Eat It or Leave It

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  1. Simple, post the name of some type of food and the next poster will say whether they will eat it or leave it, then the chain continues on. It can be anything, a restaurant item or something really exotic, but it has to be specific.
    I will not take responsibility if someone here dies from eating tires or something, let's make everything food, okay? c:

    Me first, deep fried tarantulas - eat or leave?
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  2. seems legit but I'll Leave it

    Durian Eat it or Leave it?
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  3. Oh hell no, leave it.

    Stinky tofu - eat it or leave it? >:D
  4. Eat it just because I ate fermented soybean (tempe) before so lol!

    DEEP FRIED FROG LEG eat it or leave it
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  5. Eat! Wanna try!

    Monkey brain, eat or leave?
  6. GAWD NO! XS

    uhmm.... Dog meat, eat or leave it~?
  7. Leave it. I have my own dogs.

    Reindeer meat? Eat or leave?
  8. Eat! Venison, no? :D Nyum~

    Goat milk, drink it or leave it?
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  9. drink it

    Boar meat eat it or leave it~?
  10. Eat~

    Shark fins, eat or leave?
  11. Eat it as soup

    Kobe meat eat or leave it?
  12. Nah... too tender for my taste, I prefer Wagyu.

    Whole roasted suckling pig, eat, no?
  13. No =3=~!

    Uhmm uhmm... Ah... Chicken Skewer eat it or leave it~?
  14. Eat!

    Chocolate dipped bacon strips, eat or leave?
  15. Are you joking?

    A Poutine.
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  16. Eat, probably my meal for the entire day :P

    Swallow's Nest, eat or leave?
  17. I've had edible bird's nest soup before, so sure. Eat.

    Skittles on rice. Eat it or leave it?
  18. Errrr... nah.. Unless I separate the skittles, one by one.

    Pig's Intestines, eat or leave?
  19. Eat it

    Cheese and chocolate melted together, eat or leave?
  20. Sure. Why not.

    Lengua (cow tongue) eat it or leave it?
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