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  1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is my favorite Elder Scrolls game, and definitely my favorite RPG.

    To that end, I decided to create an Elder Scrolls style RP with a heavy Skyrim influence including a Dragon Language and Dragon Shouts. Typical of most Elder Scrolls games and fantasy RPG's is the ability to enchant weapons and armor, along with various armor and weaponry styles and materials. All that you can do in most Elder Scrolls games can be done in the RP, though there are a few more limitations and rules regarding when, where, and how it happens. Magic is also part of the RP, but it too has its limits.

    Now, for the characters. All of the races from Skyrim will be present in the RP, but only humans are playable. The reason for this is because humanity, and the limitations and hardships that come with it, are central to the plot.

    To compensate for this, there are exactly two openings for Dragon characters. These two character slots are not first come first served though, and are going to be reserved for those who create the best character sheets in accordance with the criteria I set for them.

    If this kind of RP would at all appeal to you, then let me know! It's still an idea in development, and it's only about halfway to completion. I have several documents already written out which I will use to provide all the necessary information, but the final touches are yet to come. Still, if you think you'd be interested in this idea, then let me know so I can keep you in the loop as to when it is complete and ready.

    Thank you for your time!

    ~ Kyero
  2. Like you, I am a huge Elder Scrolls/Skyrim fan, so I say do it! I would most definitely join and I believe it would be so fun!
  3. I for one can only be described as 'Skyrim obsessed' so yes please!
    Count me in!!
  4. Ze Mowkie is not Elder Scrolls fan, but she likes the idea of.......ze dragons....

    *twinkle eyes*

    Kumari....I must has dragon. And I shall fights for one. Tell me what I must know!
  5. I don't mind a skyrim RP, but please don't let it be about the civil war, we have enough of those
  6. Knowing this guy...probably not. *readies herself for wall of awesomesauceness*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.