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  1. ~ Eden of The East Interest Check ~

    My name is Mr. Outside. I am anonymous. I am invisible. I am an Idealist and I am an opportunist. With this said, I've chosen 12 of you and given you all the chance to become idealists yourselves. Each of you will receive Ten Billion Dollars with which you can use as you see fit to "Save" Japan... However, should you use this "gift" selfishly/poorly, you will be killed. Also, should you disappear (i.e. not use the money) or another one of the twelve saves Japan, the other 11 players will be killed.

    Brief Synopsis: Simply put, there are twelve players whom have been "randomly" selected. These people selected have been forced the task of saving Japan. They get 10 Billion Yen originally (but It's easier for me to calculate costs in dollars) in which they use to bring to life their ideals in which they believe will save Japan. Some people may use the money to destroy Japan because that may be what they believe will "Save" Japan. Basically, the money is for you to use as you see fit. NOTE: Each transaction is visible to the other players so spend wisely.

    Ways to Win:
    • "Save Japan"
    • The other 11 players Incidentally die.

    That's just a quick intro into the RP, it's way more in-depth. I played this RP once before and It was incredible. Perhaps one of the most interesting I've partaken in. Watching the anime is enjoyable and also a great reference.

    The ideal number of players would be to get all 12 players. Should we not get too great a turn out, the number could be lowered to 9 and the lowest I'd be willing to drop down to would be 6.

    I'd like to have one or two other GM's (Co-GMs) so if you're interested in being a GM, be sure to PM me. The GMs will assist me in accounting and story formation. More details on that upon PM.

    Let me know if you're interested.

    ...Noblesse Oblige