand, not able to gain any footing agaist the slick glass floor. The wind kept coming, pushing her further and further to the other side of the room. she could feel something darting past her in the darkness, but it was only a matter of time until it attacked. She had to locate it quickly. Luna listened close, focusing her energy and withdrawing her black flute from her shirt sleeve. She opened her mouth and started to play, the sound was haunting but unmistakably beautiful. As she got more into her song, her eyes began to glow and she found the strength to stand. The wind seemed to be irrelevant to her now, her shoulders pushed back and her legs stood firm.

    Tera stood outside the training room, waiting for Luna to be done with her test. She was assigned as Luna's partner only a couple months ago, but they seemed to get along well enough. Luna was a quiet girl, not very outgoing or loud like her older sister Kalinda. There was a hidden power somewhere behind her purple eyes that Tera had never witnessed. She was mysteriously strong and Tera was curious to know how she did so well. Tera passed her test the week before, her challenge was arial fighting, which was a bit difficult for her. She didn't feel comfortable off the ground.
    She waited patiently, leaning her head of reddish brown hair against the wall. There wasn't any noise escaping the training room, but Tera was confident that Luna would pass. It was only a matter of time before she walked out, sweating and panting for breath.

    "Luna!" Tera gasped, pulling her friend into a warm embrace. "How did you do?"

    Luna smiled weakly and rested against Tera, letting her be her strength for a moment.
    "I almost didn't do it, that was intense..." She sighed.

    "What was you're challenge?" She tilted her head curiously. Helping her over to a chair.

    "Darkness..." Luna smiled, knowing Tera would get a kick out of that.
  2. "Again," Jace ordered flatly. The braided young man stood across the room with his arms folded as he got his younger brother ready for the test ahead.

    "Holy crap, Jay," Axel all but whined, barely standing upright as if his back were on fire. He looked at his other brother with the most pitiful expression he could muster. "Can't I take a break?"

    Jace merely blinked, expectant.

    "Big bro..."

    "Again," Jace repeated in response, completely and deliberately ignorant. He knew his younger brother's limits and he wasn't quite there yet; Axel was just being lazy -- as usual.

    Said blue-haired young man huffed out a breath of air and once again took up his stance. Summoning one's elder brother was a lot of hard work when one could not just call the other and 'poof.' That would be far more convenient than anything in the world. However, this summoning technique could potentially save Jace's life at some point in time, but whatever. Axel was tired and he wanted a break. Forthwith.

    He planted his feet, a good distance apart. Summoning the lightning's energy from the wiring of the room, he took a large feed. The power surged, dimming the lights -- of the entire building, he assumed -- and he gathered it all into both palms. Taking a deep breath, he brought the heavy masses of energy together. The lighting bolts crashed and fizzled away; amid the residual aftereffects stood Jace, who was no longer on the other side of the room but where the white light used to be.

    Axel let a lopsided grin overtake his features. "Good, right?"

    "Too slow," Jace responded, monotonous.

    Axel's smile dropped, replaced by a disbelieving scowl. "What the hell, man?"



    "Again, Axel."

    A resigned sigh. "Fine. But this is the last time."

    He had a slave driver for a brother...
  3. Arya had been told rather early on that she would be expected to meditate and find herself spiritually in order to learn how to control her element. The only issue with this, as she was now finding out, was that her mind wandered when she wasn't actively doing anything. A world of giant butterflies and assorted brightly-coloured birds melted into nothingness as her mentor scolded her for her distance.

    "You really must concentrate, Arya. You will never know yourself on a spiritual level if you can't focus on your exercises, you'll never be fully one with your element." His expression was one of disappointment. Arya fought back a sigh.

    "I really doubt I'm different enough on a spiritual level to make much of a difference, sir." She dropped her meditative stance, leaning back on her hands and tilting her head back. A bird cheeped down at her from a tree, head tilted. She smiled at it and chirped back quietly. Her mentor facepalmed with an annoyed grunt, then stood and and stumped off, leaving her to her own devices. Arya watched his back as he left, then stood herself. The grass was a little too dry beneath her bare feet.

    "Guess I should look for something to do..." She folded her arms and wandered off in the general direction of the little clump of buildings nearby.
  4. Kalinda was in the middle of an arena in the middle of a wooded area. There was fog swirling around her that she could not even pierce with the beams of light that shot out of her hands. 'Hmm, odd.' She thought as she attempted to break the fog once again with her light and it failed, she bit her lip thinking what she could do differently and tried a new tactic. She swirled her hands around each other like there was a ball between them, and after a moment or two there was a ball of light, and it was growing. The light got larger as she swirled and soon enveloped her hands, growning larger as she kept moving her hands and concentrating. A ball of light was now enveloping her whole body and she stopped her hands and clapped, loud. The ball of light exploded in all directions, and when she heard a whine coming from her right side she knew she was successful in hitting Nadia in the fog. She was not trying to hurt her friend, just win the battle. Her light enegry wasn't meant to be painful to whomever it hit, only like a hard shove, and if they weren't expecting it, it felt even harder.

    "Come on, Nadia! Is that all you've got?" She yelled, with a big smile on her face, into the fog, her voice not carrying far even though she yelled with all her force. This test was keeping her in darkness, and making her unable to use her abilities to see through the fog. She smiled at her small victory and braced herself for what was to come next.

    As the fog grew and grew Nadia pushed more water from the air into the fog she smiled. She knew that the light could not penetrate the fog, and even though Kalinda had a lot of light to give off there was no way that she could get through this fog, at least, not without actually burning it up with the heat from the light. Nadia hoped that she would be creating enough thick fog that the heat wouldn't effect it. When the big burst of light enegry hit her force field of water she cried out, not expecting it. Luckily they knew not to hurt each other, but it still was a hard hit. Nadia shook her head and thought about what to do next. The first thing she did was suck as much water as she could out of the air. This was an arena in the woods, and she didn't want to steal any water from the plants because they would die, and Tera would be very upset with her. She took a deep breath, then let it out, letting any emotions wash away and started moving in another direction so Kalinda wouldn't know where she was. She sucked up all the water she could from the air and even thinned out her fog some to gather as much as she could, she pushed a wave of water in Kalinda's direction and wondered what the sun could do to a wave, besides warm it up.
  5. Eliot was sitting on his bed looking out the window at the trees as they swifted and russled as the wind picked up speed sending the leaves in all types of diresctions. He leaned back and snapped his fingers watching the small flames envelop on his fingers and he snapped his fingers onoce more and the flame vanished he smiled to himself, he knew it be best to go tranning but what was the point he'd only cause havok like he always didi and was blamed like always even when things weren't his falut which was the main reason he had a bad temper that and he was always like that.

    He got up and put on his gray hoddie pulling it over his head and then placed his hat on his head and his sneakers , he headed down the stairs and left the house feeling the cool breeze against his body. Closing his eyes for a breif moment he opened his eyes and started to jog headed into the woods of a secluded area were he rested only for a short period of time, he spread his hands appart as he fslowly formed two fire ballls and aimed then at a tree but stopped at let the flames disperse. He didin't want to cause a forest fire and he had no water to put it out. He knew he'd have to go train with his trainner, he'd only known him for a short time but he trainned him well and he leard alot but he hated to train. just great he sighed and walked out the forest and down the block.
  6. Tera helped Luna stand, walking her to the infirmary. Luna had done the same thing for her before, so it was only fair. Luna was quiet, obviously thinking over her test in her head. Tera opened the door and helped her sit in one of the plastic chairs lining the right wall. </SPAN></SPAN>

    “Oh! Luna, look at you…You got roughed up today, huh?” The round nurse came from the back room, a look of surprise on her face when she saw the two girls. “I heard you passed though, good thing!” She smiled brightly and grabbed an ice pack out of the large overhead freezer.</SPAN></SPAN>

    “I could have done better…” Luna whispered to herself, feeling embarrassed. Tera had passed with flying colors, why couldn’t she? She accepted the ice pack and placed it over the rip in her sleeve. There was a dark purple bruise covering her arm seconds ago, but because of her natural restorative powers, it had disappeared.</SPAN></SPAN>