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  1. The fat of the matter is that I've never been one for elaborate plots. My favorite roleplays were always ones with a nicely defined setting and some free character interaction. I don't want to jump into something thinking "This is going to be romantic." I am absolutely happy with something turning into a romance, but I don't want a stiff goal in mind other than fun. I get plenty of stress from real life; I don't need to be pulling my hair out over how to make a plot happen. I suppose you could see me as an opportunity to play with characters and get to know them better, rather than pushing your plotting abilities.

    My reply length varies. Sometimes I have a lot to say and I'll say it, sometimes I'm tired or uninspired so I'll have shorter posts to keep things alive. I go with what I am given and then try to give you something to play with.


    I want to play. Have fun. Be spontaneous.

    I'll play whichever gender (though I'm probably better at female), most species (though I have less experience with those that have varying types, such as elves and dragons), and really most settings.

    So, who wants to roleplay with the cranky old lady? Kidding. I'm not always yelling at kids to get off of my lawn. Usually I just remind them to stay off of the corpse mounds.
  2. I'm interested, I'm often way too fixed on plots and so doing an rp without anything more than a setting and perhaps a few guidelines would be a real challenge actually.
  3. I'll have a crack at it as well, if you so please.
    I really just need a dose of something that doesn't require much thinking, that I can make up as I go along.