Eating Disorder Support...?

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  1. I hope this thread isn't too strange...

    I just wanted to know if there were any other Iwakuans who currently suffer, or are in recovery from, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, EDNOS)? I am not making this as a stupid pro-ana thread; I don't want to talk about calories or promote it as a ridiculous diet. I just have been struggling a bit lately with bad ED thoughts and I don't have anyone to talk to about it. I'm supposed to be in recovery but it's a little difficult at the moment, and I had to push back my appointment with my therapist again... :(

    Just to know how you're doing, what your experience was, and/or how you've helped yourself in recovery. Right now I'm having trouble pushing away my obsessive thoughts about exercising and my body. I don't want to slip back into that super horrible place.
  2. People think I'm anorexic since I'm so skinny n-n

    You can almost see my ribs popping out-- and you can see my shoulder blades popping out a bit >n<

    I eat-- like a lot, but I just keep getting skinnier and skinnier ;___;
    and then I get bullied for being so skinny, AND being yelled at by my mom--

    She then decides it would be great to bash my dreams of never meeting my idols (Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, etc.) because I'll be soooo skinny, that they won't be able to tell what the hell I am :l

    She tells me I'm wasting a way to nothing and by the time I'll meet Sebastian Stan, I'd be a skeleton and he'd just ignore me/be creeped out

    //kicks my mom in the face// OwO
  3. Oh... well I was meaning more those who have been diagnosed with eating disorders, or at least suffer from disordered eating. :( Sorry your mom harasses you about your weight though. That sucks.
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  4. Y
    you Could see a doctor for that. I know it sounds cliche but I saw one and just told her "Hey, I need to get fat." then explained why. Then she gave me some meds and vitamins, now I'm slowly eating more and gaining some weight.
  5. I try telling my-- dr who prescribes my medicine for my ADHD, but my mom just interrupts and is like


    and I'm like---

    //calmly sits in my chair// I'd like to say something now---

    but by that time my (autistic) brother begins talking so I can never do anything about it n-n

    This is if you WANT to read more stuff XD; (open)
    School is starting soon however-- and I'll probably gain more weight when I go back.
    Since during the summer I'm usually at my dad's during the weekdays, but since my mom decided to finally go to college during the summer, we're stuck with her during the weekdays and I have to babysit my brothers all-day everyday and make sure they get fed, shower, get dressed, take their medicine, and make sure they don't set the house on fire.

    I also have to make sure they do their chores, and there's rarely any room for me to eat since I have to shower, get dressed, take my medicine, and do my chores, all while making sure my brothers don't set the house on fire. //sigh//

    I didn't sign up for that to be honest ^
    and they're old enough to take care of themselves too n-n

    But apparently, I have to be the mom almost every-day of the week and watch over them.

    Me to my mom: (oh how I wish I could say this) It's sad when your daughter acts more of a mom than you. :l

    It's true too-- sometimes my mom and my step-dad will be sleeping until 8:30, and I'll end up having to make dinner some nights.

    The only thing my mom does is do the laundry, take us to dr appointments (since I'm too young to drive), gets groceries, and sleeps.
    Besides going to school until 3:00 PM everyday (but today she works until 3)

    and I'm stuck in the living room making sure Thomas doesn't do anything stupid n-n

    but ANYWAYS-- back to the eating thing.
    School starts soon, so I'll actually be eating a lot more than I do now (which is still a lot)
    and I hopefully won't be 90 lbs at the age of 13 with the height of 5'8"-5'9" ;-;

    Thank you for the help though ^3^
  6. I have been in recovery for about a year now with an undiagnosed EDNOS. I tried to get my EDNOS diagnosed about a year and a half ago, however due to my family history (skinny beans, 120 pounds average, and some smaller for longer) and a lie; I was not diagnosed and in fact it was brushed to the side. I had not been ready yet to confront the facts with my doctor, and that's probably what got my diagnostics overlooked. I spent a good four years gradually eating less, and less, and less. Prior to the end of eating, I wasn't eating healthy. I got to the point where it was maybe a snack a day. I just relapsed this past week, actually.

    I used to be pro-ana, and loved the feeling of weakness and an empty tummy. But then; it felt my organs were slowly starting to shut down. I was in bed for a total of two years, actually. I didn't eat much, I didn't go outside much. If I did, that was to travel on my legs to and fro friend's houses on an empty stomach. I literally felt like I was going to die last year around this time of year. I could feel my heart beating weakly, and at times strongly; just sitting up would get me to have black-outs and I've had a few incidents of when I stood, I fell from blacking out. I mastered the ability for the most part to stand up while blacking out, and not falling down.

    I realized then, I wasn't going to get any help from anyone else in my personal life; and had to force myself to eat. It took over three months of force-feeding to even get a measly appetite. To get a real appetite it took about six-seven months. For the past two-three months I've been eating just about daily, multiple times a day. You're not alone sweety; and some of us do need a calorie diet because we had become so used to taking in so little!

    I want to help get rid of the negative stigma associated with the word diet, as honestly; changing my diet was the best thing I've done for myself. I've started eating fatty-foods such as yogurt, cheese, milk, butter, whole wheat bread and pasta; I've added greens to my diet. I've started yoga, and I feel the best I have in years. ;u; So it's possible and just a lot of constant hard-work. Relapse is okay!

    Instead of doing heavy workouts, why don't you stretch your body properly? There are videos on youtube; namely the yoga stretches that are amazing for your muscles. It might help your mind ease on the obsessive thoughts. Maybe do two days out of the week with 30-minute to 1-hour exercise routine of yoga. It uses your body weight against you, and you get worn out fast. (Just make sure to do it with someone else! Find a friend or do it with your mom.) I wish you luck! <3