Elemental Knights

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Romance, Yaoi, Fantasy, Historical, Modern, Horror; anything really, I'll try my hand at something once.

The tree of life is the life force of the world.

Every plant has roots, every creature has a heartbeat, and each can be traced back to the tree of life. The humans once believed that beneath the tree, the earth's core resided and brought warmth and life to the earth. Each root that dug through the earth from the tree, created more and more roots making more trees and animals and soon beings like humans and others. When humans walked the earth, they worshiped the tree, calling it "Mother Nature" or "Elder Mother", considering it the highest power next to the Creator. They believed that the tree of life is the wife of the creator and for the humans, this explained, why it healed them of everything from just sitting next to it. Moreover, the power that comes from the tree is equal to that of the creator. They are connected and one without the other means the end of all that is living. However, in everyone's mind, that would never happen and the tree would always stand tall and strong... but how much can something that is perfect... take?

The tree's design was perfect, in every way, it gave life back to those who lost it and healed the sick... but the creatures around it, abused the powers and drained the tree of the force that kept the world alive, that kept everything alive. The impossible began to happen... the tree began dying and so did the rest of the earth.

The humans, now extinct due to the 'milking' of their blood and consumption of their food, no longer had to worry about the impending doom of the earth. The tree was dying and no one knew what to do. Therefore, the Elder from each race, all gathered around the tree and used it to connect to the creator to ask him, what they should do to save the tree and themselves.

My essence is in those who wield magic. Their sacrifice will keep the tree from withering away along with the rest of the earth, is what he had said to them. Therefore, they began collecting those who wielded magic and sent them to the tree. Had the strongest feed the tree the essence within them that they were born with.

This worked for maybe a three more years, but then it seemed to get worse. The tree began to want life itself, sucking it back from the earth to stay alive. They had to start sacrificing the wizards and wiccan just to keep the earth from falling apart.

The creator knew of it and wanted to stop the tree of life, but he was as weak as she was, the tree and him connected. So he tried to get some of the elders to re-group and speak with him, but they all lost hope in him.

He then began to speak to the elder dragons of the dragon clan. He told them to go to a certain place in the mountains and wait for a ray of pure light and when it fades there will be a child.

The child will be a pure part of me and at the right time, she will save us all. Raise her and keep her safe, he had said to them and they had listened. After two days of waiting, the signs appeared and the light from the highest part of heaven fell to the earth. The dragons found a child wrapped in a bundle and gems in her hand.

The child was named Andaraste, the daughter of the creator and the purest form of life.

They did as they were told, they sheltered the child and trained her, raised her, loved her like parents would and made sure she knew what would have to happen in a short amount of time.

In the ten years that passed, six others were born, with in each was the power to control the six elements, water, fire, earth, air, light and dark. Each of these six, would be Andaraste's guardians. They were all taken to the temple deep with in the mountains and trained by each of the elders of their element.

The flutter of long gold tresses flew behind a young human child as she ran down the corridors of her home. She had been summoned by her dragon mother and she was egar to find out what is it she wanted to tell her.

She ran down windowless passageways and intricatly designed walls until she reached a large room made of granite and a few other things. This was the worship altar, where she went to speak to her father about her day and what not. "Mama?" she called, smiling when Natia came into veiw. She walked to her dragon mother and hugged her gently. "You wanted to see me?" she asked looking at her dragon mother.

Natia looked back at Andaraste with sad eyes and a soft gentle smile. "My child..." she began, not able to bring herself to say what she had to say. "Mama? Whats wrong? Why do you look so sad?" she asked softly.

"Natia, you must tell her," Issac said from the other side of the room. He walked up to the pair and looked at Natia with equally sad eyes. Andaraste was confused and worried. "Anadi... It is time," Natia finally said.

Andaraste felt her heart sink as she heard those words fall from her Dragon mothers lips. She felt tears well up but she held them in and took a step back. She bowed and nodded her head. "I will go prepare then," she said softly, her eyes looking at the ground as she turned and walked away. She didn't turn back around, but she could feel Natia reach her hand out to her, but Issac stopped her.

Andaraste knew her destiny, but it did not make it any less painful or less difficult for her to say goodbye to her dragon mother. She entered her bedroom, and as she closed the large oak door she let out a sob and slid to the floor.

"Must I die father? I do not want to die... But I know I must," she murmered, wiping the tears from her eyes. She felt a weak but warm essence form around her, like a father hugging his daughter. She nodded her head and hugged back, before standing.

She began packing the things she needed. The gems she was born with, the gown that was made from the blanket that wrapped around her as a baby and a few memories she had of Natia and others she had met. She looked over her room, pulling on a black cloak and wearing a white dress underneath.

She knew that she was wanted back in the alter room and that where she went. Only Issac wasn't there. Natia pulled Andaraste into a tight hug and told her it would not be the last time they met. She then took Anadi's hand and lead her towards the part of the temple she was never allowed to enter. She saw light and not fire light but sunlight and it hurt her eyes as they got closer to it.

Issac was speaking and adressing the six dragon warriors choosen at birth to guard Andraste. "The time has come to fufill what you have been taught. You will help keep this world and all who live here from dying, by protecting the daughter of the creator. Now is the time told to us by the creator himself that she must go to the tree of life," Issac finished.

He held out his hand and had Natia bring Andaraste outside. She squinted, her skin glowing in the sunlight, like she was part out it and her hair shimering slightly like gold. "This is Andaraste, out in your travel's call her Anadi so no one else will know of who she is," he instructed.

"Hello..." Andaraste asked, her voice pure and sweet sounding, flowing smoothly from her lips into the air.

Tristin's long silver hair breezed in the wind, his locks long enough to reach his waist glowing in the sunlight. His elven clothing, given to him by his adoptive Elven mother, fitted firly around his body. On his back was a compound bow, made from bark of an selestial tree, a tree who's bark never breaks or rots. Relative to the bow, he uses magic to form arrows, that way he'd be ready. On the right side of his waist, were two elven longswords, a potch, and a dagger. Along with him was his Elf mother to wish him goodbye before he departs for such a long period of time, it almost brought tears to their eyes.

"Please come back safely my boy" she said, as she held him for one last time, she patted his back and walked from the temple. Being a dragon had it's perks, but the defects were hard to deal with. His eyes swayed around the room, scouting the other warriors and their functions. his sapphire blue eyes became locked on one person soon. for Andraste, in the flesh, walked into the room.

It was like witnessing the opening of the heavens. Her blonde hair shining bright in the sun, her dress wrapped around her beautiful figure. Tristen had witnessed beauty in it's finest of hour. The child of the Creator was standing right there only a few stepps away from him, but seemed to have an unhappy look apon her eyes. it seemed like she was shy a bit the way she introduced herself, so Tristin slowly hheld out his palm, and presented his name. "My name is Tristin Barrendore your majesty, warrior of the wind and crusader of air. It is a pleasure to meet someone of your stature."
Slightly apart from the others stood a muscular and hardened man. His features were rugged, and his skin was dotted with scars. His messy and unkempt hair was fastened against his head by a pale bandanna. He stood, arms folded, eyes closed, listening to the Elder dragon Isaac's words. He was never much of a conversationalist, preferring the solitude of training. When he worked with the others, he spoke only when necessary. As he stood there, he was calm, and collected. He knew of their charge. He knew the consequences of failing. This was the highest quest that could be given in this world, and the six of them have received it. There was not much else to do but wait patiently for the start.

They stood before the large structure where Andraste was kept safe. Intricate designs and well-forged accessories and structuring made the building seem like a temple. Which it was. The day was bright, and the sun beat down on their heads. It was surprisingly good day considering the situation the Tree was in.

He heard a different voice, and opened his eyes, spotting a girl. She was quite extraordinary. She seemed to glow with a brilliance beyond mere mortal thoughts and considerations. She was clearly something far more than just a human girl.
Andraste. Daughter of the Creator. The one person that can save the world, and who also happened to be their charge.

With the greeting, came a sense of obligatory reply, and after Tristin, he stepped forward.
"I am Riuuk." he said, in a calm, expressionless voice. "It is an honour to meet you. You have my power, my blade and my life." He made a small, official-looking bow, and then stepped back, folding his arms again.

They were about to embark on a journey. One that literately held the balance of the whole world in its hands.

They must succeed.
Today was the day, all their training and preparation was in theory complete, and they'd finally meet the girl they were meant to protect. Tessa's emotions bubbled inside her, and desperately she tried to contain the excitement to meet the young girl. The one known as the child of there god, the one who would some how save their world. The one she'd and all the other guardians would lay there lives down for, how could one not be excited. Everyone worked so hard for this task, and now it was about to unfold,..Maybe it was a bit twisted for Tessa to be excited. It wasn't as if this was about to be an easy or even fun journey, but her love for life and those in it seemed to blow the gloominess right out the window.

While she had waited for the elder dragons and the young girl to arrive, Tessa had picked a nice open and bright spot to bask in the sun's rays. Since she was a dragon of the flame, Tessa enjoy the light and heat greatly, and Sat crossed legged on the ground. She was propped up on her arms, which were placed slightly behind her back. Her Face titled up, taking in as much of the beautiful day as it could. Tessa's extremly long, fire red hair flowed down her back, and sat neatly in a pile behind her. In this state it was the quietest Tessa was, aside from when she trained. Taking in the rays was almost a form of meditation to the young Fire dragon, and seemed to smooth the intensity of the emotions which flicked inside her. It didn't matter how long Tessa had to bask, once she arrived it was hard to contain the excitment. For all Tessa wished to do was leap up and hug the little girl.

After Tristin and Riuuk's greetings, Tessa popped up. Her uniquely cut black and white outfit swirled around her body, before the two oddly shaped pieces of cloth which made the skirt part of her outfit sat neatly in front and behind her body. She bowed slightly, and grinned warmly to the little girl, as one of her slender hands raised up and waved. Tessa's voice was smooth and warm, and a hint of her excitement flowed into her words. " Anadi is wonderful to meet you! such a pleasure. " she started as her ruby red eyes fixated on the little girl an admired her. " I'm Cantessa Nox, a dragon of the flame. You have my completely assisstance in whatever you need sweety. "
The sun's sweet rays reflected deeply into Chayanne's lake, it's light penetrating just enough to warm her humid scales. Today was a special day, even the water's calm fluids tarnished and swayed in commotion, today she would meet that destined child who her mentors had spoken about. Overall, Chaya remained calmed, her golden colored eyes lighting the way in the murky waters of her home as her tail twirled as if dancing, making majestic movements as she swam. Her mentor had warned of tardiness, and she wouldn't want that. Destiny waiter for no one after all.

After what seemed like minutes but in reality hours, Chaya had completed her morning swim, greeted all fishes and sang to the just as blue sky. The day was seemingly peaceful, as if any other day--but of course, it wasn't. Today marked the start of a journey, an adventure and opportunity to gain knowledge not found in any textbooks and see parts of the world she had never thought about. Her eyes glistened with excitement as her body failed to stay put. She continued on her trail until finding her safe haven, there she proceeded to transform back into her human form. Golden eyes changing into golden locks as icy blue scales became the portals into her soul-- her eyes. Chaya loved both of her forms, they reminded her of her elderly parents and ancestors, and darn if she wasn't anything but proud of it.

In the distance she could hear a call being made, the signal-- she thought. With haste, she moved as fast as her human form could take her and ran towards the elder's temple. There she spotted her comrades, her fellow brethren of elemental dragons. Her mood faltered slightly, Chaya was not used to much communication and friendliness towards them, it wasn't in her nature to do so. Breathing a long sigh for inner peace she gracefully walked into the room, bowing her head and kneeling in front of her superiors. Her gaze never meeting those above her.

" I am Chayanne, dragon of the ever serene waters. It is my pleasure to serve you, Andras... Andi. I will protect you with my life "
Time had little meaning to the light dragon, she cared little for this unnessicary trip. She wanted to continue to training with the elders, she wanted to beat him in combat, yet she was still not quite able to. She knew that she was close, however. Only two things forced her to go; one, that her sister was going, and two, there will be times during this trip that may actually prove to be fruitful.

Her hesitation on though sent her backward. A large black mass intruded into her vision and rammed straight into her. Mitne cursed. The force actually sent her into the air. White bat-like wing spread on instinct, preventing her from going up further, or losing balance. Wheda! Her growl was cut short, the black mass had wings of her own; they unfurled just as her did, only covered the white and forced them down. A pressure formed at the middle of her neck. She felt dizzy as she was not able to breath. Then, Mitne gave in, it wasn't until the black scaley mass knew for sure she was not going to retailate that she let go of her neck and wings and moved away. Mitne was a little suprised, for her sister had actually beaten her in battle. Only was only due to trickery she knew, but she was angery anyways, because Whedabra would hold it over her head for some time.

Time to go. Wheda said. We finally get to meet the girl.

I'll bet she is not as spectatular as you make her.
Mitne retorted.

There was another growl from the dark dragon. The depth made the ground tremble. But she said nothing, and simply leapt into the air, taking flight toward the temple.

Whedabra, the dark dragon was almost the opposite of her sister. She wanted to go on this adventure. She had waited long, too long it seems for something to happen to save the tree of life. She wanted badly believe that this girl was teh answer, but deep down in the recesses of her mind she had a doubt. She pushed it away and continued on flying. A quick look behind her and she saw Mitne flying just the the right, enough behind so their wingtips would not smack against each other.

The temple had already been into view, they had not gone far for the personal spar. It seemed as if Mitne wanted her to fight more and more these days, though she could not quite pin-point why.

The Dark and Light dragons landed one right after the other in the clearing near the temple that was made just for the landings. Dark had made a graceful land, yet she had to brace herslef for the white dragon's landing, the ground trembled at the loud thud. Wheda craned her neck to the side to give her sister an amused look. Mitne pretended not to notice.

As one they turned into their human forms and strode into the temple to wait for the girl. Wheda stuck to the shadows. She embraced them fully as they embraced her and filled her with strength. Mitne did the opposite. She clung the the light, the the fire dragon had, however she chose a different shaft of light.

Mitne's dress was elaborately colored. there had to be ever color on the rainbow on her dress, some colors in smaller amounts. The dominate colors were purple and red. White orbs and brown eyes shifted to the newcomers as the girl entered. Mitne gave a silent scowl at the sight, while Wheda smiled, closed her eyes, and took in a long breath, inhaling the new girl's scent. That alone seemed to energize the dark dragon.

Greetings passed between the other dragons and the girl, but neither Light or Dark moved from their position. They both waited, not for their turn, but rather for different reasons. Mitne did not care, while Whedabra was patient and waited for the girl to noticed her. She did not want to completely smother her.
Issac watched each of the six interact with Anadi.

She had bowed to them all and felt her self ease away from her shyness and a smile graced her eyes. She looked at the dragon of Air and took his hand, her own soft like silk. "I'm happy to meet you Tristian, I'm Andaraste, Anadi for short," she said to the dragon of air. She looked at the second that had approached her and smiled at him as well, but he had backed away from her, so she couldn't properly introduce herself to him.

Then she felt a sudden rush of energy as Cantessa spoke to her and felt herself feed off the energy and emit it into the air. It was slight, but a rush of excitement filled her and she smiled at Cantessa as well. "Thank you very much," she said softly. She then was surprised as Chayanne bowed to her. She didn't like that and she bent down and lifted the water dragon to her feet. "I am glad to meet you, but I do not wish to be treated like an elder. I am but a key to unlocking the life that has been taken away from this planet and my father," she said softly, letting the Water dragon go. She walked towards the shadows, having noticed the two remaining dragons land.

"Hello, I am Anadraste, may I know your names?" she asked, her voice kind and sweet like a mothers voice.
Aera had been riding for three days straight, and this would be the fourth night since he had entered a populated area. Shivering in his sadle, Aera looked around and saw the sun begin to set. It wasn't the time of year for it to be this cold in the evening. "A change is coming," he said out loud, knowing that no one would hear him talk. A hawk started to fly close to him, which would have scared the horses if he hadn't calmed them down before the hawk landed on his right shoulder. Nodding to the squaks of the hawk, Aera steared the horses to the southwest where he would be able to get some fresh game.

After about an hour's ride, Aera entered the forest. Sliding down from the horse he was riding, he tied the two of them to a nearby tree. Leaving his prized bow with the horses and placing a camoflouge spell over it, he stalked into the woods looking for the game the hawk had told him about. Walking for just over ten minutes, Aera came across a clearing that held a small herd of elk. Applying a little bit of magic to his right wrist guard, a string made of wind appeared with an arrow of earth drawn back. Sliently approaching the herd, he was able to get close enough to fire a killing shot. Aiming at one of the closer bucks, Aera fired the earth arrow and watched as it plowed through the bucks skull, killing it with very little pain. Grabbing the dead elk, he dragged it back to his horses and started to not only prepare tonights meal, but meals for the next few months.
Dark smiled as the girl turned toward her. She let her power enhance the shadow she sat in. It was not a darkness that would scare, however, it was a warm welcome feeling that one could feel walking out into the night with a star-strewn sky. The girl in the shadows dipped her head to Anadi.

"I am pleased to finally meet you, my friend."

From the shaft of light the other girl stood, Light stirred. "As am I, Anadi." There was a bit of a sting in her voice, but that was nothing unusual.
Strength and nobility was displayed at that time. The strength was shown by how easily most of the warriors could hold up their spirits, knowing that we are proceeding her to her imminent damise. It may not have felt like murder, but was it truely the right option? A question that needed an answer with all the strength they could muster, a fortunate creature with an appalling fate. It might not seem as the best option, but to ssave the world, it had to be done.

Their nobilty was represented by their sworn assistance to Audi. Back at his Elven homeland, nobility was a sure sign that the prtected will live forever, and as far as Tristen knew, it was never wrong.