Earth's Beginning

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    Earth is coming to an end. Humans have wasted all the fosil fuels, and the water is drying up. The atmosphere is falling apart from green house gases. This forces people to wear rebreathers outside. Poulation has become a massive hazard of food reasources. The government has placed a law of families only able to have 2 children. Economy has come crashing down. Normal hard working civilians have to work hard to earn very little cash. This civilians live out on th bad lands of earth. Rich civilians life in bio-spheres, living freely, and with very little laws. Everyone said humans are going to die out and people believed them. But one day a crack in space made it able to travel back in time before humans, before ice age, and during the time of the earths creation. Humans have harnessed this power and used it to go back and create a new beginning for the human race to take back what they have done on the earth, but is that the governments real plan? Or is it to take all the energy they can get and redo their faults over again. Now on this new time, two factions fight for power over time itself. The Serpents, wanting to redo the bad, and Terra Novians the new beginnings..


    Map of the world and Eco-Zone
    MEXE: Terra Colony
    First Eco-Zone to be build, many battles in this area with the Terra's, and the Serpents. Main trade colony. Space rip is located here.

    Serpent Colony
    Serpent out-post Ore mine.

    Terra Colony
    Terra's sea port. Weapon factories.

    Terra Colony
    Ore mine. Terra's main ore mine since the attack on Drex.

    : Serpent Colony
    Serpents main Eco-Zone second Eco-Zone to be constructed farm institutions. Space rip is located here.

    What will you fight for? A new beginning or the prosperity of future earth?

    Please fill out the following waver for a pass port to Pangea





    (Please include a history and personality here)

    SPACE RIFT LOCATION: (What Eco-City do you wich to go to, also means what side?)

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