Elemental Escape to Paradise

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    Sam had been working all day in the camp. It was hot and treacherous. The guards gave no man a break. It was hard enough living in a camp, but to force them to work in such harsh conditions.

    After a long day of work, they finally let everyone rest. But it wasn't a good rest. The cots were just solid pieces of metal welded together in a form of bunk beds. It was very cold and uncomfortable. It was a nightmare. Day in day out, living the life of the average elemental was harsh.
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    Erin sighed as he flopped over, running his fingers through his hair with a soft groan. He felt so weak an exhausted, unable to feel water for days at a time made him fidget, the weaker minded having already gone crazy. He hated this place, this place where humans thought they could keep the elementals to keep them in line. He hated it more than anything! He just wanted to rest a little bit, but the cold, hard metal beds only made him ache. There was only a few boys left in his place and he could tell one was ready to snap. He pulled at his pale hair and whimpered every five seconds and he couldn't stand to watch another fellow water elemental falls to pieces. He pushed himself up from his metal bed and quietly left it, knowing that the guards were staring at him intently. One passing guard walked past and struck him in the back of the head, huffing at his yelp of pain. Anger boiled under his skin like water on a hot stove. He hated this place! It was inhumane and cruel! They may have the ability to communicate and use natural things with only a flick of the finger, or even a thought, but they were people too!

    He cursed his parents for turning him in so easily, if only to earn a break from the heavy taxes for a single year. He'd thought his parents loved him more than that! But no, they didn't...

    He sniffled and wiped at his tear filled eyes, taking a deep breath and frowning. He wouldn't cry over them abandoning him anymore, he would grow up and he would escape. But he needed a better plan then run and hop the fence and hope the landmines and armed men didn't get him.
  3. "KABOOOOOOMM" a large explosion rattled the camp, shaking the tenants. Cries could be heard from everywhere. Cries of pain and agony, some of fear. Even the guards were a little jumpy and frightened. After the explosion settled, the sound of metal being bent against it's will. Soon, water poured into the containment rooms and earth started to appear from the sides.

    Using the distraction, some water elementals froze the guards in place and earth elementals protected their fellow inmates. Running towards the exit, Sam tried to grasp the reality if what was going on. This meant freedom. After a long run, he saw the light that lead to the outside of the underground prison. Finally, he was released from the shackles. Figuratively of coarse. But he wasn't out of the fire just yet. The outside of the prison was a war zone. Many people on each side fell to the ground as they killed each other. The elementals had the advantage, as they had the humans surrounded from each side. "Rebels!" Sam whispered to himself. Helping his fellow people, same bombarded the guards with boulders and pillars of earth. Then everything went black. A man had snuck behind Sam and stuck him with a needle. Eventually, he woke up to a boarded up house in a worn out bed.
  4. Erin had jumped and fallen to the ground as shrapnel stabbed into his body from a nearby explosion. He curled up on the ground, gasping in pain as he touched the half melted pice of glass jutting from his leg. He looked around as the area broke out in chaos, the ground flying either from explosions or from earth elementals once again allowed to move the earth and strike down those who'd entrapped them for so long. He pushed himself up, wincing as he knew he'd been burned a little, his face stinging in spots, his throat thick with the smoke that was close to the ground to perhaps hide the elementals.

    He hobbled for a little while, hair standing on end as he heard the screams and cries of men and women falling, the bang and clatter of rifles being fired and the thunderous rumbling of shifting earth. The wind whipped about fiercely and fire moved as though it were a sentient being. It was terrifying for a teen who'd always lived in a town filled with peace with no rebellions or attacks from anywhere nearby and none of the rebellions reported much upon, to suddenly be thrown in the middle of a battle like this one. He screamed in fear as bullets whizzed by his head and he dove down, pushing the glass further in his leg, vision swimming with tears and blood loss. He was terrified, his last thoughts being a wish that he'd have been free with his powers before he'd die before his world sank away into darkness.

    He swam in and out of consciousness, head spinning and vision blurred. He caught faint snippets of conversation, some about his and his injuries, some about the hide out he'd be placed in, or just soft chatter. He was feverish and sick as well as traumatized, laying in the cot he'd been placed on in a small dusty room, his wounds healed up until they were pink scars and only hungry and a little thirsty. He groaned softly as he pushed himself up and swallowed thickly, still feeling sick inside from the pain that echoed faintly and the screams that rang out in his mind.
  5. Sam looked around, figuring out where he was and what had happened. Then it hit him. His memories flooded back. The explosion, the blood and screams. "Hey, Sam. You up yet?" A low, intimidating voice sounded through the hallway. Moments later, a big burly man walked in. He had many scars covering his beefy body. On his back, Sam noticed two gourds.

    "Max!" Sam exclaimed in recognition. "What are you doing here?" He asked the second in command of the rebellion. The man didn't say anything, instead, handed the heavy gourd over to Sam. "Where's my brother?" Sam questioned, curious as to where his older brother selaphiel was. Instead of answering, the man shook his head slowly. Instantly, Sam knew. It came with being a rebellious elemental. The burly man bowed his head in respect.
    "Selaphiel wanted you to take over the rebellion. That's why we invaded the camp. We lost many. But if we hadn't gotten you out, many more would be lost without you."

    Sam got up and strapped the gourd to his back. Walking through the abandoned house, he allowed memories to flood through. It was short lived as he bumped into a cot. Looking up, he noticed the whole living room was filled with cots. Only the one he bumped into was occupied. Lying there was a blue haired teen. "Who's this?" He asked his body guard and second in command.

    "Oh, we found him on the battlefield, close to the explosion. We dragged him out and took him here. The basement is filled with injured men. There was no room left, so we let him rest here."

    Sam felt the guys forehead. "Are you ok?" He asked, the other guys eyes fluttering in and out of consciousness.
  6. He glanced up and stared for a moment. "Who are you?" He asked, voice soft and quiet but steady. He pushed himself back. "Where is this pla-ah!" He fumbled and toppled backwards onto the floor with a grunt. "O-ow..." He groaned, rubbing at his now sore head. He looked up and blushed, feeling like a bit of an idiot for falling over and scrambled up and brushed out the fresh and clean pants and loose tunic top, his shaggy blue-black hair hanging in his ice blue eyes. "I-I'm okay." He mumbled. "Are you from the rebellion?" He asked, not recognizing Sam, as the different elements had been kept apart from each other.
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    Sam extended his hand in greeting. "My name is Sammael Maximilian Gray. And sadly, I am the leader of the rebellion. This brute over her is Max. His family has known mine for generations. Now, that we're acquainted, I'm heading down to HQ. You can join us or leave." He finished with a click of his heels, walking in the direction of the basement. He didn't care whether the kid was following him, he had a group to lead. A big one at that.

    Once down in the basement, where another cluster of cots with injured men and women were, he walked to the far end where a man stood guard. Recognizing him, the man let Sam and Max through. They walked into the hollowed out cupboard that led to a sequence of tunnel systems. After a long trip, he he ended up in the main communications room. Everyone fell silent once they saw Sam. Not wanting to waste time, he went over to his office, the "war room" where he would plan raids and assaults. "Back to work guys." He yelled across the room on his way there.
  8. Erin stared after Sam for a moment then blinked, shaking himself out of his daze and hurried after, pausing when he reached the room in the basement and looked around worriedly in search of the two men. "Ah...." He frowned, looking over his shoulder and wondering if perhaps he should leave... and do what? He was a water element, and not the best in any way... but he wasn't a big fan of the violence these groups brought. He decided then and backed away, murmuring his thanks before he hurried away, eyes widening when he stepped outside and found himself staring down at a valley that he didn't much recognize. Where on earth was he?! He turned and looked over at the worn house then took a deep breath, trying to decide. He was one that could never really decide, for fear of what could happen if he didn't do one or the other.

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  9. "Sir, what should we do with the outsider?" A man asked from his desk. Sam didn't recognize him, but assumed he was in a higher position.

    "Don't worry. He'll come back. The world is not so forgiving and carefree as it used to be. Humans will kill him on sight. He'll be back."

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