Edge of Extinction (relaunch)

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  1. This is the second time I have hosted this Particular RP, the first time it got buried before it could get any attention. don't know if this is against the rules or not but many people on other forums have done this before so I don't see the harm in it. That said... onto the premise.

    It is the Future, and mankind has created new Super Hybrid Creatures to replace their typical soldiers on the fields of battle. These creatures are known as the Raptoids, Raptor/human like creatures with great power and intellect that needless to say surpass that of the human race. At first the hybrids were rather loyal to their creators, even giving their lives to protect them. But one day, A visionary known as "Sun Flare" From the first batch wanted something a bit.... more. Sun Flare wanted equality between both races, and started to state his ideals in the most peaceful ways he could. But the humans scorned the idea, they said that he is but a product and doesn't get to have rights of his own. But that didn't stop Sun Flare at all, he and a few other Raptoids shared his dream of a world where they had freedom and continued to fight for it as much as they could with out blood shed... but things took a turn for the worst when the humans started to kill off innocent Raptoids. This caused the Raptoids to break free from holding facilities and rallied against the humans in a war for the world! The humans fought valiantly but were sadly no match for the Raptoids. Due to the Human race's arrogance, their over all population has been reduced to only 100,000 world wide. As the Raptoids were able to reproduce with one another (as there were both male and females of the species) took over earth as the new dominant species with a current population of 16,000,000,000. The remaining humans have gone into hiding underground and are now regarded as an extinct species, but that doesn't stop some raptoids from believing that some humans are still alive and still try to hunt them down. It's a whole new world now, can the humans make a comeback and push back the raptoids? Or will the world belong for the Raptoids forever? only time will tell...

    so in this RP you can play as either a human or a Raptoid (or both since in this RP I'll allow players to have up to 6 characters) as they continue life after the war. not much to it other than that at the moment but I'll think of something later... leave your interest here if you want to join. And ask questions if you have them.
  2. i might be interested. im trying to get back into rp, and i FINALLY got time to do so. the idea seems neat :3
  3. Good to know, hopefuly tis time around I can find some pore people to Role play.
  4. So are the raptoids physically more powerful then humans or are they more intelligent as well?
  5. They are both Stronger and more intelligent than humans, as stated in the intro. But don't worry it is one of those things that is easy to miss. :bsmile:
  6. Mind the double post, But I'm bumping this so it doesn't get buried. Also I'll be beefing up the story soon so stand by
  7. basically Jurassic Park only the velocoraptors are far more intelligent and have weapons and numbers over humans 16 billion to 100 thousand if I read right? Very interesting :)
  8. That put's our player count at four.. just a bit more and we can start plotting.
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  9. Mind the double post again, just bumping again. also if we don't get any more interest by the 5th of April we will proceed with plotting
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