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  1. I am Ein.
    I am constructing a TRPG system.
    I want to fuse it with play by post RPing.
    Would any be interested?
  2. Hello Ein~ Welcome to Iwaku <3 Oooo a TRPG (Trading card game?) That sounds awesome! I'm interested ^^

    Your friendly Data Phantom- TDP
  3. Welcome to Iwaku Ein! I'm Zypher, your friendly local Roleplay Global Mod and Hello!Project Guru! If you have any questions feel free to direct them to myself or anyone else who has names in red, blue or purple!
  4. No…Tabletop.
    But, I can easily make it into cards if you would be willing to invest time and grey matter.
    I enjoy both, you see.

    So many Titles.
    I tend to fiddle with things myself.
    So…if ever I make a mess somewhere on the site…
  5. Welcome to the site Ein. hopefully you'll be able to find some people to help you with your idea.
  6. I do hope to.
    It shall be fun.
  7. O_o?
  8. ~patpat~
    No worries.
  9. Ein as in the dog from That One Animu?

    or Ein as in the number one.
  10. Ein, as in I Am.
    A dog I am not.
  11. ZOMG! IT'S A ROBOT. :O
  12. Love it. XD

    Nice type, Ein.
  13. Fun person~ Welcome to the site :3

    *hovers around Ein excitedly*
  14. Thought it was another Ein I may have known once...All the same

    Welcome to Iwaku.
  15. I'm sure we would have many members willing to assist you in your idea if you ask around.
    I'm Kitti, by the way, nice to meet you.
    If you have any questions about the site, please feel free to ask!
    Hope to see you around. :3
  16. ~...blink~
    Attention I am not accustomed to.
    Beyond the swords of heroes.
    Or the jeers of zeroes.
    One and all, thank you for the welcoming.

    I am curious about much.
    I see a Main Story, something I would join.
    But, many other stories also pique my appetite.
  17. Ein Notadog, have you met Diana Notacat?

    Anywho, a Table-Top RPG, you say? Then I bet you'd be interested in my group here: Table-Top Tyrants!

    Just FYI, Mr. Robot Man, first sign of any 'tests', and I'm sticking you in a potato...
  18. Tests?
    I certainly do not wish to be one with a spud.
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