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Lyla : Spirit

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A baby girl was born to the Native Americans. She was whispered about all through the tribe, even spread to the other tribes the older she grew. Her eyes so unique it caused them to stare. It was believed she was blind once she was born. Nature lived in her eyes. Hints of brown, green and blue all flecked across her orbs. As she grew older her words proved herself to be unique and wise beyond her years. She spoke about things in a way no one had heard. At a very young age Lyla would tell her closest friends that Earth loved her, as if Earth were a human and they were best friends. It was odd, but when she began to share what Earth was saying to her, they all believed her. Those who didn't were fools.
Natives live to serve the earth, to nurture it and protect it from dangerous beings that don't understand it all. This was all true till the whites distracted their minds, making them become selfish and protect their loved ones while the Earth began to change.

Lyla's tribe had been rounded up and she told them all to listen so no more blood would be spilled. Her pleases to the white leader with silenced. A gun was slipped between her lips as she stared into his eyes. With no mercy, the trigger was pulled at her spirit was released. The man watched as her perfect hues glazed over with white as the life was sucked out of them. Her human body fell to the ground but her spirit stood before him. Her tribe died that day and the whites moved on. The white leader would only live on to take his own life, unable to bear searing her stare every time he closed his eyes.

Your entrance:
This is an open ground, any where on earth you please to enter. This is a fantasy roleplay, if you didn't catch that already. I'm not looking for anything specific, just creativity and open minds. Feel free to message me you questions you have before you post. Otherwise, please post a bio:

Brief bio:

1. Iwaku's rules
2. Respect one another.
3. Please no one liners. If you aren't use to big post, a para is fine. I just ask you put thought into your work.
4. Enjoy your work, this is creativity not crunching out art work. Have fun with it.
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Lyla : Spirit

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A valley is lit with the light of the stars, the moon shinning it's spot light on the waving field of dry, uncut grass. Critters wander under it's mane, hoping to be unseen as the night draws on. A subtle wind lightly waves the trees, freeing any lose leaves. As leaves begin to be plucked, one by one the wind carried faster. Organic matter that rest on the forest floor begins to follow the newly dead leaves. Pine needles, crumbled leaves, and much more gather in the air. This cloud of organic matter makes it's way through the field like a flock of birds. It slowly begins to funnel like a small tornado. as it rises higher, human limbs appear, coated with the matter that once was the bottom of the tornado. More of the body is revealed, legs connected to a curvy torso, one would guess the frame belonged to a woman. Finger tips formed, latched to a palm which leg to the thin arms. Her chest would confirm the guess of a woman as her chest formed. Once the last of the leaves and organic matter reached to face of the woman looking to the night sky, bright white orbs that matched the light of the moon. The heft wind abruptly halted, letting her long hair drop over her shoulders naturally. Meanwhile the coating over her skin dropped around her revealing the rich mocha tone her skin held. A light leather draped over her features as her fellow Native Americans once wore. Her black hair held feathers that were lost in the matter that once pressed to her skin.

A simple smile crept over her lips as the white orbs shut, her lungs taking in oxygen, then a breath was released as her lips were parted. In the heart of all nature, the chill of the night laid over her skin. The fresh air filled her hungry lungs. The silenced played music in her ears. She was home. She was alive. She was Lyla, the spirit of the Earth.


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Anime, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Action/Adventure, and Dark. Sometimes I like to do Edgy things, but it has to be played out right to work for me.
Name: Walker Roydon Grey

Age: He died at age twenty-three. He was stranded in limbo for a total of four hundred years, but no time exists in limbo. He escaped limbo and traveled forward in time wasting another fifteen years of life. Finally in the future he travels back in time and ends up in this timeline. Meaning he is ageless.

Walker was born on July 12, 1783 in a small ninja village of Taiyo Kurai in the border region of Rome. Taiyo meaning "Sun" and Kurai meaning "Dark" said literally it is "Sun Dark", but translated it is "Dark Sun". Dark Sun was a village well known for assassination and placed where it was for such "events". Typically a newborn child of Dark Sun would not cry, laugh, or scream in fear of breaking the silence. However, Walker was different when he was born he did not cry or scream, but he did give a small laugh. Seven months later he was able to speak fluent Japanese. A normal child of Dark Sun usual accomplished this after his first year, This was the only milestone Walker was able to learn quicker because he was a natural born observer. Since things like walking and crawling were learned at a normal pace because no one ever did it in front of him for him to observe and understand. At the age of two Walker could walk, crawl, run, and talk. As all children his training would begin at the age of six. He would have four years to make and lose connections.

Children of Dark Sun were allowed to wander around because the village only accompanied one hundred and fifty people who were all mostly the ages of a newborn to a fifteen year old teen. This was because from six to fifteen you would train from sunrise to midnight. After this you were to busy on missions and living life to be seen at the village. Few people ever saw the headmaster, but all of them saw his daughter. Including Walker. Walker began to speak to the headmaster's daughter frequently sometimes avoiding other acquaintances all together. He would always keep watch over her, when she was being bullied rather than fighting he would talk her way out of situations. When she made a funny joke he would sit and give a quiet laugh. When he got bored he would steal her toys and make her beg for them. People thought he was weird and different, they thought he would also become a great assassin due to the way he acted. He would watch kids train all the time especially advanced classes who trained in chi. At the age of four he got into his first fight. Utterly massacring the kid using the ability of chi. They said he just hit the kid for no reason, that he walked out of his house and swung at him. By channeling his chi to certain parts of his body at specific times he defeated a well respected child. After the event he was known as Kyoki no enba, Ember of Insanity.

When he was six he already knew what they had taught in his level so he was thrown into a class with the teens. Already knowing much of the technique and style, the excess time of training only allowed for him to perfect the style to the point of illustrations themselves by the age of 10. His moves showed no error with little to no effort. The masters discuss what they could teach him next, they decided he should learn to use a weapon. The following day of the meeting they came to Walker in the middle of his meditation, upside down, on a mysterious rogue redwood tree in the middle of the village, a 90 foot tall tree. They discussed the matter to him and he said he has already been training with a weapon he was given from his father. It was the Japanese Naginata. At the age of fifteen he was a master of the style who had won countless fights and hearts. Though this was true unlike others he never had killed a soul, instead he would record facts about his enemies in a journal.

When it came time for Walker to leave a ritual that was done for all leaving members commenced. This is how Walker received his clothing and tattoo. The headmaster's daughter Riu was among these people. In the ceremony, the master's inscribe a tattoo that relates to your title to begin. Then they give you a uniform that resembles your character they decided Walker was Free Insanity, so they gave him clothes that did not restrict his body and a bandanna to match. The final part of the ceremony was survival, only 20 may take the ceremony at a time and only five may leave. Everyone ganged up on Walker, but studying their weaknesses he was able to kill them all including Riu, the last one to slip off his blade. It was the only ceremony where only one survived. He was given the title of Kyoki no shukufuku, Blessing of Insanity. His tattoo remained because it matched his title.

A job board was displayed outside the headmaster's quarters. The only one's listed were that of assassination. Walker was bored with the ideal of killing he wanted something new, something that allowed him to see the world and it's true ugliness. He wanted to observe the world's madness and treasure rather than diminish it. He walked into the headmaster's quarters before anyone could stop him. Once inside a raspy voice said it already knew of his thirst for knowledge. A shadow gestured towards a wall where a candle magically lit. On this wall were different job offers. He took the one on a current war between two city-states. They wanted someone to scout out the enemy territory and report on it's defenses.

Five years passed and Walker had completed more than a thousand jobs and explored and recorded events from more than 40% of the world, as well as learned more than 26% of it's languages. He planned to do one thing no one in Dark Sun had saw in ages. Relax. He returned to his village no one, but the masters, elders, and headmaster knowing him. The first person he visited was his headmaster. Who allowed him to stay. He greeted his masters and excused his intrusion. His last stop was his home. He stayed for a week before leaving at nightfall at the end of that week. No one saw him leave, but everyone noticed the flowers beautifully placed on Riu's grave.

Walker walked on smiling underneath his bandanna scarf headed for the Western Continents where native tribes he heard about resided, known as Aztecs and Incas. He would have to learn their language if it wasn't based off another.

Walker's travels, work, and exploration continued to be hindered by strange dreams when he reached land. He remembered the dock master was a strange hooded old man. With this knowledge he used his skills to go out and kill him in hopes of clearing his mind. Walker's hunt was long, but completed within the year. When he entered the old man's place he found himself bound to the ground and hallucinating. His heart stopped and the world faded.
The man had turned Walker into a shadow walker and sent him into another dimension with this curse, eating at his soul with every breath, threatening to break from its fleshy cage one day.

Walker was now stuck being dead. He could not return home, for he had not completed his mission. He was in a plane of non-existence for most of his undead life. Here he was given time to learn about his abilities and himself. As a student of Dark Sun he was blessed by his masters and he found that it was a blessing in death. His Blessing of Insanity manifested and locked Dark Sun in a perpetual darkness. Crops could no longer grow and people moved out.
Time passed and all Walker could do was meditate and think. The passing of time no longer affected him. The term a "a waste of time" did not apply to him. He never thought he could miss such a concept so much. Determined to escape he fell into deep meditation, until he fooled himself into enlightenment. There was a point in his meditation when he felt a surge of power, something he had never felt before. He had unlocked his shadow walking abilities, a gateway out, and he took it thinking it to be heaven.

What Walker found was much worse. He was back, but not alive. He no longer could breathe or listen to his heartbeat. His trained ear, that had not changed and he heard the cries of people and the booming of cannons. The age of gunpowder was upon him. Angry that his people abandoned tradition, he unknowingly sealed off Dark Sun in a world similar to the one he was trapped in. It would be his first poltergeist of a thousand.

With no home he resorted to mercenary work. Being a double spy, soldier, murderer, hero, and all in the same week. When asked who he was his only response would be Kyoki no Enba. Intrigued by his power Walker began to rely on it more often. He used it more and more, until he found out its drawback. The shadows were empowered by his corrupted soul and thus corrupted him with his murderous rage he kept locked away.

Walker went on a killing spree. No mere man could stop him, that is until someone, with an item called Dragon Skin, killed him. He was banished from the middle realm once again, but this time he arrived somewhere else. A red haired man named Beat, a hacker of some sort, had came across him when he woke. Beat offered Walker clothing and a new weapon; Shadow Sword.

Beat soon disappeared leaving Walker to his own devices again. With a new concept to master Walker tried his best to understand technology, but gave up. It made less sense to him than magic. As he continued to wander he stumbled across a temple. When he entered he had a feeling of deja vu as he lost conciousness. When he woke he could feel the presence of the dead. Looking around and smelling the air he knew he had been warped through time yet again, but it was different this time. He just couldn't tell how.

{ I'll Actually Play From This Point. }

Walker stepped out the temple and looked around, but when he did it vanished dropping him him in a patch of wilderness. He was quick to his feet and summoned the Shadow Sword to his side. He whisked it around looking for the sorcerer behind this, but he couldn't find anything. Reluctantly he dispersed the Shadow Sword and turned away from the empty space that once belonged to a grand building.

"How wonderful..." He whispered to himself.

Looking around all he could see was forest. It confused him and bothered him. He wondered what he could have walked into, one thought suggested it was magic and that he was trapped within a barrier of sorts. Careful thought and the chill of the wind dismissed this idea. Looking up he saw the moon and finally noticed it was night. He took careful steps forward, drawing the Naginata off of his back he crept through the woods. Finding it safer in the trees, he skipped from branch to branch until something caught his eye. The wind was acting strange and leaves began to float around. He continued to watch, peering through the dense collection of leaves on the treetop. As he watched he noticed the leaves disappearing and slid down the trunk to find new cover.

More and more things came to build what appeared to be a woman. Walker was amazed, but dared not to say a word. For now he just watched her go about her routine.

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