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First morning.
The whole of the student body had been awoken quite unceremoniously before the sun over Renmant even had a chance to peek out from the edge of the horizon. To the locker rooms they had all been shown, and given an hour to prep and grab breakfast in the dining hall. Each were assigned lockers with unique codes… it did feel like basic training for a military force, didn't it? While they were given the time to get these things done, they were still rather rushed. With at least 6 professors watching over them at all times, some being less discrete about it than others.
The students were then asked to pick slivers of paper from a rather proper looking top hat. And on each sliver of paper was either a stylized 'E' or a stylized 'W'. There was an even number of students in each of those groups. And then they were separated, those with 'E' slips of paper taken in one direction, and those with 'W' taken another. They would board bus like hover-vehicles, nothing fancy. Or even nice. Rather noisy transports, they were. But they served the purpose. Many on the ride were fairly quiet, hushed conversations perhaps. But there were many who were quite nervous.

For one in particular, nervous might be a little bit of an understatement. Observe, if you will, the interior of the bus like transport with 8 beings within. Plus the pilot. Mec and Clint would of course be familiar with one another.

The Faunus sitting at the very back of the bus had also been in their general area the night before. Said Faunus is none other than Velvet Scarlatina. She sits in the bench like seat with her camera sitting next to her. As if to silently have a reason for someone to not sit with her. She isn't trying to be antisocial, she just needs to have this time to herself. Or perhaps she is just supremely nervous about what is about to happen. She leans against the window, her arms wrapped about her abdomen and her half open brown eyes watching the passing scenery. Her long rabbit like ears are drooped forward, a small thoughtful frown on her lips. She has said hardly a word to anyone on the bus, save for the polite greeting.

Another of the newest students (like… really really new) sits bouncing up and down lightly in her seat. She is clad in an outfit of reds and black, her short cropped hair the same color scheme. There is a wide and excited smile on her lips, her bright silver eyes observing all of the strangers around them. All of them would have met each other at the sleepout last night, but Ruby wasn't there. She was busy getting shot at and yelled at later. She does feel like she needs to tell her sister all that happened… that she had been accepted into Beacon. But there is trepidation there. She is sure that if she somehow fails this upcoming trial, she won't be allowed to continue in the Academy. Should she tell Yang about getting in.. only to be get kicked out a day later… she could never live that down. Not ever. Now while it might seem she is looking at the people around her, what she is actually looking for is the weapons they all might carry. Her own folded up weapon is hidden under her cloak at her lower back. She is the youngest here by at least 2 years.

Now there are also 4 more on the transport, those that are unaffiliated with any other on the bus. The first we see here are a pair of twins. 2 women, seeming mirror images of one another. To the point their sword hilts protrude from opposite sides of their bodies. Long straight blond hair, their light armor shimmering. Silently they sit next to one another on one of the seats, hands folded in their laps, their cerulean eyes staring out the window at the passing scenery. As long as they have been on the bus, they have said naught a word. They hold themselves as if they were born of royalty.

A young man, also. Dark shaggy hair partially conceals his gaze, a wide smile upon his lips. He leans back in his seat, his hands folded behind his head. He seems happy, and yet calmed. Not showing the obvious excitement Ruby does. His gear is shades of greens, olive and forest greens. That same green also colors his eyes.

Now the final student, she seems utterly annoyed being here. Long dak hair lays draped along her shoulders, a big aqua blue ribbon in her hair. She wears a white and gold pea coat with black leggings. On her hips are twin pistols, black and futuristic looking. One of her eyes is hidden under an eyepatch. She hasn't said much to others… just an occasional hello that also sounded like she was annoyed with that person. For literally no reason. Her hands rest at her sides, her hand absently and annoyingly tapping one of her pistols.

The transport now enters an the forest proper, passing a sign that proclaims 'Forest of Forever Fall - East Entrance'.

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Mecha Sonic
Mec was sat in the vehicle internally running through all his systems, he always double checked early on. His coiled up claw still hidden and his one hand resting on his knee. His systems where fully operational...except from his old network system. The usual. He looked around, his cloak hiding as much as it can as usual but couldnt hide how still he was when sat.

He saw a nervous faunus, a rabbit, she was spotted briefly during the sleep event but he hadnt approached. He also saw the twins, silent, the annoyed girl and the relaxed man. Not everyone seemed energetic. However the other stranger got her attention with her bouncy energy, if he had to guess some kind of excitement. He was trying to figure out potential for their semblances. But he still took the time to wave his hand when the bouncy girl looked at him.

Eventually turned his head to Clint. Reminded him of his...worry. Its likely people will discover his nature and despite the group taking Cayde well...he apparently was or still is human or faunus. He...isn't. Hed need to cross this road when he gets to it. "you ready Clint, get to see pal fight" he said chuckling, his usual broken chuckle, but still chuckling.​

Clint was quiet and still, having claimed a spot on the transport where he could keep a subtle eye on the other occupants. He had a certain calmness to him, a focus and aim for his energy today. He was looking forward to a chance to show he was good for something, to prove that he wasn't entirely a mess in this new world. He tried very hard to keep the incident that occurred at the coffee maker this morning out of his mind, but the embarrassment was still knocking around his brain. Someone had bumped into him, and he'd spilled his coffee on some kid in a suit that wasn't the forgiving type… it had been a whole thing. It wasn't on purpose, he'd never dishonor his coffee by dumping it on some prick.

Mec's words snap him out of his funk. "Yeah, it's gonna be something alright." His gaze sweeps over their company, not exactly comforted by the atmosphere. He's aware of the kid checking over everyone's weapons. It was the start of a good habit, but a person's weapons didn't tell their whole story. He'd made himself Soulstring due to his necessities at the time. The weapon was leaning against his leg in the reduced shovel form. He was curious on what she'd infer about him given what could be seen. "I'm just glad we're getting into some combat related stuff. That sleepover thing was tough."

That really was the kicker. Clint was almost happy to get into a fight as long as it meant he got a break from trying to fit in with some of these kids.

Clint Barton
The young lady with the eyepatch looks in Mec's direction as his voice seems to break the silence within the transport. There is a sudden sneer as she stares at Mec, as if annoyed with him for making any noise whatsoever. She shakes her head and mumbles something about noobies, her gaze moving back towards the window.

The young man, he looks between Mec and Clint, and he finds himself nodding a little. He thinks its good that they know one another. To go into this whole test alone is going to be stressing, but he knows why he is here. His gaze travels to the weapon leaning at Clint's leg, and then towards the others as he leans back in his seat and folding his hands behind his head in a relaxed position.

Now the armored twins.. are a little creepy. As one they both look around the transport… their actions seeming to mirror one another. Their expressions are the same, the same unimpressed look upon their features.

5c7d230572f5d9028c17ec13(1).png"Is that a Huntsystems flame flinger?"
A soft, nervous voice is heard suddenly. The young girl clad in red is now leaning forward in her seat, her hands folding over her lap. Her silver eyes stare at the weapon resting at the young man's hip. Jett (that's his name) glances down at his weapon, and then back to Ruby as he speaks now, leaning up in his seat. "Hey, good eye kid." If Ruby had actually heard him, she would have been offended by his words. But she seems to focused on the weapon. But she does look back up to him as she smiles widely "It's alt mode is still a sword with flames around it?" She asks expectantly. He shakes his head and pats the weapon "Nah. Battle axe." You can almost seem the shimmering of admiration in her eyes "woooooooow so coooooooool!" He laughs lightly "My name's Jett." She blinks and looks up, as if to suddenly realize she is actually speaking to someone. "Oh… oh I'm… uh…" She actually has to think about it "I'm Ruby." "It's nice meetin ya, Ruby." An awkward pause, and Ruby starts to panic. But then she reaches behind her and pulls out her folded up weapon. She doesn't activate it, though. "So I got this. Made it myself!" She then hugs it to herself lovingly. Jett chuckles lightly "Very cool, Ruby. Very cool." Although he has no actual idea what her weapon actually is.

vemblem002.pngLong rabbit ears perk up when Mec speaks, and now Velvet sits up in her seat. Those big brown eyes look between Mec and Clint as she speaks in a soft and hesitant tone. "Ya two were in that l'ttle group near me last night. Ya seem very friendly with one'nother." Her hands rest on the back of the seat in front of her. And her fingers seem to nervously grip and release the seat discretely. Her cheeks seem red as she looks between the two of them… even a bead of sweat upon her forehead. Her long ears droop down as she continues… seeming to get more nervous? "Its m'first time… I mean… 'm a new student also." She then chuckles awkwardly "I mean obviously.. since we're all in this t'gether.." she laughs awkwardly once more… and she draws in a breath to say more… but then… she leans back into her chair, still chuckling nervously. For Velvet… this was something of a brave act. She was told she has to be more forward, make new friends. She doesn't want new friends… but she has little choice. Her cheeks are still red as she looks towards the window, setting her camera box in her lap. Mec and Clint did seem very nice, but she isn't sure now is the best time to try and break that thick thick ice.
Mecha Sonic
Mec listened to Clints response, he agreed with the combat comment. He could hopefully let himself loose a bit, not having to hide anything for a bit. He missed being able to dash around freely. Before he could respond however his attention was drawn to the nervous faunus. The finger movements and her red face implied a high amount of nerves...or an illness, the faunus near his cave had trouble teaching him the diffrence. When she stopped talking the scrapnik understood the potential reason. New people are hard to talk to

"yes i believe i spotted you near the group last night, you seem nice" he said kindly, well as kindly as he could sound. He moved slowly to look at her, to not spook her..he sometimes turned too quickly in Menagerie and spooked his neighbours. Problem with being designed for speed. "its nice to meet you by the way miss, im Mec and this is Clint, nice to see someone friendly" he said with warmth, he himself not used to breaking ice...well metaphorically, hes smashed through ice easily before.​

Clint had to admit it was funny that the big guy was the one to break the bubble of quiet on the bus. His little half smile said as much. "I made my own too, we should talk shop sometime. The name's Clint." He chimes in to Ruby's conversation, easy going as he sees her shyness and lack of social graces. He wasn't the only mess, yay. And honestly, talking weapons and crafting with someone was loads easier than discussing the whole school thing, which he was sorely lacking in experience.

Velvet speaking up regarding the sleepover has his attention. Her physical tells are a lot more obvious with those ears."Don't sweat it. It's a lot for anybody. We just have to stay focused on what's ahead of us." Or at least that was Clint's operational plan. Treat it like a mission and it should be fine. It was always when things got too personal that everything would go to shit for him anyways.

Hopefully Strange would be able to get them back home before he could mess this up in his usual way.

Clint Barton
Jett looks in Clint's direction as he hears the man speak of his own weapon. Almost as one Jett and Ruby's eyes move towards Clint's weapon. Jett just smirks and looks back towards the window he sits next to, that small smirk remaining upon his lips. Ruby doesn't look away, though. Instead she carefully and cautiously moves forward in the aisles and sits in a seat closer to Clint. Her eyes remain on his bow, a wide smile on her lips. Her own folded up weapon held under her arm like a book. "Custom weapons are so cool. You have to pour so much of your own heart into 'em." Yes, Ruby is one that will wax poetic about firearms. Or swords. Or axes. Or scythes. Or knives. "Your whole color scheme is really cool too!" Ruby exclaims with a bright smile. Her tone is enthusiastic, but only because she is talking about weapons. If she were to try and make actual friends… well she would be more Velvet like.

Nice segue!

Still faintly beading of sweat upon her forehead, Velvet looks to each of them as they are introduced. "Oh, h'llo Mec. H'llo Clint." A smile remains upon her features, now scooting up a bit in her seat. The bunny Faunus seems to freeze them, the slightest of grins on her lips then. She is perfectly still for a moment more, and then she abruptly reaches down to the seat next to her. The ornate wooden box opens as she reaches for it, and she pulls out her camera. The flash bulb swings open, and then heart design on the shutter opens. Raising the camera she takes a picture of Clint and Mec, and then she draws her camera forward to look at the screen. "Oh good!" She exclaims softly, seeming proud of her picture. "There ya're." Now Velvet holds the camera so they can both see the pic of them she took. And… well it's not a good picture. You can't see their faces at all, and it looks like she just took a picture of little more than Clint's arm and the side of Mec's hood. But perhaps they wouldn't notice, Clint's weapon is barely in the picture. "Not bad, eh? One of m'favorite things is photography. I'm not great as yet, but still 'm tryin."
Mecha Sonic
Mec turned his head slightly to hear Clint's talk about weapons, it was interesting to the...well ex walking weapon. He decided to show his arm gun, spinning it out as usual (slower than usual fue to the enclosed space). He did pay attention when Velvet took the photo, hopefully none of his face was visible since he did well so far to hide it. He was relieved when the photo only had part of his hood in it.

He chuckled softly at the faunus' words. Photography was an interesting, even if the island didnt have too many ways to take them. Security cameras sure but not fir still images. "i can see some skill here, bet if not in moving vehicle itd be perfect" he reassures leaning on his gun arm as he looked at Velvets camera "i would love to learn how to take a good picture heh, i take it thats part of your weapon miss"​

Clint's smile widens into a broad grin as Ruby gets started on the topic of custom gear. She had inched a seat closer which meant this topic was probably going to go for a while. Thank goodness, since he was not in the headspace for talking about teen stuff. "Exactly! It gives you a good look at how people approach problems too when you see the different modifications they made and how it works into their combat style, too." He shares his perspective, observation one of his main talents after all. He didn't get the call sign Hawkeye for nothing.

He chuckles at the talk of color selection. "Thanks. You have no idea how hard it was to find different shades of purple metallic paint. Red and black is a classic for a reason, it looks good." The flash of Velvet's camera catches his attention and he looks curiously at the snapshot she took, still mostly keyed in on the weapons talk and noticing his crossbow in there. There ya're indeed. "You've got an interesting way of framing your shot here. Could I see some of your other pictures?" He asks curiously.

Clint Barton

Widely young Ruby still smiles as she watches Clint, as she takes in his outfit and weapon. And something else. Now it has never been uttered that Ruby isn't the brightest crayon in any particular box… but she tends to be naive sometimes. But when it comes to weapons, and by extension gear, she is usually pretty spot on. So while they might be rather hidden and not obvious (or some people wouldn't be rude and stare), the fact Clint has a hearing aid in his ear makes her more curious. It doesn't look like any comms device she's ever seen. Certainly not an earbud for a scroll. And perhaps her mind is preparing her mouth to ask about it, or make comment about it… but she is distracted suddenly by Clint's words. Because… SQUIRREL mentality.

"Oh! That would be… uuuummmmm……" she leans towards Clint and brushes a finger against some of his outfit on his forearm, getting a closer look. A more analytical look. "Lessee… it looks like it could be quinacridone magenta and anthraquinone blue! Um.. umm… 10 to 1 ratio!" She sits up now, obviously proud of her color analysis. "My dad has a whole painting kit setup in our shed for weapons. Since he and mom were Hunters.. so's my uncle Qrow! He's got a scythe too like me!" Once more she reaches around her waist to draw out her folded up weapon, hugging it tightly as she smiles.

Clint then asks to see Velvet's pics, and now her silver eyes look towards the Faunus. Now while Ruby might be really good with her knowledge of weapons and gear… Velvet's 'weapon' is simply unknown to her. Velvet's weapon is so singularly unique, Ruby would never be able to recognize it more than a normal camera until she saw it in action. Velvet caaaarefully hands over the camera to Clint, Ruby leaning in to follow the screen with her eyes. But she then looks back to Velvet and comments "Your ears are so cute! I really hope people have been treating you good here. Oh, I'm Ruby Rose!" She exclaims happily. Not offering her hand, of course. Perhaps recognizing Velvet might be uncomfortable with such… or… she herself is.

A small smile elicits forth from Velvet's lips as Mec compliments her iffy pics. She says nothing of the comment, though. As she knows the images would be the same bus moving or not moving. As her camera has a stabilizer, to ensure she gets good pics. And as she is now focused more in Mec's direction, her long ears would twitch every few moments. A singular and flash brief moment of indecision or confusion upon her features. And perhaps it is that odd little twitch that made Ruby notice her rabbit ears. Or at least comment on them. Her comment causes Velvet to blush a little, looking down a little. She says under her breath "Oh thank ya… had 'em all m'life.." a dumb joke she sometimes uses when in awkward situations. " M'name is Velvet Scarlatina..."
Clint asks to see her camera, and she looks to him now smiling, nodding. "Oh o'course!" Leaning towards the man, she holds out the camera carefully, a wide smile not melting in the least. Upon inspection, Clint would find the photos are all similar. Not very good. Rather, it seems the subject is barely in any of them. As if she took the picture a second to late as someone was passing her, and all she got was a shot of their side.
Sitting up, she stares at the camera as Clint holds it. As if nervous about letting it out of her sight. "It's part of m'weapon, yeah." She says as she looks towards Mec. "It's.. really complicated." Her hands fidget and fold in her lap as she continues "M'dad works with the Atlas military, so I got lots of expertise many of their tech." Her tone is a proud one, but still a soft and sheepish tone.
"Woooooow so cool!" Ruby exclaims, staring at the camera. "Atlas tech! But it looks so not Atlas tech…ish… techy.." Ruby blinks, sitting up in her seat. Seeming to have broken her brain for a moment coming up with the proper word.
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Mecha Sonic
Mec was listening to the conversation as his systems where preparing him for combat. The colour talk was interesting to an extent but that was more Sigmas thing, he was always the creative type, fixed him and tge other scrapniks up afterall. He wondered how he and this Ruby wpuld get along infact.
He froze internally at the brief confusion on Velvets face and especially when he noticed the twitching ears. D..did her hearing sense his internal mechanisms, he forgot some faunus could hear it. He would sigh in relief when her attention was drawn away.

At the comments on the Atlas technology in Velvets camera he tried to look closer at the camera. It was interesting, despite its appearance his sensors noticed a few unique piece. He eventually looked back to Velvet after looking at it, having reverted his arm to a hand. "its a impressive weapon, unique and facinating heh...i do know tech afterall" he joked to break the ice as he moved his hood a bit showing a bit more of his face plate.​

Clint looked briefly uncertain when Ruby started analyzing his wardrobe. Once again those insecurities filtered in without warning. The scars on his arms. The little butterfly bandage on his nose. Clothes pulled from a donation bin. Purple hearing aids because he couldn't control what happened but he could at least pick the fucking color. He did not fit in here. He didn't even belong here. He nods in appreciation of the analysis that went right over his head, since he'd just mixed some colors together with little thought to ratio and more thought to how it appeared.

Ruby's talk of her family's history as huntsmen bring his thoughts to Yang's story as he looks through Velvet's pictures. "You've got some good subtlety to your shots, seems like your targets were completely unaware." He compliments her, recognizing that she was managing to gather pictures of weapons. Atlas tech… he knew they had hardlight shields due to his holding cell. Camera captures image of weapon, could it do something with it? He hands the camera back to Velvet once everyone saw their fill.

He glances back at Ruby, formatting the question in his head first before firing off something rough and dumb. Yes, yesterday's issues were still giving him secondhand embarrassment and he didn't want to make the same mistake twice. "Weird question for you Ruby. Are you from Patch?" Not the question he wanted to ask, but the answer would give him a fairly clear yes or no for his true wondering.

Patch was a small island, one port, one Huntsman feeder school. Only professional huntsmen could teach at the academies.

Clint Barton

Merrily Ruby smiles when Clint silently acknowledges her knowledge of paint mixing and the subtleties thereof. It is indeed a skill she is very proud of. And now… being here… among people who are all clearly older than she… well Ruby knows she's going to have to prove herself. Prove that Professor Ozpin wasn't wrong to allow her into the ranks of Beacon Academy. And this was just a small starter step.
Ruby looks out of the window as now the transport comes to a slow halt, the exit ramp opening and lowering at the side of the ship. Still with a smile Ruby immediately hops to her feet, smoothing out her cloak and her skirt. When Clint addresses her, she looks towards him hastily. Her features twist into one of confusion, clearly taken offguard. "uhhhmmm…" she actually has to put effort forth to form words. With the pilot now motioning them all off of the transport, Ruby walks along the isle but keeps her eyes on Clint. "Did… we go to school together? Because… I don't remember you… sorry…"


And as Velvet takes back the camera carefully, she nods a little as now her eyes turn towards the screen. "People are betta subjects when they don't know they're subjects…" she says softly.

Velvet doesn't realize the irony of that statement in this setting.

The transport starts to come to a stop, and Velvet puts the camera back into it's ornate wooden box. Her gaze moves to Mec as she stands, her ears twitching slightly. Then towards the others in the bus does her eyes move, feeling herself going back into her proverbial shell. Along the isle she also moves towards the exit, her hands folded in front of her chest and her ears drooping forward slightly.

And once they exit… they will find themselves near a cliff. There are 8 pedestals lined up near the cliff's edge. The view from the cliff is… simply breathtaking. The colors of an Autumn forest for as far as the eye can see. And standing near the pedastals… Professor Ozpin and Glynda. She holds a translucent screen, staring sternly at all of those getting off the transport. As if they already messed up something in her eyes. Ozpin's back is to the group, his eyes looking out towards the forest proper. He leans on his cane, his other hand holding a cup of coffee. With her free hand she motions to the pedestals. "Children, each of you take a pedestal. Remain upon it."
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Mecha Sonic
Mec listened to the conversation. He didnt feel like he should interrupt then. Plus Velvet potentially hearing his inner mechanisms made the scrapnik try to limit his movements. Didnt want to scare her potentially or cause problems if people figure out his nature already. He looked out the window as the transport began to slow down. Soon hed be able to move around at least.

Mec saw Velvet look at him as she got up, she seemed nervous again. Hopefully shed feel better later on. He got up after a bit following everyone off the transport, his steps as stompy as usual. He looked around the area loving the natural beauty he saw. He adored nature afterall, ever since appearing in Remnant the robot had fallen for nature more than he had already.

He listened to Ozpins words and nodded moving to a pedastal looking downwards. He was adjusting his cloak, moving it around a bit. He wanted to make sure his turbine wasnt going to ignite his cloak. He also made sure to cycle his systems, his turbine whirring briefly.​