Earth's Virus: Season 1

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  1. Three months has passed since patient zero was placed in a quarantined hospital. His race was unknown; they burnt his face off and anybody who went near him got sick, nobody knew that he would lunge at anyone. Or that this virus spreads airborne, bacterial or by parasite. Even through water. People got sick, panicked...they left the hospital. It didn't take long for the disease to spread like wildfire. Buses, trains, planes...everything, everyone, is gone. Everyone you once knew is either infected, one of those angry monsters...or they are gone. Family? No such thing anymore, I've seen a mother turn on her children and a brother turned on their sister. Life isn't like it no no no. It's different, ruthless. Like the before times. The government says it has everything under control...they are slipping.

    Theo opened his eyes, dawn breaking through the dark of what used to be the night. Their cabin had been over run by desperate people. Some he'd been sure were infected. Louise wanted to stay and fight, even Ashton had wanted to but it was a fight he knew that they couldn't possibly win. So, he tore off in the jeep with all of their gear in tow. Washington...Washington was gone. Hospitals and schools were shut down, Spokane was burned to the ground. Cleveland wasn't even their destination, but they were running low on supplies. Theo was shocked that it was even still should have been one of the first to fall.

    But it was still hanging on by a thread; they had travelled all the way from Everett to Cleveland, Ohio. They figured since seeing many cities, states, dead along the way. Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana were all gone. Well, as far as civilization went. Survivor groups gathered after their downfall, Ohio and North Carolina were the states that were said to still be hanging on. But then again it had been three months since the outbreak.

    Pulling up to what looked like a wall, Theo stopped and clutched his spear. "What is it?" Ashton questioned, looking through the front seats. He wanted to sleep and took over the back seat and let Louise sat in front. Stopping the car, nobody came to the gate to let them in. When this first started, guards refused to let people in or out, but nobody showed. Getting out of the car, Theo waved for his family to follow. "We'll get what we need, look around. Keep your gloves on and keep your masks on; we're immune to the airborne, but blood can still be inhaled; liquids. People are going to be desperate, but stick together," Theo ordered, but he had his doubts. He knew that they needed to go in, and it was too risky to leave anybody behind. There was a door on the wall; they would need to either break it or climb over the fence. "Get your bags, we need to get in there and go. There's a national park around here, we'll make a new base there if we can clear it," Theo instructed. Ashton opened the door and headed out of the jeep, Louise not too far. Testing the door, it opened easily.

    Standing together, they watched in disappointment as people ran amok, screaming or fighting off infected. "Get into the jeep; I'll be back before you know it," Theo ordered, handing his bag over to Ashton. Three people posed too large a risk of being bit. "No, let me go, I-," Ashton argued, but he was silenced by Theo. "I need you to stay with the jeep, that's an asset. We'll need it to get out of here," Theo replied, but knew Ashton was right. He had a limp; he couldn't run and fight as good as his brother. "Be careful. I'll return at dusk." Grasping Lousie's upper arm, they headed back out of the wall, leaving Ashton to face the city alone.

    Running along the wall, Ashton made it across the short bridge leading to the city. The people along the wall were in a furious panic. They must of made it here in hopes of escape but were stopped by the infected. Reaching the city, he cautiously crept along a burning building. Soldiers ran amok, trying to fight of hoards of infected angry people, uninfected civilians running around with their families or trying to sack stores. It was bad; real bad. Ashton still wore his combat outfit so he blended in well with the crowds, though the army wasn't doing such a good job at fighting people off. Bodies lay everywhere, whether they were dead or not Ashton didn't bother to look. The general store might be packed with people driven by a need to survive, pure instinct. But Ashton knew what was at stake; they needed water bottles, arrows, bullets, blankets, whatever food he could find. And he would kill for it. But he wasn't going to go through the front doors to do it; that would be almost suicide. creeping along the side of the building, he pried open the door with a small crowbar he carried with him on such runs. Kicking in the wooden door that lay ahead of him, he tossed in a smoke bomb. Running inside, he bolted through the aisles, grabbing as much as he could. At the end it took him twenty minutes to gather but two boxes of bullets, two arrows (crossbow but he'd make them work), a knife, some add water food, three water bottles, a poncho and a large tarp. They had plenty of rope to make the tarp into a tent, he wished he could find batteries for his flashlight. Running back through the door he came in, he was able to sneak out fine but realized that when he came out, he may have been spotted by someone. he felt...watched. ​
  2. Alix sat atop of the roof of a building and watched the sun move across the sky. The city was ripe with the smell of disease. She needed a gun, not this pixie stick of a knife she managed from the side of the road. She let out a sigh and lay back against the roof. The sky was starting to turn pink. Pink. It seemed unnatural against the gray of the dying city. Too happy for the sad earth below.
    She was only visiting family when this all went down. Family. Alix turned the word over and over in her head until it sounded foreign, unlike the other words. Different. That word didnt exsist anymore. The only word she was familiar with was pain. She had watched countless people die. Some at the hands of their mothers, sisters, brothers. She had watched a baby boy turn on his own mother, and all she could do was run away.
    Glass poked at her back through the course fabric of her shirt. Why was there glass on a roof? She didnt care. She hardly cared about anything anymore. She had survived, and why? Why had she survived but millions of others didnt?
    Was she the last person? She coudnt be. It was impossible.
    Fuck, she needed a weapon. She needed a gun, or something. She couldnt very well wander the streets without some long range weapon, or she would be dead within the day.
    She rolled upwards, getting to her feet. The bulk of her boots made her feet heavy, but she liked the lead-feeling of the soles. She felt powerful with the thick rubber beneath her feet. IT made it easier to crush the softening of their skulls.
    She climbed down the fire escape and into an abandoned apartment. She upturned tables, threw out drawers, and ripped open mattresses. Nothing. What did she expect to find? A gun? Hardly.
    She went into the kitchen, whos cupboards had all been ransacked, and picked up the heavy cleaver that was laying on the floor. Was this a joke? Why hadnt this been picked up? She didnt get the chance to dwell on it.
    Something broke in another room, and that was all the time she had before she leaped out the small window and onto the fire escape platform. She shut the window behind her. Fear made her adrenaline rush and make her head pound. Damn, she was terrified. But she couldnt stop, not here, not now. Not after she survived Hell and back.
    She hefted the Cleaver. IT was heavy, and surely to get stuck in a skull, but it was an upgrade against the weapon she already had. It would do until she found something better.
    She climbed down the rest of the way without even finding out what had been in the building with her, and jumped onto the backalley below.
    Garbage shifted beneath her feet as she started to walk, her ears trying to gauge the silence that seemed to be spread across this entire damned city, the handle of her cleaver gripped so tightly in her hand that her knuckles turned white.
    She wanted to find another person, or even people, but what would she do once she found them? She was never good with interacting with others, and now with the current situtation, they probably wouldnt either. The world had changed, and it was now Kill or Be Killed.
  3. Four Months have passed since Ashley lost what remained of her Family. But now, she had a big bulge in her belly. There was another life inside her. Bringing a child into this world was not really something she wanted to do. But it was too late to reverse the decision now. Armed with a Makeshift Spear, she hopes to protect herself without becoming one of them and had to be extremely careful. There were so many different methods of becoming "One of them", and that made her truly afraid. Luckily, her Best Friend Jessica, was a well-trained Soldier. The two women travelled together, in hopes of finding a Safe Haven. It was probably best that they get off the ground soon and go wait on a Rooftop or find a place to barricade. Lacking the Ability to Run, it was tough for Ashley to be surviving, but Jessica stuck by her side.

    Jessica had to be careful about how much they used their Ammo, because she didn't have a whole lot left, but enough to survive for the next Month, if that. Travelling on-foot, however, was starting to get tough on Ashley because of her advancing pregnancy. Traveling in the Dark was very hazardous as well, so right now, the two women were staying on a Rooftop of a Skyscraper, namely a random office building. With her hormones out of whack, Ashley could get emotional and start crying out of nowhere, but Jessica was always there to comfort her. Since Ashley was a little tired and so was she, especially since they just dealt with a bunch of Infected and can't really run, Jessica was a bit tired too. Tonight, she just tried to help Ashley get comfortable so they could sleep. So they wouldn't have to deal with random rain, Jessica barricaded them inside of an Office Lounge. Most of the Useless Furniture was wedged in front of the door after it was locked and they had to keep it dark so no one would have to look for them. After laying her down on the Couch, Jessica calmly helped Ashley fall asleep while keeping watch. When she heard Ashley groan, Jessica gently rubbed circles on her stomach in hopes it would help her sleep better. The world was a Dangerous Place now. Jessica wanted to keep Ashley and her Baby safe. Hopefully soon, they could find Sarah too.
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