Electronic Abstraction Part Three

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  1. Blech, this third part took longer than normal because I I didn't have my flash drive on me when I wrote this third set of poems, so I had to scramble around to find some and re-write/replace the ones I lost. Anyway, here it is! Don't be afraid to leave your thoughts, advice, etc. Captain Arghua only sends trolls to walk the plank!


    Stop texting
    Stop texting me
    I’m malfunctioning
    Meltdown is

    Tried talking in your human tongue
    Electronic my voice had rung
    Subject, verb, predicate
    And order, English opiate

    Please stand

    But what if I am no subject,
    No identity, no human?
    Who are you to object
    If I spoil your illusion?

    Daddy's Money

    The animals dance in Prada
    Dogs dressed in Armani
    Adorned with Versace
    Carnivores feigning civility,
    Whatever they wear themselves
    To be

    Ridin' off Daddy's money
    Like a Bentley

    Parroting his values,
    Slutty nuns


    Feel the rhythm
    Pulsatin' against you
    Claustrophobic Air
    Assaultin' you

    Music was never natural
    The violin's sonata only sweet
    'Til the keyboard belted a sick beat

    There lies no room in this heart
    For gentle art
    Or meek poetry;
    Don't resist the attraction
    Of electronic abstraction.

    Don't Give Me Words

    Don't give me words
    Useless abstraction
    To stifle my fascination
    With the world's fake synchronization

    Don't verbalize harmony
    Let it remain mystery

    They cannot acknowledge this electricity
    Coursing through everything
    The brain's pulsing illusion
    To alleviate confusion


    Now understand can you?
    Kan du begripa nu?
    Didn't think so

    Let your "reason"
    Come undone.


    There was never a map,
    But instead of writing your own
    You gaze at your electronic trap,
    Blaring out the star's glow

    You won't find it on a blank screen
    You have to journey for it,
    Connect to the heavens
    Like a bird with wings spread,
    For the stars dim lights
    'Til you open your eyes.

    Awaiting you a nebula
    Of untouched emotion
    Converting life's vague formula,
    Leaving logic half broken.


    Human, I'd lost faith in you,
    In the terrible things you do,
    To yourselves and one another,
    Tearing nations and hearts asunder

    But I realized that you shine, too.
    You are the ultimate machine,
    Of emotions the queen.

    Feelings made me short-circuit,
    Shut down, quit,

    Shutdown Complete

    But the stars didn't shine as bright
    In the dun night

    I let the color seep into me
    Forgetting my computerized shell,
    A savior from monochrome hell,
    Reclaimed humanity.