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  1. "Hey come out already, you going to stay in locked up in there all day?" said Hiyu knocking on Rai's door. Rai was lying around in his room most of the morning. He didn't want to leave it mostly because he knew what his mother would tell him to go and do, but if he didn't leave the room Hiyu would get upset and Rai didn't like upsetting his brother. Rai opened his door only to get a light crop on the head by his brother. Even though it was a light crop it still hurt to Rai. Just like Rai, Hiyu had dark blue long hair, but he had green eyes while Rai had red. Hiyu was much taller than he was. He was about 5'6 while Rai was still a short 4'2. Rai didn't like being short and was envious of his brothers height, but what could you expect with his brother being twice his age.

    Rai loved his big brother because even though he was rough at times there was a kindness in it that Rai could see and feel, even though it wasn't apparent to the rest of his family. Rai use to find himself thinking from time to time "if only he were around my age, we could be best friends and I wouldn't have to hang out with Kai". Rai hated Kai. He would always pick on him and insult him. Whenever it seemed Kai didn't get his way, he would even go as far as hurting him. Rai could never understand why it was always him being pick on. Rai always felt comfortable being alone. He felt safe in his room not worrying about the next time he would get picked on. He was a peaceful person and couldn't understand why others couldn't be.

    Rai rubbed his head, trying to rub away the slight pain from Hiyu's punishment. Hiyu smiled at him then sighed. "You have to keep up your guard little brother. You should of seen this coming. You haven't ate breakfast yet, come on," said Hiyu walking to the living room area. Kai followed him smiling slightly while still holding his head.

    "Hiyu stop picking on your brother," said his mother sitting in the living room resting her head on her hand with her elbow on the table, her fingers in between her hair. Rai loved his family. Even after his father died, the family still managed to stay bright and happy. Recently their mother started to become ill and can't do as much because her body was so weak. It made Rai sad when seeing her like that. He didn't want to worry her with the situation with his friends. Hiyu would take care of most of the cooking and cleaning while he was made to go out and play. Rai didn't mind helping his brother, but Hiyu wouldn't let him and he didn't know why.

    Rai's mother was a very beautiful women. She had long red hair and had red eyes. She was a kind hearted women who would always smile about anything except when his father died. Rai didn't want to remember her face when he died. It broke his heart whenever he remembered it.

    After finishing his breakfast, Rai knew what was coming next. "Rai time to go and play," said his mom looking at him with her good natured smile. He didn't argue, and did what we was told. He walk to his mother, putting both hand on each side of her head then kissed her forehead. This was the family's way of saying goodbye. It symbolized "if I don't make it back home, I got to say goodbye and I love you properly" and their family took it very seriously. His mother did the same then patted him on the head. "That's a good boy," she said while scuffling his hair a little.

    He hated when they did that. Rai cherished his hair. He guessed it had something to do with the family custom of having long hair, but he wasn't sure. Even though he took his time he did what he was told and left the house. He looked up at the sky. "It looks like it may rain soon," he said noticing the grey clouds.
  2. Hinata was in a very deep sleep her chocolate colored hair splayed out on her pillow while she slept deeply, this picture of peace was not set for peace much longer though as a light creak indicated her door had been opened up. Like two tiny quick shadows a pair of little boy twins leapt into thier sleeping sister making her scream awake with a loud thud as she hit the ground and the twin boys gripped her tightly. "Get up big sister, get up!" The two yelled in sync their blonde short straight hair the complete opposite of Hinata's curly chocolate brown.

    "Hiro! Moro! Why did you do that!?" She yelps as she launches up with her three year old brothers in her grasp. Her bright two colored eyes were furious and bright after all when she woke up she was instantly awake, although her red and yellow eyes still looked too bright to be good for her. With an annoyed sigh she plops the twins into seats at the table her eyes still lit up with irritation.

    Hinata glances up away from the boys to see her father standing in the kitchen cooking something over a fire, it looked like a squirrel and she turns a bit more gentle. "Good morning dad, when did you get up?" She asks curiously as she pulls down some plates and a knife.

    "This morning with the sun." He sounded gruff maybe even a bit angry, he had never been particularly fond of his one daughter and would often treat her coldly but she had grown accustomed to that. Her father looked exactly like the two boys though, they most assuredly took after him while Hinata was the spitting image of her mother, although her eyes had both been blue and her father's eyes were two colors as well. She had her fathers eyes, although she kind of hated that fact she liked her unique eyes.

    Without saying anything else as her Father finishes cooking she cuts up the food and splits it between the four of them taking only a very small amount for herself she eats it quickly and stands up to leave, "where are you going?" With a little pout she picks up a wicker basket and heads for the door calling back to her dad. "To pick some berries." She heads outside and looks up to the sky with a happy smile. 'I hope it rains today.' She thinks to herself and gets going.
  3. Slowly waking up, Sayomi rubbed her oddly green eyes. The house was quiet, as it always was. She sat up and looked around and panic over came her as she looked about. "Taki! Taki! Where are you?!" She yelled, her voice echoing through the empty house. Quickly the small puppy ran in and jumped on the bed and licked her face. She sighed out of relief and hugged the dog. "Where did you go you silly thing?" She asked the dog with a small giggle.

    It was only her and the dog now, after her grandfather had passed away a couple weeks ago from an illness. Most people didn't know that she was alone in the house, they just assumed that there was an adult with her, since her and her grandfather had kept to themselves about their personal life. Her grandfather had been mostly a hunter, so he was gone a lot and expected the young girl to care for herself. Sayomi learned quickly and efficiently how to take care of herself and the house, and loved when her grandfather would pick her put and tell her what a good job she had done while he was gone. He had told her that if people knew he was gone and no one was there with her that she would be taken away, and she didn't want that. She had loved her grandfather very much, as he loved her.

    The girl pushed the blanket off of herself and stepped onto the cold ground. "Lets go eat Taki. I'm hungry!" She grabbed a brush and ran it through her long red hair. For her age, Sayomi was tall and slender and her grandfather used to joke about how he thought that half her weight was from her long thick hair. Was she walked into the kitchen, she placed the brush down on the table and went and got some left over bread and cheese. She poured herself some tea and stood eating in the kitchen. She threw pieces of cheese to the dog as she thought.

    "What should we do today Taki? There is so much that needs to be done. We need to bake, we need to go buy more cheese and meats, we need more tea, and need to go find more fruits and roots. We have a busy day ahead of us!" She dipped the last bit of her bread in the tea and ate it, finishing the tea as she walked back to her room. She changed her clothes to a white almost sun dress. Unless there was snow outside, she was always found in dress. She adored them and they made her feel pretty. she put a brown cloak around herself, and pulled the hood up. People tended to stare at her red hair, especially once they noticed the odd color of her striking green eyes that always seemed to change shades.

    Walking out of her room, Sayomi stopped and took a deep breath as she placed her hand on the closed door not far from hers. "I'll be back poppa. I love you.." She always said goodbye, even when he was alive. It helped her feel better, like he was there, just sleeping. She felt less alone.

    "Taki! Lets go boy!" She yelled walking out of the house with her pack on her shoulders. She figured she would go and get cheese and meat and return home for lunch, then venture out for everything before baking. As she stepped outside, she realized how grey the day was and pulled the cloak tightly around her as she walked. "Don't go jumping in any puddles you silly dog you. I don't want to have to give you a bath!" she warned the dog.
  4. "It had already rained a few days ago, and now it's going to rain again," thought Rai as he made his way to the hideout. The hideout was an old shed, that was abandon after the house belonging to an old man was destroy after his passing. Rai missed the old man. He was a friendly old man. The old man would tell him stories about when he was a warrior who fought to protect the village when he was young. Kai and Rina never believed him though, said that he was a stupid old man. Rai hated how disrespectful they were to him, but the old man didn't care. He would always laugh, enjoying the name calling. He would always say "youth is a wonderful thing" and would say how much he missed being young.

    Thoughts of the man would rush though his head every time they met at the hideout. Kai and Rina were sitting on an old barrel, looking bored to death until Kai noticed him approaching. "Took you long enough. How long were you planning on ducking us," said Kai with a grin on his face. Rai knew that grin all too well. Kai jumped off the barrel and walked up to Rai, putting his arm around the back of his neck. Kai's arms were muscular for his age. When he put his arm around Rai's neck it seemed like it would shallow his head as well. Rina remained sitting on the barrel smiling at them or it seemed like she was smiling at Rai. You never knew what she was thinking. It always seemed like she was plotting something. She never spoke her mind, she would just stare and observe. Kai never bothered her. It almost seemed like he was afraid of her sometimes, probably because he didn't know what she was thinking either. "I told you before that you can escape from me. If I think for a second that you're trying to hide I'll beat you up ever more than before," said Kai with an evil grin on his face.

    "I wasn't trying to run..I just woke up late, that's all," said Rai, hoping Kai would believe him. He didn't want to get on Kai bad side. Kai was older and stronger than he was. He didn't stand a chance in a fight with him. He was trapped. He couldn't escape. He wanted to run away, but didn't want to leave his family. His family was the only thing keeping him in this dull village. He wanted to leave, wanted to see the world, and he wanted to be stronger so Kai would stop bullying him. Before he could think of anything else Kai slapped him in the back of his head so hard, it made him lose his balance. He almost fell on the ground. He turned to Kai. Rage and fear rushing through his mind. His eyes began to tear up, but he didn't cry. If he did Kai would beat him up and call him names.

    "I'm talking to you, you little shit," Kai yelled looking down at Rai. Rina looked on, still observing the scene. Before Rai could respond a huge explosion pushed him, flying into the air along with Kai. When he hit the ground everything went dark.
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  5. Hinata had been passing by an old abandoned house on her way into the forest to pick berries, the sudden yell she heard made her turn towards the sound. 'Its not my business...' She thinks to herself even as her feet carry her fast into the building to find out what's going on.

    She finds two children and another terrified boy on the floor, she was only a little older than the boy on the floor but it still annoyed her seeing them pick on someone who was obviously not defending himself. With a glare she starts at the boy who is obviously the antagonizer and yells at him. "Hey!! Pick on someone your own size!" Her odd two colored eyes light up angrily but before she can shove the other boy away something explodes catching everyone in the little house inside the blast. Hinata screams before she is blasted and her vision fades to complete blackness once she hits the ground with the boy she had been trying to help.
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