Egyptian Love RP

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  1. Hi everyone! I tried to do this roleplay a long time ago and my partner disappeared. So I'm hoping someone would like to role play this with me or if they have an idea.


    A young prince is becoming the new king of Ancient Egypt. An outsider witch, who has been abandoned by the royal family by her spells and threats upon the kingdom", comes up with a plan to get back at them and take over the kingdom herself. She uses spells and such to create the most beautiful woman that she claims as hers. She manipulates the girl and plans to use her to get the young prince to fall in love with. Will the witch become successful in ruining Egypt or will love defeat the witchs plan?

    My rules:

    1. No cussing or swearing.

    2. No god modding.

    3. I try to make as much of a post as I can but we can discuss that in PM.

    If you are interested, have your own ideas, or want to make an rp with me, PM me! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.