Elemental Children

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  1. Looking for about seven people inculding me.
    This will have an even number of males and females

    Background Information
    In the year 1999 scientists in the countryside of New York began to experiment on young children. As the experiments progressed the children began to devolp strange powers. These children were soon taught to conceal their powers also learning in a way to control them. THESE WERE KNOWN AS THE FIRST SEVEN. Two years later they began to experiment on seven more kids. They too began to devolp the powers and this is when the scientists stopped their experiments completely.
    Fifteen years later,these now teens were allowed to go into society. As they went to the closest public school everything went wrong. The School was actually destroyed on their first day. They didn't know who each other was and were talking to who ever would listen. This is when the government stepped in. The siezed all the work that the scientists had ever done concerning the children. The Children themselves were sent to a Newly renovated school.

    School Information
    The School was actually abandoned in the era of The Great Depression. It was essentially shut down because of the lack of money and poorly trained teachers. When they renovated the school they added two stories to the building.
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  2. Yes oh yes! Count me in!
  3. I be interested
  4. I'm interested!
  5. When you say "elemental children", does that mean the powers the children have are 'elemental'? Or is any power OK, even if it can't be considered an element?
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  6. Well I have seven elements that I'm going to have.

    The four normal ones plus Metal, Electricity and Weather. They must be elements
  7. Awesome I wasnt sure that anyone would be interested
  8. I can guess what Electricity would use (and can I reserve that one, please?) but what about 'weather' and 'metal'? Assuming Earth can control animals and plants, then Metal has a role, but Weather could be emulated by combining water and wind...
  9. Sure there are two of each element. Metal would be able to make weapons out of thin air. Weather could be substituted with something else.
  10. Still open? I'm interested.
  11. Ah, cool, so metal doesn't just manipulate metal but can conjure it too. That could be a really useful ability :P How about 'spirit' instead of weather? It's arguably one of the main elements, in that the Chinese element system involves Spirit. Spirit is the idea of the 'soul', so it'd be things like reading and manipulating auras, maybe even controlling / reading minds (though only of minor NPCs for obvious reasons), and telekinesis.
  12. Yes it's still open and I believe that's seven right?

    Important Information: There are fourteen Children in all. I don't know how many characters each of you would want but I'm setting a character limit at 2.
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  13. Yes spirit could be all right because maybe they could read Auras and Minds and somewhat control them but it isn't one of their main abilities
  14. Would this be modern Fantasy ?
  15. Awesome. You making the OOC now then, or going to wait for more? I'll play 2 characters; a younger Electricity user and an older Wind user, probably.

    Yes, this is modern fantasy.

    Since there are only 14 children with powers, does this mean this school is otherwise empty?
  16. Yes, but maybe there are a few others that come to the school to make it seem normal. The age range is 15-17. Yeah I'm making to Ooc because I only need a total of seven people.
    Unless someone wants to make one character then we might need more.
  17. May I join?
  18. I will make 2
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