Elder scrolls anyone?

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  1. okay first off, my knowledge of the elder scrolls lore is pretty limited, granted i could look it up but i dont want to do all that much reading, so it wont be an official lore friendly elder scrolls RP. reply to this thread if you are interested.
  2. I'm interested, but how much of the lore do you know? I own the game so I'm just wondering.
  3. mostly how the dragonborn came to be and anything related to skyrim basically
  4. I'd be most interested. Elder Scrolls is one of my favorite series ever.
  5. wow something else we have in common
  6. We must be twins then Dark Brother, to many things in common.
  7. I'm game. I really don't have many consoles or video games, so I sate my interest mostly by reading everything I can (until one of my friends gets the game and I hijack their console).
  8. I am the grand-master of all things Elder Scrolls.

    I am interested in helping you plot.
  9. @C92cool we must be or i am your clone @Mr V Welcome and @OverCast that sounds like a good plan
  10. @Killroy
    Yeah! Send me a private message and I can help you make a plot or fine-tune yours if you have one!
  11. Sorry it's been awhile I just not long ago learned about how to watch treads. LOL. Any ways...I'm still interested. And I like the Dark Brotherhood as well. And I mostly play Skyrim so I don't know much about Oblivion even though I have the game.XD
  12. I am most definitely interested. I have been obsessed with the Elder Scrolls since Oblivion came out. ^^
  13. -raises hand quickly- I'm totally interested!!
  14. If it's something I actually know the lore of, I might bite.
  15. Big Elder Scrolls buff. From Arena to Skyrim and most inbetween.

    Even have all the books from Morrowind saved to a thumb drive.
  16. I'd love to join, if you're still looking for people to. I LOVE Elder Scrolls and I'm actually a total nerd when it comes to the lore of those games.
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