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So this plot is about 4 people, so I only need 3 more people. So there is a land, and it's surrounded by a large desert, but inside the desert, there are 5 groups of people. In the left top corner of the land there are people who possess the powers of fire. They live in volcanic terrain. In the top right corner, there is the people who command the Air element, They live in high mountains where the wind never stops. on the bottom left it the Earth element, they live in the forest. And then on the bottom right is the water element, which is some marshes and then the ocean. In the middle, there are people with no element. They are called humans. The others are referred to as Elemental's.

Now the 5 groups don't mix, or trade, they stay to themselves mostly. This is because when the land was created, by 4 gods, there was an orb of light created, this orb was a mix of all 4 elements. and they were to protect the humans from evil. So for years the land lived in peace, trading and loving each other equally. Then the people started getting selfish, the elements thought they were better than the humans, and so each group thought they should rule the land. This did not please the gods, they themselves started ruling in favor of their element. So one day, when the fight were getting worse and worse, then gods broke the orb that they had created in peace. Each element took their piece, and they all left to their homes. they started to worry about others stealing their crystal. So each element hid their crystal in their land.

So now everyone is separated, but its been so long, no one really remembers why they started fighting. But the humans know nothing of the elemental's, they just know they can't live where the other lands go. So they are totally unaware of what is going on around them. The elemental's know about each other though.

So each element group has the power to control their element, but not completely. It takes energy, and mind control to makes the element do what you want. So some who have more power over the element than others are often put in high places in the community. But there are 4 people, each an element, that can control the element perfectly. Without trouble. Their powers far exceed everyone else ( they are equal to each other though) and because of this there is a story here.

There is a dark power rising, and the gods need help to protect the humans from it. So each one of these people who are more powerful, receive a dream, telling them to go to a human town called the crossroads. So they all go, because although they have the most power out of everyone, they've taken no responsibility. So they all go, and meet at this place. So then they are told to find the crystals, after hearing the story from a very old story teller. So they go together to each elements home to find the crystal. (which can be worn as a necklace) and after they find the last one. They are told to wait, wait for the dark powers to come and invade. So they all went home.

It was hard for theme to integrate back into their societies, and they didn't fully. Their journey had bonded them together (some romances may be involved as well) and they miss each other. So they all decide to leave again, but how are they supposed to find each other? Well they each mindlessly go back to where they met. Crossroads. So they reunite. But then that's when they learn who the dark power is. a human, in the midst of the previous war, stole a powerful stone from the gods. And this stone gave him the power to strip people of their life force, and gives it to him (this is how he's lived this long) and so now he is even more powerful than a single one of the elemental's. So they use the crystals. they combine them to make the orb. and it started to work, but then the human crushes it. He was to powerful. (now tell me if this sounds to MLP here and the ending can change :P )

So the Elemental's were defeated, until they realize, the marks that were on the crystals have imprinted onto their skin. Right where the necklace was. And so they used their powers to absorb the crystal shards. Then they each possessed the powers of the crystals. And defeat the human, and restore peace between everyone. They then lived together for the rest of their lives.

ok so the plot is very set out, things can change though, and your character is completely yours! I'm new to this site, so if I do something wrong just tell me, and I'd appreciate any help you can give me :)

so fill out this to apply for the position of an element:

History (optional):
Quirks (anything about your characters behavior):
Other (anything else you want to add):

ok awesome! And this is mine:

Name: Poem
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Element: Earth

History (optional): Poem was born in one of the smaller villages of the earth element, when she was 10 she exampled her powers and was offered the position of princess in the capital. She refused, as an orphan she didn't want power. So she grew up alone, and making her own way in life. The capital still tries to get her into a position of power, but she refuses.
Quirks (anything about your characters behavior): She's very hyper, and fun, but sometimes she can be serious, and intimidating.
Other (anything else you want to add): N/A
Weapons: She uses a bow usually, and she has various knifes on her at all times.

Ok guys that's it! Thanks!
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