Element Bending Highschool

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  1. Element Bending Highschool
    Known as
    Republic Highschool

    Element bending highschool diagram.png

    The highschool is not that large, and there are a minimum amount of students due to the fact that many decide to teach their own kids. While there are mixed element-student classes, there are separated as well.

    Here is a schedule for each of the LC's.

    LC 1 - 1st Block - Mathematics in the waterbending room
    2nd Block - English in the airbending room
    Lunch Break
    3rd block - Science in firebending room
    4th block - History in earthbending room

    LC 2 - 1st block - English in airbending room
    2nd block - Mathematics in waterbending room
    Lunch Break
    3rd block - History in earthbending room
    4th block - Science in firebending room

    LC 3 - 1st block - Science in firebending room
    2nd block - History in earthbending room
    Lunch Break
    3rd block - Mathematics in the waterbending room
    4th block - English in airbending room

    LC 4 - 1st block - History in eartbending room
    2nd block - Science in firebending room
    Lunch Break
    3rd block - English in airbending room
    4th block - Mathematics in waterbending room

    After each of the classes, that is when the training sessions take place. Each block is an hour and ten minutes, starting at 7:45 in the morning going to about 12:30 then having the training session for two hours. Varying from sparring to healing and to accuracy to speed.

    Depending on where the student is at, that is where the teacher will help them. Although, I want to focus more on the training session rather than the day classes unless there's talking to be done. If everyone agrees, I will simply skip ahead to the training sessions.

    As for after school clubs(that means after the training session as well), there is only one so far which is the host club. Four students have started the host club and host food and drinks for people to come after school to simply hang out and talk with their friends. This is located in the water-bending room after they've cleaned up the manikins that they use for the healing sessions.


    Maya Fei-Ying


    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Relationship: None
    Element: Water
    Personality: Brave, independent, strong, swift
    Appearance: With long wavy brown hair and a slender yet powerful build, she stands at 5'7". She has a very young look to her for a 29 year old woman, and she has a flower tattoo with several details on her right thigh -- perhaps lotuses... As for her attire, she normally wears a short blue robe with white seams, when in colder regions, she'll throw on a jacket that's thick, and that hides most of her body.
    Bio: Upon being a very skilled water bender when she was younger, she was able to master both healing and offensive capabilities at the age of 25. Once she mastered water-bending, she moved to the high school of bending to become the water bending teacher. As for the tattoo on her right thigh, that is unknown to all, although she tells people it is a mere tattoo that she thought looked pretty.

    Skill: Water-bending master -- teacher.
    Pet: None.
    Siblings: None.
    Parents: Melody Fei-Ying -- deceased, Oro Fei-Ying -- deceased.
    Anything else we should know: She has brown leather boots, that are tight around her ankle and go up to her shin with a two-inch heel. She contains a knife in her right boot and she has no necklace of marriage, meaning she has no lover.
    Although, she does have a necklace that is just a black, leather choker; and the pouch around her waist is for her money.

    Fei-Ling Shoji
    Earthbending Teacher

    Gender: Male
    Relationship: None -- yet he has had attractions for the waterbending teacher.
    Appearance: With tan skin, he's very masculine, just like any other earthbender; standing at 6'
    Personality: Cool, laid-back, fun
    Bio: Born in the earth kingdom, he chose to become a professional earthbender. Discovering he had the abilities, he always wanted to be the best, but his mother and father would always tell him that he wouldn't get very far with earthbending without joining a military force. He feared death, although, he was willing to face it. Discovering that there was a bending academy, he instantly took the job as the earthbending teacher, finding that a reasonable job for an experienced bender.
    Element: Earth
    Skill: Tank ; teacher.
    Pet: None.
    Sibling: None.
    Anything Else We Should Know: Nahh.

    Shin Ying-La
    Airbending teacher


    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Relationship: None yet.
    Appearance: Standing at 5'4" she's rather short, with a slender, yet curvy body.
    Personality: Calm, nice, courageous.
    Bio: Born as the very few air nomads to exist, she was willing to take the job as the airbending teacher. As a young girl, she was very jumpy and happy, with her four siblings, all being airbenders. She was the most skilled out of them all, dedicated to her training. Yet, as she grew older, she came to the realization that the element was very calm and mellow, resulting into a more spiritual element than the others. "All life is sacred" the air nomads would say, and indeed it was. She became more elegant as she grew, and she became a very skilled airbender.
    Element: Air
    Skill: Supporting -- providing support for others by perhaps pushing objects and such ; teacher.
    Pet: None.
    Sibling: Mi-Fay, youngest -- age 18, Lyn -- age 16, Oro-Ling -- age 28.
    Anything Else We Should Know: All of her siblings are located far from the school.

    Hakota Yiri


    Gender: Male
    Relationship: N/A
    Personality: He's sarcastic and playful but can be easily angered.
    Bio: Being a great firebender when he was young, he is the brother of the principle of the school, thus, he decided to be the fire bending teacher. His older brother is not a bender, yet he enjoyed it very much, wanting people to use their skills instead of keeping them away. Therefore founding Republic Highschool. As for his younger brother, he ran away when he was the age of 15 years old.
    Element: Fire
    Skill: Tank, DPS--teacher
    Pet: None
    Sibling: Older brother and younger brother
    Anything Else We Should Know: N/A

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